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  • Digital EthnographyArtists of SL GalleryDerek Semenchuk (Dsem) and Beau Guinta (Beauregard708)Group 1 - Digital Culture BARE 494

  • Ethnography- Ethnography is the scientific study of human social phenomena and communities, through means such as fieldwork. It is considered a branch of cultural anthropology, the branch of anthropology which focuses on the study of human societies. Some people use ethnography and cultural anthropology interchangeably, although cultural anthropology includes more research techniques than just ethnography.The practice of ethnography usually involves fieldwork in which the ethnographer lives among the population being studied. While trying to retain objectivity, the ethnographer lives an ordinary life among the people, working with informants who are particularly knowledgeable or well placed to collect information. This fieldwork may last for extended period of time; usually over a year, and sometimes much longer. ( Ethnography- Digital Ethnography is a qualitative form of research that consists of 3 stages, data collection, content analysis, and comparative analysis. (Stokrocki, 1997; Stokrocki & Andrews, 2010).

  • Stages2. Content analysis is a search for conceptual themes or patterns of meaning both scientific and emerging. Content analysis also entails writing data summaries, clustering data to form relationships, condensing information to the most significant meanings, and writing stories (Huberman & Miles, 1994, p. 429).3. Comparative analysis is a process of interrelating findings or explanations in one class session or several class sessions to form [suppositions] propositional insights. Interrelation consists of both internal analysis (within your own study) and external analysis (comparisons with other cases and the related literature). All stages involve interpretation, a process of translation of texts, which is as old as the Bible itself. Many types of interpretation exist: psychological, historical, legal, religious, and symbolic. The process of interpretation is similar to a detective searching for clues and establishing facts. Interpretation is concerned with uncovering the multi-layered meanings of a phenomenon and understanding them more deeply. (Stokrocki, 1997; Stokrocki & Andrew, 2010).

    1. Data collection is a process of recording an event and gathering pertinent information. Following are some suggestions for collecting data.

  • Research Questions:What artwork forms and methods do they use?What does their artwork mean - expressions?What is their artwork preference?

  • Context and ParticipationArtists for SL, Rainbow Park Island - Slurl: Artists for Second Life Gallery is a three-leveled gallery in a valley below an artic mountain range. Even though it is in very cold artic setting there is a lush court yard with paths leading through green grass and trees and also with a single gallery and a meeting area with useful information and gallery/artsit updates. The setting is cold and calculated but plays very well into contemporary architecture as most of it is lots of flat planes along with sharp lines and edges. The multi-leveled architecture allows multiple artists to be stacked onto one another and maximize space.

  • Community:The community of the Artists of SL is a very accomplished group, many of them having artwork in galleries all over Second Life, but also in real life. They are all committed to their craft and are very involved in the SL art scene with this gallery being one of many groups they are involved in. Almost all of the galleries have links to their very own sites or at the very least links to separate profiles and flickr, they want to be found and strive to share their artwork.

  • Artist:Out of all the artists in the gallery the one I chose to interview was Freyja Merryman. I loved the composure of her work and they way she crafts her art is very similar to my style of art, she has a way of capturing emotion and conveying it through contrast and scenery. I sent her a message and she was very helpful and understanding through the whole process.

  • Data Collection: Gilded Cage[2014/04/23 15:59] Freyja (freyja.merryman): I usually have to start with a story in my mind[2014/04/23 15:59] Freyja (freyja.merryman): In this case it was sugested by a really beautiful sim[2014/04/23 16:00] Derek Semenchuk (dsem): so what was the story behind this piece? and what kind of process (if any) did you go through?[2014/04/23 16:00] Freyja (freyja.merryman): its a Chinese walled palace...and it reminded me of the Forbidden city...and the feeling of being as much kept IN as kept OUT[2014/04/23 16:01] Freyja (freyja.merryman): This is really all about the concept of freedom...the so called gilded cage...[2014/04/23 16:01] Freyja (freyja.merryman): she has everything...a princess maybe...except the freedom to leave

  • Data Collection Continued[2014/04/23 16:02] Freyja (freyja.merryman): I know its romantic...but most of my work have fairytale themes or folk stories :)[2014/04/23 16:04] Derek Semenchuk (dsem): that is a very good analogy. well its definitely also applicable to everyday life i definitely know the feeling[2014/04/23 16:05] Freyja (freyja.merryman): I hope so.[2014/04/23 16:05] Freyja (freyja.merryman): I'd like to think there are stories in my pics...not just decorative[2014/04/23 16:06] Freyja (freyja.merryman): but I love costumes and settings that you can only find here in SL. Sometimes they sugest the stories first.[2014/04/23 16:07] Derek Semenchuk (dsem): well i mean i feel thats what art is its a way of describing certain feelings or emotions without saying them youre expressing your creative side but more than that your personality[2014/04/23 16:08] Freyja (freyja.merryman): Sometimes I think it leaks out more than I am aware...but we all show our characters in everything we do. It just so happens that in SL we are more free to push the extremes.[2014/04/23 16:09] Freyja (freyja.merryman): There's also a motif about loneliness in this picture. Thats a recurring one for me

  • Data Collection Continued

  • Content Analysis:What is art? A way of expressing your creativity, emotions, or inspirations. Taking what you feel or see and transferring it to a medium. What is the title of her favorite artwork? Gilded Cage.Why did she choose it? She chose it because it was a more recent work of art for her and had more sentimental value to it than most of her others.

  • Content Analysis ContinuedWhy did they make it? She made it because she was inspired by a beautiful avatar, and wanted to express the feeling of possibly having everything but being trapped.How was it made? It was made by means of a digital screenshot in a virtual world.Where was it from? It is supposed to be reminiscent of Chinas Forbidden City and encapsulate the feeling of being somewhere beautiful and majestic but lacking the ability to leave or travel.

  • Gilded Cage - Freyja Merryman

  • Content Analysis ContinuedWhat is the artistic expression?Line- Lines of the body and head indicate sorrow or sadness. Lines of the walls and cage are indicative of a cage or barrier.Shape- Woman and cage are in central focus leaving the open mountainside and flying birds off in the distance representing freedom. Movement- The womans hand is open palmed towards the bird with her head tilted symbolizing empathy, other birds are flying in the background and I envision wind blowing just outside the walls.Texture- The woman, mountain, and birds are represented with soft flowing textures, and the cage and walls are represented with sharp, rough textures.Color- The womans skin is soft and seemingly warm along with the colors of her dress, the blue sky and water along with the green trees seem very welcoming, while the cage and walls seem intrusive and unpleasant.Rhythm- Very stifled, there is a noticeable unbalance and sense of uneasiness with the woman and definite feeling of restraint.

  • Content Analysis ContinuedCollaborate with whom? She didnt collaborate with anyone for this specific work of art but is constantly in contact with other SL artists and avatars to help her create art and draw inspiration.

  • Content Analysis ContinuedWhat was a evolving question? One question that I asked was about the Gilded Cage and from the focus on freedom came the focus on the extension of freedom that comes with a virtual life.[2014/04/23 16:09] Derek Semenchuk (dsem): yeah definitely especially behind the guise of a computer it's easier to express your true feelings without anyone judging. [2014/04/23 16:10] Freyja (freyja.merryman): Very true... its a very freeing anonymity[2014/04/23 16:10] Freyja (freyja.merryman): which is why so many people explore eroticism, I guess[2014/04/23 16:12] Derek Semenchuk (dsem): exactly because the majority of people would like to explore it but it carries such a bad connotation and people are afraid of being judged and in essence being themselves[2014/04/23 16:12] Freyja (freyja.merryman): Exactly[2014/04/23 16:13] Derek Semenchuk (dsem): I mean that applies to so many things but people are always going to act as though they should not as they feel[2014/04/23 16:13] Freyja (freyja.merryman): Here its possible to be physically and emotionally detatched.... although few people truly manage to live an immersive SL without the interplay of emotions coming into it.

  • Comparative Analysis and ConclusionFor Freyja in particular, Second Life is a means of escape. Along with having much success with galleries and art in real life, it also comes with a lot of pressure. Whether its expectations from other people or galleries, second life is a place to trul