are you addicted to travelling?

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Are you addicted to travelling!!!

Travelling is fun. But travelling frequent is not always about having fun and exploring the world. Sometimes it indicates addiction. Many people can be seen saying they are addicted to travel, but there is difference between being a travel fanatic and being a travel addict. Here we are discussing some of the signs to find out if you are addicted to travelling? The idea of staying in one place for a long time threatens you then surely you are addicted to travelling. You frequently plan to go a million of places and never get satisfied by visiting many of them. When you always thinking about your passport or other stuff you bring with you while travelling. The feeling of losing your passport scares you. You never plan to live one city or never plan for your permanent stays to some place. Living somewhere for more than a week disturbs you. You always pay attentions to maps or globe maps seen anywhere. It attracts you, and forces you to see the location you like to visit. You wish all the gifts you receive would be travel related like tickets, bags, shoes etc. You dont feel tiered by travelling, no matter how long the journey is. Your urge of travelling not satisfied even you want to travel more and more now. You always feel like you havent seen much yet. Packing makes you happy. Packing up bags is like a game to you. Exploring the world is essential to your well-being.