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<ul><li><p>8/9/2019 Application Form Summer School</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Summer School</p><p>1st-8th of August 2010, Lisbon</p><p>Summer School Application No ______ (OfficeUse)Application Form</p><p>Participant Details</p><p>Name _____________________ Surname ______________________</p><p>Date of Birth _ _/_ _/ _ _ Sex: Male/Female</p><p>Address________________________________________________________________________</p><p>City _________________________ Country _________________ Post Code_____________</p><p>Telephone Number _________________ (Mobile Number)_________________</p><p>Email Address ________________________________________________</p><p>ID Card No ________________________</p><p>Passport Number________________________Passport Date of Issue ___________________Passport Expiry Date_____________________</p><p>Do you need a visa to enter Portugal? __________</p><p>Other Information:</p><p>Are you a vegetarian? Y/N</p><p>Do you have any other food requirements?____________________________________________</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Application Form Summer School</p><p> 2/4</p><p>Do you have any allergies/medical conditions?___________________________________________________________</p><p>Please include any other special requirements you might have here.____________________________________________________________</p><p>Travelling Information</p><p>Arrival Flight Number ______________________</p><p>Date of Arrival ____________________________</p><p>Time of Arrival ____________________________</p><p>Departure Flight Number _____________________</p><p>Date of Departure ___________________________</p><p>Time of Departure ___________________________</p><p>Number of Extra Nights _______________________ (please, put the extranights dates)</p><p>FEE Costs (Please tick your type)Favored 27/day (Includes: course, Hotel and meals) __</p><p>Non Favored 31 /day (Includes: course, Hotel and meals) __</p><p>ELS 35 /day (Includes: course, Hotel and meals) __</p><p>Others (non ELSA members) __</p><p>370 (course, Hotel and meals)</p><p>Or</p><p>150 (Meals, coffee breaks, working materials and study visit)</p><p>Additional Costs (Please tick if yes)</p><p>Transportation fee (10) __</p><p>Social Program (20) __</p><p>Sightseeing (15)__</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Application Form Summer School</p><p> 3/4</p><p>Gala Ball (35)__</p><p>Materials (17)__</p><p>Disclaimer:I, _____________________________________ (name), confirm that all thedetails stated above are correct and true. I am aware that aftersending my application and after the deadline on 15th June I will notbe able to withdraw my application, therefore I will be obliged to paythe entire fee for the ICM.</p><p>Signature: ____________________________</p><p>DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS :15 June 2010</p><p>Terms and conditions:This Application Form is considered to be a formal offer of the participant.The confirmation (e-mail) of ELSA UCP Lisboa is considered to be a formaladoption of the participant's offer and leads to the conclusion of contractbetween the participant and ELSA UCP Lisboa.</p><p>Payment information:After applying at LEGAL CHALLENGES ON ENVIRONMENTAL LAW SUMMER SCHOOL the participant will receive a confirmation email and aninvoice about the FEE. Then, the participant should do the payment andsend (in five days) its copy by e-mail to the organization</p><p>Cancelation policy:Cancellation until 15th (23:59h) June Money restitutionCancellation after 15th June No money restitution</p><p>MiscellaneousAll participants must have valid insurance during his/her stay.All participants takes part on the summer school on his/her own risk.All damages must be paid by the participant which is caused by his/hernegligence or intent.</p><p>CERTIFICATION:</p><p>The participant is entitled to receive a certificate signed by ELSA</p><p>UCP Lisboa and Faculty of Law, Catholic University of Portugal with</p><p>the completion of the course program.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Application Form Summer School</p><p> 4/4</p><p>The participants will not receive a certificate in case of consistently</p><p>delays and absence from classes.</p></li></ul>