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  • 7/23/2019 Application Form International Autumn School Neighbours


    Application Formfor the International Autumn School


    in Chiinu! Repulic of #ol$o%a an$ &'i%! U(raineFrom 14 October to 25 October the Lectureship Program of the Robert Bosch Foundation andthe German Academic Echange !er"ice #$AA$% are organising an &nternationa' Autumn!choo' for 2( students) graduates and *oung professiona's from German'! the Repulic of#ol$o%a an$ U(raine+,he &nternationa' Autumn !choo' -i'' consist of t-o parts and -i'' ta.e p'ace /rst in 0hiinuand 'ater in 3*i"+ Our goa' -i'' be to create a magaine) -hich -i'' be pub'ished in Eng'ish and)additiona''*) in either German) Romanian) .rainian or Russian) depending on the authors6nati"e 'anguages+&mportant parts of the programme -i'' be7 -or.shops he'd b* high'* eperienced 8ourna'istsand pub'ishers) and meetings -ith 'oca' eperts and decision ma.ers+ ,he participants -i''a'so ha"e the opportunit* to decide on both the concept for the magaine and on ho- it

    shou'd 'oo.+ ,he centra' theme is the concept of 9:E&G;BOR!< -hich -e -i'' approach b* anumber of di=erent perspecti"es+>e are ' for participants from a'' discip'ines and academic /e'ds7 !ocia' !ciences);umanities) Fine Arts) etc+ &f *ou ha"e an* eperience in -riting artic'es) pub'ishing)dra-ing?painting) photograph*) graphic design etc+) p'ease comp'ete this app'ication form andsend it to7 sophia+be''mann@gmai'+com

    App'ication dead'ine7 ) Septemer *+,-# pm) 0E,%Once *ou ha"e app'ied) *ou -i'' recei"e a con/rmation emai'+>e -i'' inform *ou of the resu'ts of the se'ection process b* 2( !eptember 2(15+

    Name.ate of irthNationalit'/Citi0en1hip2hat $o/$i$ 'ou 1tu$'3

    2hen $i$/4ill 'ou 5ra$uate32or( e6perience

    78o1/intern1hip19 in

    chronolo5ical or$er:

    E6tra;curricular acti%itie1


  • 7/23/2019 Application Form International Autumn School Neighbours



    2e plan to puli1h ama5a0ine:

    2hich of 'our 1(ill1 $o 'ou

    con1i$er a1 ein5 %aluale3

    78ournali1tic! 1cienti>c!

    re1earch 1(ill1! photo5raph'!

    5raphic $e1i5n! tran1lation!

    paintin5/$ra4in5! etc

  • 7/23/2019 Application Form International Autumn School Neighbours


    Or5ani1ational Due1tion:

    .o 'ou ha%e a iometrical


    7For German applicant1 onl'9

    If 'ou are 1electe$ for the

    Autumn School! 4ill 'ou

    nee$ a letter of a1ence for

    'our uni%er1it'/emplo'er3.o 'ou nee$ accomo$ation

    in Chi1inau3.o 'ou nee$ accomo$ation

    in &'i%32hich cit' 4oul$ 'ou tra%el

    to Chi1inau from3I1 there an'thin5 4e ha%ent

    a1(e$ ut 'ou 4ant u1 to




    P'ease note) that *ou -i'' need to start preparing for the Autumn !choo' in *our home countr*e+g+ b* doing some research or reading a scienti/c paper that -e -i'' pro"ide+ Ca.e sure that*ou gi"e *ourse'f an additiona' da* to get acDuainted -ith the topic+App'icants -ho are not 'i"ing in either 0hisinau or 3*i" -i'' be pro"ided -ith accomodation+,he Robert Bosch Foundation and the $AA$ -i'' co"er a'most a'' the epenses during the&nternationa' Autumn !choo' such as7 tra"e' epenses to and from 0hisinau #if *ou are comingfrom .raine or German*) or 'i"e outside 0hisinau%) tra"e' epenses to 3*i" #for a'' theparticipants tra"e''ing together from 0hisinau%) mea's and accommodation+ ,he organisers -i''not co"er tra"e' insurance+,ra"e' epenses for .rainian participants to 0hisinau -i'' be co"ered for #mini%bus?traintra"e' on'*) German participants can choose their means of transportation+ ;o-e"er) tra"e'epenses -i'' be 'imited to a maimim of (( Euro #German* 0hisinau German*%+

    P'ease .eep 2 :o"ember free) for magaine 'aunch) -hich -i'' ta.e p'ace in 0hisinau+

    #nfortunate'*) on'* tra"e' epenses from .raine) or -ithin the Repub'ic of Co'do"a can beco"ered+% Participation at this e"ent is not mandator* for German app'icants) but is desirab'e+

    >e are ' for-ard to *our app'icationH

  • 7/23/2019 Application Form International Autumn School Neighbours


    On beha'f of team7 0hristian) Iohann and !ophia

    ,he pro8ect is rea'ised b* the $AA$ Lectorate in the Repub'ic of Co'do"a and the Lectureship Program of

    the Robert Bosch Foundation -ith /nancia' support from the German Foreign OJce #Aus-Krtiges Amt%and the Robert Bosch Foundation+,he &nternationa' Autumn !choo' bui'ds upon the successfu' pro8ect Pub'ish Mourse'fH a Cagainein 0hisinau< -hich -as conducted in :o"ember 2(14 #http7??---+pub'ish*ourse'f+org%+