Apps for planning your project and managing your research

Download Apps for planning your project and managing your research

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Explore the latest apps to help you think through your project and manage your research. Save time, save energy and save paper by using the latest apps for learning.


  • 1. The Project: History Extension Seminar 2013 Apps for planning your project and managing your research

2. Apps from the session NameDescriptionCostAvailabilityDevicePopplet/Popplet LiteMindmap: brainstorm your ideas, connections between topics, add pictures from camera roll, email as pdf or jpgLite version is free but limited to 1 popplet; full version $5.49Apple app storeiPhone, iPad & iPod touchGood readerSave webpages, videos, images and other online docs to folders for reading offline later; save, annotate and email pdf's; save emails from your inbox for offline reading; create sticky notes and search text$5.49Apple app storeiPhone, iPad & iPod touchPaperport NotesNotetaking and PDF annotate: make typed or freehand notes; voice recognition to capture notes by speaking; annotate notes including pdfs; search and bookmarking toolsFreeApple app storeiPad, desktop software versionCamscanner HDScanner: scans books, whiteboards, notes etc; enhances image quality Free; $5.49 Pro version; Apple app store; Google and convert to PDF to email or annotate, search PDFs and merge mutilple $4.99 android Play docs into oneiPhone & iPad; AndroidAwesome note HDCreate and edit notes, sort in folders, attach pictures and maps, calendar, to do list; sync to Google Docs and Evernote$5.49Apple app storeEvernoteCreate notes and organise into folders and access later (on or offline); syncs between browsers and devices; capture photos, record voice reminders; search across all note formatsFreedownload through app store or visit siteiOS devices, Android, PC and MacDropbox/dropvoxSync and save: Dropbox can be used for syncing your work between devices and backing up; Dropvox records audio e.g. interviews and automatically uploads them to your dropbox accountDropbox free; dropvox $1.99download through app store or dropbox.comiOS devices, Android, PC and MacCite this for me Google fuFreeNoteOnline bibliography maker: automatically build your reference list in Harvard style An infographic showing how to use google searching more effectively, including tips for refining your search, keyboard shortcuts and search terms combine handwriting and typing; note down text,paint,voice,photo,video, highlight; calendar and to do list; sync to DropboxFree FreeFreehttp://www.citethisforme. com/ 2/06/07/google-searchtips/ Google PlayWebsite WebsiteAndroid 3. Extra apps that may be useful Thinking it through/planning NameDescriptionTPA project appShow all your appointments, tasks and milestones in one place; synchronises with your calendarHistorypinLocation based images across time organised on a map view - use for inspiration, researchMoodboard/LiteCostAvailability$1.99DeviceApple app storeiPad, iPhoneFreeWeb or app storeiPhone, iPad & iPod touch; browser based for PC & MacIdeas: virtual pinboard to organise text, website, images etc: great planning/ideas tool for visual learnersLite version is free; full version $10.49App storeiPhone, iPad & iPod touchSimplemind+Mind map: brainstorming app, connections between topics/ideas; full version allows you to share maps for others to add to and editlite version is free; full version $7.49App storeiPhone, iPad & iPod touch; desktop versionInkflowNotetaking: take notes with your finger or stylus, then drag your ideas around to rearrange and order them, sketch; good for brainstorming; export as pdf or jpgBasic is free: Inkflow plus $8.49App storeiPhone, iPad & iPod touch 4. Managing your research NameDescriptionCostAvailabilityDeviceSimplenoteNotetaking: note taking on the go; also syncs through a web browser; use tags, pins and share notesFree (has ads)App storeiPhone, iPad & iPod touch, PC & MacPocket (Read it Later)Builds a list of websites, videos, images and articles that you can view offline later; syncs between devices and computer; save from broswer or various appsFreeApp store or websiteall devicesGoogle scholarSpecific google search through scholarly papers and academic basedGenius scanDocument scanner: quickly scan documents on the go and email as pdf or jpgFreeApple app store; Google playiPhone or iPad; androidApple app storeiPhone and iPad; also has a Mac version androidPagesWord processing: create and edit documents; edit word docs, add images, 10.49; free with new iOS footnotes and endnotes, create charts and tables, export as word doc, pages 7 devices doc or PDF.eZPDF Readersave and read PDFs offline, annotate PDFs, bookmark$4.32Google playDrafts for iPadquickly and easily capture text;search text; share via email,Dropbox or Evernote$4.99Apple app storeNotabilitytake notes, mark up PDF's, record presentations, audio recordings linked to noted; sync to Dropbox and others$2.99Apple app storeCatch notescreate notes, reminders, photos, checklists, and recordingsFreeAndroidInstapapersave and store articles; read offline; organise in folders, save as text only; search articles; browse within app$3.07 android; $4.49 iOSApple app store; Google PlayiPhone, iPad; Android