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Works done at the University of Kansas from summer 2011 to fall 2012, Undergraduate Architecture


  • June You

  • [education]Master of Architecture _05 2014_GPA 3.75university of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, uSa

    Business Administration _Undergraduateuniversity of Windsor, Windsor, ontario, canada

    International Business _Bachelor of EconomicsWuhan university of technology, Wuhan, Hubei, china

    05 2011_current

    09 2007_12 2008

    09 2004_06 2008

    [experience]Woodshop Technicianinstructing and assisting students in using woodworking equipment; demonstrating safety pro-

    cedures in using power tools; offering recommendations and help to precision in architectural

    model making; cleaning and maintaining tools and the woodshop work environment.

    School of architecture, university of Kansas phone: 785_383_8265

    Studio 804 Warehouse Management Helperbeing familiar with building materials, especially inventive, sustainable and affordable mate-

    rials that Studio 804 focuses on, creating new floor flans for electric outlets and shelves layout,

    moving materials and cleaning the warehouse.

    School of architecture, university of Kansas phone: 785_383_8265

    Baristain charge of daily business and customer service, providing excellent service, using interper-

    sonal skills and networking

    House of cha, 21 West 9th Street Lawrence, Kansas phone: 785_856_6688

    Assistant to the Fashion Designer taking online orders, sewing clothes

    taking photography, doing graphic design, sketching basic fashion design drawing phone: 785_580_8318

    08 2012_current

    06 2012_08 2012

    05 2010_12 2010

    01 2009_06 2009

    June YouResume

    1016 ohio St. Lawrence, KS, uSa 66044 phone: 785_580_8767

  • [SKiLLS]Computerrevit


    3d Max


    photoShop, indesign, illustrator

    Microsoft Office




    Laser cutting

    LanguageMandarin _Fluent

    english _Fluent

    [HoBBieS]Furniture making





    Scrap booking

    chinese brush painting

    chinese calligraphy

    chinese poetry



    [reFerenceS]Academicchad Kraus assistant professor 785_864_4129

    denton nichols Lecturer 785_864_3087

    ProfessionalJenny Gordy Fashion designer 785_580_8318

    [puBLication]Frozen Moment of DramaKiosk magazine issue 47

    [invoLveMent]Volunteer and MentorBig Brothers and Big Sisters of douglas county

  • [ about Me ]

    even as a five-year-old, i learned that a house could mean a lot more than mere shelter to a

    family. in a small village in southeastern china in 1991, an unusually long rainy season created the biggest

    flood in village history. Like all the other poor villagers, my family was living in a house built of adobe with

    a wood and rice-straw roof. one afternoon, the rain was pouring down like a waterfall, and a boom

    sound, much greater than the thunder, broke through the heavy rain. We hurried outside to see hundreds

    of adobe bricks fall into the deepening pond in our yard. our kitchen, which was a separate hut, had

    collapsed. After the flood subsided, my father used his knowledge of furniture-making to rebuild. This time

    he constructed the house with strong wood and fired bricks.

    Growing up in an undeveloped area in china, i had never even heard of the word archi-

    tecture until the age of ten when I first saw the modern skyline of Shanghai. Dreaming of becoming

    someone who was able to build something great, i learned furniture making from my father and clothes

    making from my mother when i was a kid. Because my father believed international business to be chinas

    future, he thought it should be mine too and hoped i would help expand his successful paper recycling

    business. though i could not study architecture as i wanted, i was able to develop strong communication,

    mathematics, planning and management skills through business school in china and canada, which are

    valuable assets in todays competitive architecture design world.

    Having lived in three different countries, i valued the opportunities to experience cultural differ-

    ences in architectural design, which is often derived from considering responses to climate, technology,

    culture and site. charles eames said: design is the appropriate combination of materials in order to solve

    a problem. along with the aesthetic side to design, i have also understood the more logical side. this was

    due to an internship with Jenny Gordy, an independent fashion designer who has gained a lot of attention

    and business on the internet ( through the fashion design profession, although

    not exactly the same as the world of architecture, I found confidence in my creativity and design skills.

    although i have witnessed the many challenges of being a creative designer, such as demanding clients,

    late hours and the need for efficient business management, I have also found it extremely rewarding.

    Still dreaming of becoming someone who was able to build something great, i decided to

    go to university of Kansas to study architecture. i learned, however, architecture is about enhancing the

    quality of everyday life. Having been brought up in a densely populated nation like china, i have become

    especially curious about environmental and sustainability issues and have developed an interest in their

    application through architectural design. after my education from the School of architecture at the uni-

    versity of Kansas, i hope to take part in building a sustainable, living environment for future generations to

    make place and memory. Since growing up in an adobe brick house, never have i doubted that, beyond

    the obvious fact of shelter, architecture makes life better.

  • design is everything. design is passion, discipline, and skills. as architects, we dont design for

    one single purpose. For me, design is one, it is not many different ones. the discipline of architecture design

    is one and can be applied to many different subjects, regardless of style. design discipline is above and

    beyond any style. all style requires discipline in order to be expressed. very often people think that design

    is a particular style. nothing could be more wrong! design is a discipline, a creative process with its own

    rules, controlling the consistency of its output toward its objective in the most direct and expressive way.

    architecture is about experience and expression. to achieve the desired outcome, i believe a creative

    process with a discipline to be the generator.

    throughout my educational and professional life, i always like to find opportunities to diversify

    my design interest: from architecture to interiors, from furniture to drawing, from wood to pottery to plastics,

    from printing to packaging, from clothing to costumes and more. From working in the wood-shop of the

    architecture school at the university of Kansas, i have developed design and build skills. during the summer

    of 2012, i helped to work on the warehouse management for Studio 804, which is a not-for-profit organiza-

    tion for graduate students entering the final year of the Master of Architecture program at the University of

    Kansas ( i became familiar with building materials, especially inventive, sustainable

    and affordable materials that Studio 804 focuses on. i have also enrolled in a blacksmithing class at the

    university of Kansas to expand my interest in design and build. to truly understand and master how things

    work together as parts of architecture is always enticing to me.

    For me, everything is a tempting challenge to test the interaction between intuition and knowl-

    edge, between passion and curiosity, between desire and success.

    [ design is one ]


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  • architecture is place making. Before

    focusing on developing a cohere architecture

    project the Monarch institute, we explored the

    site located in the river market neighborhood of

    downtown Kansas city-through diagramming as a

    form of thinking. My specific filter was public space,

    and through site visits, interviews and careful anal-

    ysis, i crafted a diagram of public space study of

    downtown Kansas city. Bounded by towering sky-

    scrapers in the new central Business district to the

    south, and with the Missouri river to the north, the

    river Market neighborhood is a common ground

    for urban social activity. My investigations of how

    some public spaces work better than others were

    mainly carried out around the river Market area

    and the downtown freeway loop.

    river MarKet


    diagramming of public space // kansas city, missouri, fall 2012

    a System of nodes

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