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April 30, 2010 Issue of The Red & Black


<ul><li><p>By JACOB DEMMITTTHE RED &amp; BLACK</p><p>Police have launched an all-out search for a man accused of attempting to kidnap a female University student downtown early Wednesday morning.</p><p>The student, 19, told The Red &amp; Black Thursday she was able to escape after elbowing her </p><p>attacker in the stomach.She sustained minor injuries.According to the Athens-</p><p>Clarke County Police report, the botched kidnapping happened at the East Washington Street and North Lumpkin Street intersec-tion at 1:10 a.m. on April 28.</p><p>Jason Avery Harris, 36, identi-fied as the assailant, was detained soon after the incident. </p><p>He was taken in for questioning, but was released shortly after.</p><p>According to ACC Police Lt. David Leedahl, the assailant approached the female student and began choking her.</p><p>The student, who said she was on the phone with her mother at the time, was then forced inside her vehicle.</p><p>Once inside her Jeep, the vic-tim stated the attacker held a key up to her throat and said, If you scream, Ill cut you.</p><p>She was able to escape the vehicle after a struggle.</p><p>I ran, then looked back to </p><p>make sure I wasnt being fol-lowed, the student said. He was sitting in my car.</p><p>An ACC police officer, who the report says was standing less than 50 feet from the incident, witnessed the victim climb out of the Jeep.</p><p>According to the report, she </p><p>See CRIME, Page 2</p><p>By PATRICK HOOPERTHE RED &amp; BLACK</p><p>Members of the Georgia Students for Public Higher Education gathered on North Campus Thursday morning to oppose the budget cuts facing the University but their cause was nearly silenced by administrators.</p><p>The protesters had planned to let the Chapel bell </p><p>speak for them, but when they arrived at the Chapel around 8 a.m., they found that the bells rope had been removed.</p><p>For them, ringing the bell which h i s t o r i c a l l y </p><p>sounds to signal football game wins, the end of the semester and dire emergen-cies was a symbolic act.</p><p>We think the budget cri-sis is an emergency, said Allie McCullen, an English and womens studies double major from Snellville. McCullen is also one of the founders of the Universitys branch of GSPHE.</p><p>The students planning to ring the Chapel bell armed themselves with handheld bells to make the most of the situation, but the rope returned to its proper place around 11:30 a.m. after the GSPHE came to arrange-ment with the University.</p><p>Technically, theres not supposed to be a demonstra-tion on North Campus, said Tom Jackson, vice president for public affairs at the University. The University </p><p>See BELL, Page 3</p><p>By ANNE CONNAUGHTONTHE RED &amp; BLACK</p><p>Jimmy DeRoth does it fast. Art, that is.</p><p>When starting a new collec-tion, DeRoth quickly turns his ideas into tangible pieces with whatever materials necessary. </p><p>For his exit show on May 1, DeRoth will include paintings, sculpture, sound installation and a video.</p><p>I think of everything as sculpture, he said. Even when painting, you have to build the canvas. I try to find the easiest way to express my ideas, and usually its in 3-D.</p><p>DeRoth works rapidly so that </p><p>he can make a piece and move on to his next idea.</p><p>A lot of times, when I have a couple [of] completed pieces, its then that I realize how theyre all related and I can put them together, he said.</p><p>His art is idea-driven; its about the content, not the craftsmanship.</p><p>I dont think art has to be particularly well crafted, DeRoth said. If you can look at it and get the idea, thats good enough.</p><p>Many of his large pieces are made from materials he found. He tries not to make too many elements from scratch.</p><p>One of his pieces consists of </p><p>vinyl dolls he sewed circling a white picket fence. </p><p>A large sewer pipe runs from an old television set, crosses over the fence and deposits faux-feces in the center of the fenced area.</p><p>I dont want it to be too obvious or symbolic, DeRoth said, I just want it to trigger thoughts of why things are the way they are get people to think.</p><p>His collection for the exit show is drawn from personal experiences in Athens and is a critique of American culture in general. </p><p>I want to visually describe political issues, he said.</p><p>Art student opts for message over quality </p><p>www.redandblack.com Friday, April 30, 2010 Vol. 117, No. 153 | Athens, Georgia</p><p>sunny.High 83| Low 63 Index</p><p>News ........................ 2Opinions .................. 4</p><p>Variety .....................9Sports .................... 11</p><p>Crossword ...............2Sudoku .................. 11</p><p>LEMON-AID SHOULD I STAY?A Georgia quarterback has not been stamped with an expiration date </p><p>by his head coach. See page 12.</p><p>Sorry, youll have to leave your pistol at home. On campus, </p><p>its a big no-no.Page 2</p><p>Student escapes abductor, suspect at large</p><p>LILY PRICE | The Red &amp; Black</p><p>S Jimmy DeRoths art challenges cultural stereotypes. </p><p>Budget protest almost silenced</p><p>JACKSON</p><p>Deal allows bells to ring</p><p>News doesnt stop when finals are over. Check our website over the </p><p>summer to see whats going on in Athens.</p><p>ON THE WEBWhen the Board of Regents gave them </p><p>lemons, some University faculty made </p><p>lemonade. Page 6.</p><p>reshman dorm rules there are those who took these as serious as the law, and then there were the ones who saw the policies as merely suggestions.In the past, students found some pretty creative ways to work around those pesky suggestions and managed to avoid persecution while doing so.</p><p>Here are some of their confessions.</p><p>Russell HallViolation of Student Housing Community Guide: p. 18-19 AlcoholExtracted from Community Guide: Common source containers (kegs, punch </p><p>bowls, or other containers) will not be allowed in the residence halls.</p><p>Probably one of the most impressive examples of bending the rules dates back to the year 2000.</p><p>Nick Fisher, now graduated, was a freshman living in room 520 of Russell Hall when he and his roommate managed to throw a party in their dorm room, furnishing 37 guests with hunch punch and beer from a full-sized keg, he said.</p><p>This kind of endeavor is not something that can be thrown together last minute it required careful planning on Fishers part.</p><p>Getting away with the sheer volume of guests was easy enough.Our RA was out of town that weekend, Fisher said.But his true claim to fame is getting the keg, which many believe is the crux </p><p>to a good party, both in and out of Russell Hall.We got it in by putting the keg in an old washer machine box that we </p><p>found in a Dumpster at the old BP next to the Blind Pig, Fisher said.So Fisher and his roommate casually carried a massive and no doubt </p><p>suspicious-looking washing machine box through the main entrance of Russell Hall.</p><p>They followed procedure and provided their IDs when asked; however, they got a bit squirrely when questioned about their oversized parcel.</p><p>When they asked us what was in the box, we just kind of scurried through the doorway and into an elevator, Fisher said.</p><p>The party was the following evening, and afterward, the master-minds had to get the now-empty keg out of the residence hall.</p><p>Then after the keg had been depleted, we took a 50-foot repelling rope and lowered it out the fifth floor window, down to the quad, Fisher said.</p><p>From the fifth to the third floor, the operation went pretty smoothly, but a greedy third floor resident nearly pickled the mis-sion when he saw a keg lower past his window and tried to pull it in for himself.</p><p>When we told him it was empty, he obliged and pushed the keg back out the window, Fisher said.</p><p>After the drop was complete, Fisher covered the incriminat-ing item with a blanket.</p><p>See MISCHIEF, Page 10</p><p>An independent student newspaper serving the University of Georgia communityE S T A B L I S H E D 1 8 9 3 , I N D E P E N D E N T 1 9 8 0</p><p>Black&amp;RedThe</p><p>Students defy dorm code of conductBy EVA VASQUEZ | THE RED &amp; BLACK</p><p>PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY JON-MICHAEL SULLIVAN</p><p>ON THE WEB Police Documents</p><p>FINALS EDITION</p></li><li><p>AAEC 2580ACCT 2101ACCT 2102ACCT 5000ADPR 3100ADPR 3850ANTH 1102ARHI 2300ARHI 2400ARHI 3030ARHI 3000ARHI 3025ARTS 2000ASTR 1010ASTR 1020BCMB 3100BCMB 4010BCMB 4120BIOL 1103BIOL 1104BIOL 1107BIOL 1108CBIO 2200CBIO 2210CHFD 2000CHFD 2100CHFD 2200CHFD 2950</p><p>CHEM 1110CHEM 1211CHEM 1212CSCI 1100DANC 2010DRAM 2000DRAM 2120ECOL 1000ECOL 3500ECON 2100ECON 2105ECON 2106ECON 2200ECON 4000ECON 4030ECON 4040ENTO 2010EHSC 3060ESPY 2020FARN 1100FDNS 2000FDNS 2100FDNS 3000FDNS 4050FDNS 4050FDST 2010FINA 3000FINA 4000</p><p>GENE 3000GENE 3200GEOG 1101GEOG 1103GEOG 1111GEOG 1112GEOG 1113GEOG 1125GEOL 1121GEOL 1122GEOL 1125HACE 2000HACE 2100HACE 3100HACE 3150HACE 3200HACE 3300HACE 4100HACE 4310HACE 4400HACE 5100HACE 5150HIST 2111HIST 2112HIST 2302HORT 2000HORT 3440HPRB 1710</p><p>JOUR 3310JRLC 5040KINS 2010LAND 1000LEGL 2700LEGL 4400MARK 3000MARK 4000MARK 4100MARK 4250MARK 4500MARK 4600MARS 1010MARS 1020MGMT 3000MIBO 2500MIBO 3500MIST 2090MSIT 3000MUSI 2020MUSI 2040MUSI 2060NMIX 2020PBHL 3100PBIO 1210PBIO 1220PBIO 3440PHIL 1000</p><p>PHIL 1500PHIL 2200PHYS 1010PHYS 1111PHYS 1112 POLS 1101POUL 1010PSYC 1101PSYC 2101PSYC 3230REAL 4000RELI 1001RELI 1002RELI 1006RMIN 4000SOCI 1101SPCM 1500SPCM 2300STAT 2000STAT 3000TELE 3010</p><p>Only available at Baxter Street Bookstore</p><p>Call 706 546-1440</p><p>STUDENT NOTES FOR FINALS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!For information call (706) 546-1440, or go to www.studentnotes.com</p><p>for reservations, please call</p><p>706.549.7020295 E. DOUGHERTY ST.</p><p>www.foundryparkinn.com</p><p>706.425.9700Make your Graduation Lunch &amp; Dinner Reservations Now!</p><p>Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift for Moms and Grads</p><p>Annual Mothers Day </p><p>Buffet</p><p>Join us again this year for our Mothers Day Celebration complete with all of your favorites! Seatings will be from 11:30am until 2:30pm with live jazz.</p><p>Sunday, May 9th$24.95 for adults</p><p>kids under 12 get 1/2 offtax &amp; gratuity not included</p><p>Baptist</p><p>Ebenezer Baptist Church, WestRev., Dr. W. M. Hope, Pastor</p><p>205 North Chase StreetSunday Church School- 8:30 am</p><p>Sunday Worship - 10:00amFor transportation call: 706-543-9644</p><p>www.ebcw.org</p><p>Lutheran</p><p>Non-Denominational</p><p>Campus View church of ChristSunday Bible Study: 9-10am</p><p>Morning Assembly: 10-11:15amEvening Small Groups</p><p>Ministries - Youth, Family, Campus &amp; Hispanic</p><p>www.campusviewchurch.org1360 S. Lumpkin St. 706-353-1556</p><p>First Presbyterian Church of AthensSunday Worship 8:45 &amp; 11:00 a.m.</p><p>Church School 9:45 a.m.www.athensfirstpres.com </p><p>185 E. Hancock Avenue 706-543-4338</p><p>Georgia Christian Student Center (GCSC)Family Time Gathering, Wed. 7:30-8:45</p><p>A time of spiritual conversation, praise and worship</p><p>www.gcsc4jesus.org1360 S. Lumpkin St.</p><p>706-549-2827</p><p>Christus Victor Lutheran Churchand Student Center</p><p>Sunday Worship 10:30amSunday Student Fellowship 6:30 pm</p><p>Wednesday Bible Study 7pm1010 South Lumpkin Street</p><p>www.christusvictor.net 706-543-3801</p><p>First United MethodistTraditional Sanctuary Service </p><p>at 8:30, 9:45, 11:00Sunday School at 9:45</p><p>www.athensfirstumc.org327 N. Lumpkin St. </p><p>706-543-1442</p><p>Tuckson United MethodistServices: 8:20, 9:30, 11Sunday School 9:30 &amp; 11</p><p>Dinner Wed. 5:30 &amp; Var. Classes4175 Lexington Rd. 706-353-1311 </p><p>www.Tuckston.org</p><p>Methodist</p><p>To advertise </p><p>your worship </p><p>services, call: </p><p>706-433-3011</p><p>Presbyterian</p><p>THE DAILY PUZZLE</p><p> PEARLS BEFORE SWINE BY STEPHAN PASTIS</p><p>ACROSS 1 Tiny drink 4 Equestrian 9 Cry of </p><p>alarm 13 __ sur-</p><p>geon; tooth extractor</p><p> 15 Overact 16 I Dream of </p><p>Jeannie star</p><p> 17 Diminish 18 Bricklayer 19 Anthro-</p><p>pologist Margaret __</p><p> 20 Remiss 22 Corncobs 23 Chianti or </p><p>port 24 Electric </p><p>blower 26 Resounded 29 Red bird 34 Prickly item 35 Was mis-</p><p>taken 36 Kimono </p><p>band 37 Hillbilly 38 Froth on </p><p>top of a liq-uid</p><p> 39 Astonish 40 Swift-</p><p>running Australian bird</p><p> 41 Clamorous 42 Ganders </p><p>mates 43 Do __; pre-</p><p>pare to write a the-sis</p><p> 45 Prejudiced 46 Part of a </p><p>min. 47 Building </p><p>wings 48 Stylish 51 Imitating 56 Invisible </p><p>emanation 57 Ascends 58 College </p><p>official 60 Turn over 61 Upright 62 Roofs </p><p>edge 63 At __; </p><p>relaxed 64 Takes a </p><p>break 65 Church </p><p>seat</p><p> DOWN 1 Female pig 2 Pakistans </p><p>neighbor 3 Window </p><p>glass 4 Cause to </p><p>remember 5 Picture 6 Prescribed </p><p>amount 7 Alma mater </p><p>for Prince William</p><p> 8 How an apartment mainte-nance man might live</p><p> 9 Resident of a Red Sea nation</p><p> 10 Concept 11 Juicy fruit 12 Dead __; </p><p>streets without exits</p><p> 14 Physical job of amassing evidence</p><p> 21 Claim against property</p><p> 25 __ up; tally</p><p> 26 Old anes-thetic</p><p> 27 Bell 28 __-pocus 29 Smash 30 Military </p><p>branch 31 Memos 32 Mistreat 33 __ up; in a </p><p>row 35 The </p><p>Odyssey or Moby </p><p>Dick 38 Wizard 39 Land by </p><p>the coast 41 Scottish </p><p>denial 42 Gold-</p><p>covered 44 Flee 45 Very enjoy-</p><p>able expe-riences</p><p> 47 Vote into office</p><p> 48 Lunch spot 49 Oahu </p><p>dance 50 Part of the </p><p>eye 52 Deep mud 53 Takes </p><p>advantage of</p><p> 54 __ tide 55 Donated 59 Just pur-</p><p>chased</p><p>Previous puzzles solution</p><p>Call 706.433.3001 to find out how.</p><p>Two words meaning great advertising</p><p>P U</p><p>S P O N S O R</p><p>Z Z L E</p><p>From Page 1</p><p>climbed out of the passen-ger side door and began running toward the officer, screaming for help.</p><p>Her nose and face [were] bleeding and her shirt was almost ripped off, the report reads. She was trying to run so fast that she kept falling and getting back up.</p><p>Harris, who the arrest-ing officer saw standing next to the vehicle, began walking toward police.</p><p>His story was he was the one who fought off my attacker, the victim said.</p><p>After Harris told the officer he was helping the victim and had seen the assailant run down Washington Street, police told Harris no one was seen </p><p>running away from the scene, according to the report.</p><p>Harris was then trans-ported to the police station for questioning.</p><p>Despite Leedahl saying it was a possibility that the attacker would claim another victim, Harris was released from custody.</p><p>We will investigate to see how we handled that, Leedahl said. We will eval-uate and make changes to the way we handle situa-tions if we find we did some-thing wrong or there was a communication error.</p><p>As of Thursday after-noon, warrants had been issued for Harriss arrest.</p><p>Once we obtained the warrants, we did an all-out search, Leedahl said. Weve handed fliers out in the </p><p>downtown area and have detectives out looking for him. We have notified the University of Georgia Police Department that we are looking for him. They have assisted in the search down-town and on campus.</p><p>Although University Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said officers are actively looking for Harris, as of Thursday afternoon, there was no indication he was on campus.</p><p>Leedahl confirmed police found Harris clothes in bushes, where it appears he had been living.</p><p>According to the report, a witness told police he watched as Harris began to follow a different female near Nowhere Bar.</p><p>According to the report, the witness said when the </p><p>female stopped, Harris stopped. The female then crossed the street, at which point Harris turned around and began walking back toward Nowhere Bar.</p><p>The witness said he then watched as Harris began following the victim.</p><p>The witness then report-edly called 911.</p><p>As police continued to search Thursday, the UGA Alert System was not implemented.</p><p>Im always going to be second-guessed for that, Williamson said. But we didnt find out about it for 14 hours. It is for immedi-ate notification that requires immediate action. I have to ask myself, is ther...</p></li></ul>