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  1. 1. Are Hair Extensions Budget Friendly? Facts About Hair Extensions Are aging and have thinning hair? Do you want to grow your hair asap as a result of a bad haircut? Has your hair become damaged from too much chemical treatment? Bad hair day is terrible, but what about a bad hair year? Treating thinning hair can last for years. Growing out badly damaged hair can take several months as well. shine hair extensions might just be the answer to your awful hair. It was in the 80s when hair extensions were first used. However, because it was expensive back then, the use of hair extensions was just forgotten. But 5 years ago, new methods of bonding hair were invented. So again, after more than 15 years, hair extensions were used again. Hair extensions today are unlike those that were used back in the 80s. At present, hair extensions have become even more durable and can be washed and worn. In just a matter of a few short hours, you will have a stunning head of hair with hair extensions. If you have a boyish haircut, your hair can grow twenty inches long by just staying for several hours in the salon. Your limp and lifeless hair can be instantly transformed. Or, you can add highlights to otherwise drab-colored hair. There are two types of hair extensions. You can either have natural or synthetic hair extensions. It is cheaper to get synthetic hair extensions. Natural hair extensions don't require much care,
  2. 2. while synthetic hair extensions need to be really cared for. On the other hand, natural hair extensions are very expensive because people really have to grow it so they can sell them. People in India and Russia sell their hair. In Russia, women would sell their hair and once they have grown, they would sell them. This activity is done so they can make money. People also practice this in India. If you need hair extensions and you are an Indian, you can get indian extensions for hair. Before getting hair extensions, you should find out how much your budget is. You can also have hair extensions that may be glued, sewn or plaited. Clip on hair extensions are also available. They are the most practical hair extensions since they can be removed as quickly as you can put them on. Unlike other hair extension methods, clip ons do not damage your hair. Hair extension clip ons are widely available since they are mass produced. But you have to determine which type you want, natural or synthetic clip on hair extensions.