aqueous microwave assisted chemistry: synthesis and catalysis

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    acid is hydrogenated to ethanol.Overall, at least 80% of the carbonatoms in the syngas are converted toethanol, or each ton of dry biomassyields 100 gallons of ethanol.US 7,884,253, Range Fuels Inc, Broomfield, CO, USA,8 Feb 2011

    Fluid mixer having a catalytic surface

    The mixer is a mechanical device forproducing turbulent mixing, whosesurfaces are coated with a catalyst.Both gaseous and liquid systems areenvisaged.US 7,887,763, Gary Jernberg, North Mankanato, MN,USA, 15 Feb 2011

    BOOKSHELFBiocatalysis in Polymer Chemistry

    A multi-authored internationalmonograph by 31 authors from 13countries. An emerging field,spearheaded by a research group atthe University of Groningen, TheNetherlands.K Loos (ed), 2011, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany,ISBN 978-3-527-32618-1, 433 pp, 115

    Aqueous Microwave AssistedChemistry: Synthesis and Catalysis

    An up-to-date survey of the field, byan international team. These aresmall-scale catalytic processes formaking organic specialities in water.Whether microwaves have specificeffects in addition to thermal effects isstill debated. A final chapter describesmicrowave-assisted synthesis ofnanoparticles, some of which areuseful catalysts.V Polshettiwar and RS Varma (eds), 2010, RSCPublishing, Cambridge, UK, ISBN 978-1-84973-038-9,228 pp, 99.99


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