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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. in Lake Huron. Aquatic Nuisance Species. Great Lakes Fisheries Leadership Institute September 27, 2003. Anjanette Bowen USFWS-Alpena FRO. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. What is an Aquatic Nuisance Species? Lake Huron’s Aquatic Nuisance Species - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Aquatic Nuisance SpeciesU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceAnjanette BowenUSFWS-Alpena FROin Lake HuronGreat Lakes Fisheries Leadership InstituteSeptember 27, 2003

  • OverviewU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceWhat is an Aquatic Nuisance Species?

    Lake Hurons Aquatic Nuisance Species

    Dispersal Vectors for ANS

    Strategies to Combat ANS Problems

    Efforts to Combat ANS in Lake Huron

    Current Research and Control

    New Threats to Lake Huron

    Efforts Towards Prevention

    Useful ANS Web Sites

  • Lake Hurons AquaticNuisance SpeciesU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceAn aquatic nuisance species" is defined as a species that is 1) non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration and 2) whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. What is an Aquatic Nuisance Species?

  • Lake Hurons AquaticNuisance SpeciesU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceCrustaceansZebra musselsQuagga musselsSpiny waterfleaRusty crayfishVegetationPurple loosestrifeEurasian watermilfoilFishEurasian ruffeRound gobySea lamprey Roger Bergstedt

  • Eurasian Ruffe Gymnocephalus cernuusU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServicePerch familyProlific spawnerNighttime feeder

    Egg feederNative to Eastern EuropeRuffe WATCHcourtesy of Sea Grant and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.Map-USGS

  • Eurasian RuffeU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Walleye and Ruffe Glassy eyes of ruffe and walleye (Corpus luteum) which allow these species to feed and see in darkness Yellow Perch and Ruffe Similarities in ruffe and perch body shape Distinction in dorsal fin of ruffe (continuous) and perch (not continuous) Distinction in coloration between perch and ruffe

  • Round Goby Neogobius melanostomusU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceBottom dwellerAggressiveProlific spawnerNest guarderEgg feederNative to Eastern EuropeRound Goby WATCH courtesyof Sea Grant and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.Map-USGS

  • Zebra Mussel Dreissena polymorpha U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceQuagga Mussel Dreissena bugensisQuagga prefers deeper watersNative to Eastern EuropeRapid colonizers-widespreadWater filtererRemove planktonsProblem for native musselsPhoto-Myriah Richerson

  • Spiny Waterflea Bythotrephes longimanusU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceIntimidating to juvenile fishLarge bodyLong spiny tailRusty Crayfish Orconectes rusticusFeeds on vegetationOrange claw tipsOrange spots on sides of carapacePhoto- Radka Pichlova & Hank Vanderploeg Photo-USGS

  • Purple Loosestrife Lythrum salicariaU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceThick growing plantCrowd native plant and wildlifeEurasian Watermilfoil Myriophyllum spicatumCan mat on water surface3-5 leaves in whorlsShallow waters (

  • Dispersal Vectors ForANS U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceAquaculture EscapeBait Bucket ReleaseBallast WaterIntentional ReleaseWaterway MigrationPhoto-NE University and

  • Strategies to Combat ANS ProblemsU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Ballast Control Regulation Education Research Monitoring and Removal (Control) Legislation proposed National Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2003 (NAISA) National Invasive Species Act of 1996 (NISA) Nonindiginous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990 Early Detection Rapid Response and Development of an early detection and eradication protocol

  • Efforts to Combat ANS in Lake HuronU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceUSFWS

    Nearshore surveillance for early detection of Eurasian ruffe and round goby at shipping ports 14 ports, St. Marys River to Harbor Beach bottom trawling

    Monitoring of nearshore population dynamics of native and ANS bottom trawling

    Removal of the Lake Huron population of adult spawning phase Eurasian ruffe small mesh gillnetting

    Assist state, federal, and tribal efforts to combat ANS

    Angler and public education and outreach efforts from Sault Ste. Marie to Harbor Beach

    Total Catch

  • Efforts to Combat ANS in Lake HuronU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceUSGS

    Offshore surveillance and population monitoring at 5 locations in the main basin bottom trawling

    Offshore population dynamics of round goby (5 locations) in the main basin and interaction w/ natives bottom trawling

    Benthic sampling analysis of zebra and quagga mussel dynamics

    Contact: Jeff Schaeffer USGS, Great Lakes Science CenterAnn Arbor, MI


  • Efforts to Combat ANS in Lake HuronU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceMDNR/MDEQ

    Near and offshore surveillance during regular fishery index surveys bottom trawling and gillnetting

    Funding of ANS projects through the Michigan Great Lakes Protection fund for work with:-U of M study of Diporeia and lake whitefish in Lake Huron zebra mussel implicationsGIS modeling and mapping of species infestationsTip of the Mitt Watershed Council ANS education and outreach

    Updated Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan in October 2002

    Assisted in initiation of Michigan ANS Awareness Week

    Contact: MDEQ, Office of the Great Lakes Lansing, MI


  • Efforts to Combat ANS in Lake HuronU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceOMNR

    Multi-year nearshore fish community assessment at 2 sites in each of the Main Basin and Georgian Bay- document round goby expansion seining, fyke netting, small mesh gillnetting, and trapping

    Examine creel and angler reports for ANS sightings

    Conduct surveillance through index fishery assessments 6 locations

    Contact: Lloyd Mohr OMNR, Lake HuronManagement UnitOwen Sound, Ont.


  • Current Research and ControlU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    Ballast water treatment options to prevent new introductions

    Efforts to prevent zebra mussels from adhering to surfaces mild electric fields

    Round goby predation on lake trout eggs and fry on natural historical lake trout spawning reefs in Lake Huron

    Removal of spawning phase ruffe in Lake Huron

    Examination of round goby and ruffe population dynamics with native species

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceAsian Carp ?Northern Snakehead ?FishhookWaterflea?Photo-USGSPhoto- Radka Pichlova & Hank Vanderploeg Photo-USFWS

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceBighead CarpHypophthalmichthys nobilisMap-USGSPhoto-USFWS

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceGrass CarpCtenopharyngodon idellaPhoto-Virginia Polytechnic Institute29 lb caughtoff Pinconning9/6/03Map-USGS

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServicePhoto-Virginia Polytechnic InstituteSilver CarpHypophthalmichthys molitrixMap-USGS

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServicePhoto-Virginia TechBlack CarpMylopharyngodon piceusILFirst wildCapture3/23/03Consumes vegetationPhoto-L.G. Nico, USGSMap-USGS

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceSnakeheadChanna argusWICaptured in WI on 9/4/03Voracious predatorBreathe air 7-10 daysNo natural predatorsPhoto-USGSPhoto-USGSMap-USGS

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceWater Flea Daphnia lumholtziPhoto-Tom FerroMap-USGS

  • New Threats to Lake Huron?U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceFishhook Waterflea Cercopagis pengoiMap-USGSPhoto- Radka Pichlova & Hank Vanderploeg

  • Efforts Toward PreventionU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceEducation is Key!


    ResearchIn General - Eradication impossible in large open systems Introductions are difficult to control Prevention is the best measure Awareness is necessary for successCooperation is importantControl efforts can be expensive and planning lengthy

  • Useful ANS Web SitesU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Invasive Species Site Great Lakes Panel on ANS Great Lakes Fishery Commission on Exotic Species Coast Guard Ballast Water Management USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Sea Grant Non-indigenous Species Site,1607,7-135-3313_3677_8314---,00.html MDNR ANS Control


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