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    General Mechanical Electrical Roofing

    Fire Protection Asbestos

    Civil/Underground Issue: March 2018

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    Page 1. Purpose 3 2. Submission Instructions 4 3. Evaluation Process 4 4. Confidentiality 4 5. Terms and Conditions 5 ATTACHMENTS A. Authorization B. Categories of Work and Project Value C. General Information

    C.1 Corporate Information C.2 Primary Contact Person C.3 Company Background C.4 Company Owners / Officers / Partners / Principals C.5 Company Staff Compliment C.6 Declaration of Potential Conflict of Interest C.7 Declaration of Dispute or Pending Dispute

    D. Subcontracting E. Experience F. Recent Major Construction Projects

    F.1 Recent Projects Not at the University of Manitoba F.2 Recent University of Manitoba Projects (If applicable)

    G. References G.1 Past Projects List G.2 Survey Questionnaire

    H. Bonding I. Insurance J. Workplace Safety and Health COR Certification K. Financial Information L. Billing Rates

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    1. PURPOSE The pre-qualification application process is the method by which licensed contractors can be pre-qualified to bid on construction projects that are tendered by the University of Manitoba (hereinafter referred to as University). Upon receipt of a complete and accurate application form, the University shall undertake a process of due diligence to confirm the accuracy of the information submitted, and evaluate each contractors past performance (both with the University and with other clients), to determine if the applicant should be added to the Universitys list of pre-qualified contractors. For the duration of the pre-qualification term, only contractors that have successfully completed the pre-qualification process shall be eligible to submit tenders for any University construction projects. For projects with an estimated total cost of more than $1,000,000, the University may require contractors to complete a project-specific pre-qualification, if it is deemed to be in the Universitys best interest to do so. Contractors will only be permitted to participate in the tendering process for those categories of work and project values for which they have been pre-qualified. In the event that subcontractors are required on a specific project, and that category of work is one for which the University carries out a pre-qualification process, the primary contractor may only use subcontractors which are on the Universitys pre-qualified contractor list. The University maintains a public listing of all pre-qualified contractors on its website:

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    1) NEW APPLICATION for Pre-qualification Status Completed application forms must be submitted via e-mail only to: Mr. Andrew Cramer Purchasing Consultant Email: With copy to: Mr. Olusegun Daodu Purchasing Consultant E-mail:

    NOTE: Any application that is incomplete may be rejected at the Universitys discretion. 3. EVALUATION PROCESS It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that this application is completed in full, and any additional documentation required (i.e. COR certificate) is included with the submitted application form. The University will consider each application individually, and will evaluate each applicant on the same criteria, which may include, but is not limited to:

    Completeness of application Qualifications of key individuals Recent related construction experience References Bonding/Financial capabilities Insurance coverage Certification status Billing rates

    4. CONFIDENTIALITY The University is subject to the rules and regulations of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Any information provided by applicants is collected solely for the purpose of pre-qualifying contractors who wish to do business with the University. Personal information supplied within an application is protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Applicants are encouraged to identify any non-personal

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    information that is confidential and specify what harm could reasonably be expected from its possible disclosure. Any questions regarding this should be submitted to the Universitys FIPPA Coordinator's Office: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections 331 Dafoe Library Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2 Phone: (204) 474-8339 5. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Receipt by the University of an application for Pre-qualification in no way constitutes a

    commitment by the University to award contracts to any applicant, or to pay any costs incurred by any applicant in preparing a response, or otherwise in relation, to this application.

    2. The University reserves the right to refuse any application that includes errors, omissions, and/or deviations from the information requested, deviations from the format of the information requested and/or the terms and conditions of the application.

    3. An application, including any accompanying documentation, once submitted by an applicant, becomes the property of the University and will not be returned.

    4. The applicant is obligated to inform the University, in a reasonably timely manner, of any changes to key personnel, ownership, bonding capability, financial position, or any other information, which may affect its pre-qualification status. The University considers this an ongoing requirement for the entire term of pre-qualification.

    5. The University reserves the right to contact owners, owners representatives, and/or consultants, on construction projects that have been identified, as well as the references provided, in this application.

    6. The University, at its discretion, may require an applicant to provide additional information that may not be specifically requested by this application.

    7. The University may request clarification where the information provided by an applicant is unclear, or may waive or request amendment where, in the opinion of the University, there is a minor irregularity or omission in the information that is submitted.

    8. The University reserves the right to conduct project-specific pre-qualification processes, if it is deemed to be in the Universitys best interest to do so.

    9. All contractors that achieve pre-qualified status as a result of this application shall retain that status unless revoked by the University, or until the University creates a new pre-qualification process by which contractor will become pre-qualified, or otherwise altered during the pre-qualification term at the Universitys sole discretion.

    10. The University shall in no event be liable for any claims by the applicant in respect of its decision to pre-qualify or not pre-qualify the applicant. The University shall not be liable for any failure to consider, or omission in considering an application or for any delay in considering an application, including (without limitation) any failure of an applicant to obtain eligibility for a particular competitive bidding process at the University.

    11. The University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject an application, or suspend, revoke or terminate the contractors pre-qualification status in whole or in part, based on

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    the Universitys determination of one or more of the following: 1) non-performance, defective or substandard performance of any past contracts with

    the University; 2) where an applicant has launched legal action against the University; 3) failure of an applicant to update information that is required as part of the on-going

    obligations of an applicant; 4) provision of false, misleading or incorrect information.

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    Attachment A Authorization The signature below confirms the following:

    1. The applicant certifies that all statements and information presented in this application form are current, complete, and accurate;

    2. The applicant certifies that the individual signing this document, and any other document provided in conjunction with this application, is authorized to sign such documents on behalf of the applicant; and

    3. This application form is being made available by electronic means. The applicant acknowledges and accepts full responsibility to insure that no changes are made to the application form. In the event of conflict between a version of the application form submitted by the applicant and the version maintained by the University, the version maintained by the University shall govern.






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    Attachment B Categories of Work and Project Value Indicate the category (or categories) of work, and the range of project value(s) within each selected category, for which the applicant wishes to be considered for pre-qualification. Check all disciplines and project value ranges that apply.

    Estimated Total Project Cost

    Less than $75,000 $75,000 $250,000

    $250,000 $500,000

    $500,000 $1,000,000

    Over $1,000,000

    General Contractor

    Mechanical Contractor

    Electrical Contractor

    AMP Certified Electrical Contractor

    Roofing Contractor

    Fire Protection Contractor


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