"are you a daytime wedding bride?" - tips for your daytime wedding makeup! it works!


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"Are you a daytime wedding bride?" - Tips for your daytime wedding makeup! It works!Visit: https://www.venuepick.com

Visit: https://www.venuepick.com

"Are you a daytime wedding bride?" - Tips for your daytime wedding makeup! It works!India is a land of customs and rituals and traditions and what not?We have an enormous diversity of religions and cultures. There are various customs in India that follow the ritual of adaytime wedding. Lets say for e.g., a Sikh wedding, or for that matter a Madrasi wedding!(List is huge)

Not all weddings are nightweddingshaving those flashy disco lights and flashy decor. Here the question is how to keep your make-up intact during a daytime wedding especially during summers. However, there are a few techniques that can actually help you out with this. So here are a few easy tips for your daytime wedding makeup. Try these if you are a daytime bride-to-be. Visit: https://www.venuepick.com

Apply face packsApply face packs half an hour before your bridal make up starts. It will close your skin pores and will avoid sweat. Also, it'll help you attain a smudge-proof makeup. It really works!

Visit: https://www.venuepick.com

Apply ice cubes on faceRub a few pieces of ice cubes on your face. It will smoothen up the texture of your skin. Try it! It really works. Feels cold? Try wrapping the ice cubes in a cloth and then apply. Better right?

Visit: https://www.venuepick.com

Apply pancake foundationUsually, only waterproof make up bases are chosen for bridal make up, yet by the end of the wedding, your face looks messy. Apply one layer of pancake foundation before your base make up to avoid this blunder. So much to do right? But then at last its your wedding! The big day!

Visit: https://www.venuepick.com

Do not over do! Stick to the base make upDo not apply lip gloss if your a daytime bride to be. It causes sweat which gives an unpleasant look. Apply matte finished lipsticks which will help you attain a prettier look. And yes do not forget to SMILE! Visit: https://www.venuepick.com

For more details, refer to :https://www.venuepick.comEmail: support@venuepick.comMobile No:+91-9958060616

So now all the young beautiful bride-to-be out there, you need not worry about your make up during your daytime wedding. Follow these simple tips and carry your beautiful smile along with you on your face. I'm sure you'll look like a royal princess. Liked it? Want to know more? Do share and write back to us! Feel free to comment below.