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  1. 1. A Second Life Experience From a Virtual Lost Student Digital Ethnography Virtual Worlds Mix Media By: Abby Gomez Avatar Abby Purple Star
  2. 2. Definitions Ethnography: According to Ken Anderson Ethnography is the branch of anthropology that involves trying to understand how people live their lives. Ethnographer uses research trough questioning and observation to gather data. The ethnographer uses the data to analyze people and how they live throughout society. Digital Ethnography: The study of people in society through a digital medium. Source: research-a-key-to-strategy/ar/1
  3. 3. Stages of Digital Ethnography Digital Ethnography has three stages. Stages: 1. Data collection which is the process of gathering information and using it for research purposes. The data is gathered from a digital medium. 2. Content analysis using data and creating charts or tables to visualize and review information. 3. Comparative analysis comparing data and viewing changes in time and distinguishing differences per type. Sources: (In Press). Miraglia, K. & Smilan, C. (Eds.). Research Methodologies in Art Education. Reston, VA: NAEA
  4. 4. Context and Atmosphere The Moya Museum is an interesting place to visit. My first impression of the Moya Museum was sort of puzzling yet interesting. I teleported to a room with many entry ways. I was interested in the pictures/ paintings on the walls. I walked until I found a stairway that lead downstairs where I stumbled upon a landscape with large sculptures. The Moya museum is more of a world than a museum, there are objects to interact with and buildings to look at. It is located in a European setting, so the art/culture revolves on European art. As I walked around exploring, I stumbled upon the Artist himself. He helped me navigate his amazing world, full of fun activities and learning experiences. The art is focused on mix art which is a great topic to learn about. Moya brings modern, contemporary and classical art together. SLURL: photography and digital art museum, Moya (238, 214, 42)
  5. 5. Research at the Moya Museum The Moya museum was very interesting, I wanted to learn more about mix media and so I interviewed Patrick Moya himself. I was lucky to find him while I was looking at his museum, and he was nice enough to give me a short tour. He is located in France, so he used a translator to do our interview. Moya like to work with mix media, he uses Classical art, modern art and contemporary. His exhibition Radium includes European artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. My favorite part of the Moya museum was the Automatic Tour Bike, where I was able to tour the whole museum in just one ride.
  6. 6. Data Collection (Interview) [15:29] Moya Patrick: Janus est le dieu au double visage [15:29] Moya Janus: Janus is the god with two faces [15:30] Abby Purplestar: Very nice, my next question is: [15:30] Abby Purplestar: what is your favorite piece that you have created? [15:30] Abby Purplestar: and where is it located [15:31] Moya Patrick: j'ai cre toute les 4 iles - c est l'oeuvre global qui est ma prefere [15:31] Moya Janus: I created all the four islands - c is the overall work which is my favorite [15:31] Moya Patrick: c'est comme une oeuvre [15:31] Moya Janus: it's like a work [15:31] Moya Patrick: oeuvre d'art [15:31] Moya Janus: Artwork [15:32] Moya Patrick: on va a l'office de tourisme [15:32] Moya Janus: we go to the tourist office [15:33] Moya Patrick: a partir d'ici on peut tout visiter [15:33] Moya Janus: from here you can visit any [15:33] Abby Purplestar: great [15:33] Abby Purplestar: Just a couple more questions [15:33] Moya Patrick: oui [15:33] Moya Janus: yes [15:24] Abby Purplestar: hi [15:25] Moya Patrick: bonjour [15:25] Moya Janus: hello [15:25] Moya Patrick: [15:25] Moya Patrick: voici le site internet [15:25] Moya Janus: here is the website [15:26] Abby Purplestar: Thanks, are you the artist of this gallery/museum? [15:26] Moya Patrick: mon travail est sur les 4 iles [15:26] Moya Janus: my work is on the 4 islands [15:26] Abby Purplestar: Interesting, I have a school project that I am working on, do you mind if I interview you? [15:27] Moya Patrick: non mais je parle franais avec un traducteur [15:27] Moya Janus: no but I speak French with a translator [15:27] Abby Purplestar: no problem [15:28] Moya Patrick: vous etes de quelle ecole? [15:28] Moya Janus: you are at what school? [15:28] Abby Purplestar: Arizona State University [15:28] Moya Patrick: ok [15:29] Abby Purplestar: My first question is what is you name for your Avatar [15:29] Moya Patrick: Moya Patrick est mon nom rel [15:29] Moya Janus: Patrick Moya is my real name [15:29] Moya Patrick: et mon premier nom sur second life est Moya Janus [15:29] Moya Janus: and my first name on second life is Moya Janus
  7. 7. Data Collection (Interview Cont.) [15:34] Abby Purplestar: What style of art have you create the most? [15:35] Moya Patrick: je mlange le rel et le virtuel en faisant toujours dans mes expositions relle des intervention avec Second Life [15:35] Moya Janus: I mix the real and the virtual by always in my actual exposures of interference with Second Life [15:35] Moya Patrick: je fais beaucoup de peinture [15:35] Moya Janus: I do a lot of painting [15:36] Abby Purplestar: oh cool so you have real art and virtual right? [15:36] Moya Patrick: oui - mon rve est de vivre l'interieur d'une oeuvre d'art et avec mes les c'est un peu la ralisation de ce rve [15:36] Moya Janus: yes - my dream is to live inside a work of art and my island is a little realization of this dream [15:37] Abby Purplestar: Do you collaborate with anyone? [15:37] Moya Patrick: non je ralise tout ici [15:37] Moya Janus: I realize not everything here [15:38] Moya Patrick: [15:38] Moya Patrick: voici le mail si vous avez des questions supplmentaire ou si vous publier un texte pour me l'envoyer [15:38] Moya Janus: Here are the mail if you have any additional questions or if you publish a text to send to me [15:38] Abby Purplestar: thanks you very much
  8. 8. Moya Facts SL name: Moya Janus RL name: Patrick Moya RL Location: France SL Location: photography and digital art museum, Moya (238, 214, 42) SL Artform: Mix Art RL Artform: Mix Art and Painting
  9. 9. My Research Begins Second Life had so many places to explore. I was interested in finding an artist that created art both virtually and in real life. I stumbled upon the Moya Museum where I became interested in this busy crazy museum. The museum both inner and outer was full of mix media. I started walking around and found Patrick Moya himself. Only having a few minutes to interview, I asked him a couple of question. Since he is located in France, we had a quick interview. Content analysis means to use data and create charts or tables to visualize and review information I learned that Moyas recent work is the Minneapolis Hall where people come to perform concerts (As seem on the right).
  10. 10. Who is Moya? Content Analysis Who is the avatar artist? What is the artwork title? Name one on SL and where can we find it? Why did you choose it? How did you gain access reach the avatar? What is its style? Where is it? What is SLURL address? Patrick Moya (real name), Moya Janus (Avatar name). He said that Janus is the god with two faces. Moyapatrick@h The title of the work is unknown but it is part of the Radium Exhibition of classical art section (Toiles Classique Radium). This piece is actually a reconstruction of Leonardo Da Vincis The last Supper. You can find it in http://maps.secondlife.c om/secondlife/Moya/10 5/28/33 in the Radium Exhibition. I chose this piece because it is a piece that describes him the best. He said that he take He said he makes mix art of the real and the virtual by always in [his] actual exposures of interference with Second Life. He also said he does a lot of painting in the real world. Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous painter and Moya took his work and intergraded into his work. As I researched a museum I stumbled upon this one and Found the artist on site. Moyas Avatar is hard to describe, he look like a super hero. He wears a full body suit with wings attached. His colors are; red, blue, green, yellow and white, that matches the rest of his museum. He looks like a human figure, but wears a super hero like costume (sort of like superman). His full appearance looks like a Tachisme kind of painting, sort of like a French abstract painting with mostly red and yellows. Which makes his race appear as European and economic class upper class. http://maps.sec ondlife/Moya/82 /216/22 He is located in Nice on the French Rivera.
  11. 11. Who is Moya? Content Analysis (Cont.) What kind of art does s/he make on Second Life? Why do you make it on Second Life? What are the benefits? What kind of artist are you in Real Life Artist? What do you do in Real Life? How do you collaborate? How did you make this artwork? Other Question? What is your favorite artwork? Like in real life, Moya creates Painting and mix media. He also creats abstract art both virtual and real. Moya says My dream is to live inside a work of art and my island is a little realization of this dream. The benefits to creating art in second life, is that he is able to live in art, he can create art that he may not create in real life. Moya like to paint in real life but he likes to mix the real with the virtual. Moya is more of a abstract/ mix artist. Moya does most of his work by himself. Moya paints his artwork and integrates it in the virtual world. He created four islands and all four are his favorite.
  12. 12. My Experiences Comparative analysis Comparative Analysis is, comparing data and viewing changes in time and distinguishing differences per type. As I sta