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Facebook is not a problem if it's used in moderation. People go out of their limits only because of it's addictive nature. Likes, status updates, comments on photos all these add to your facebook addiction. Here service quite well to break your facebook addiction. Do you spend too much time on Social Network? Checking profiles of your friends to see what they are up to? Do you feel strong urge to check your Social Network account whenever you access your laptop/PC or smartphone? Do you feel bad when you dont get too many likes or comments on your recent photo or status update? Do you think you are not able to focus on your work or studies (your grades are getting affected)? If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions then you might be suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). Register with us. Pledge some credits for a successful completion of your break period and deactivate your Facebook account for few days. Now you have a good reason not to login to your Facebook account during your break period which can be from few days to few weeks. If you login to your Facebook account within your break-period you will lose your pledged credits (loss of money) and if you dont login to Facebook during your break period, you retain 75% of your pledged credits. After your break-period you can resume your normal Facebook usage and whenever you feel the need to detoxify yourself again come back to and get yourself a deserving break. We give you break options from 2 days to maximum 21 days only. Once you take a break successfully you will feel much better and most importantly guilt free. As a promotional offer you can try our service FREE. No Credit Card required. No Software to download or install. Just register for a FREE account and start using it. If you want a solution for your Facebook addiction or want to take a break from Facebook for few days/weeks without deleting your Facebook account permanently, then this is the best way to do it. If you are happy with your Facebook usage and think that things are under control, then you dont need this service.


  • 1. Start FREE Trail and login to your go4break account. 20 Credits FREE.

2. Then login with your facebook account 3. Select your break period and pledge your credits. First time users get 20 credits FREE! 4. Step 4 - You need to deactivate your facebook account. You have only few hours/minutes before your break period starts. 5. After completing all 4 Steps and deactivating your Facebook account, you will receive email with your break period details. 6. During break period, dont login to your Facebook account. If you do login then you fail to keep your break period commitment and lose your pledged credits. Reminder As its a habit, its not easy to break it. Make your money/credits act as a deterrent for you. If you are successful to complete your break period you will receive 75% of your pledged credits back into your account. If you login to your Facebook account during your break period, we will catch you and send you an email immediately. Which will mean losing your pledged credits 7. Failed to complete your break period 8. Successfully Completed your break period 9. My Past Break Period History