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<ul><li> 1. APPLE INCORPORATED K. R. Dulakshi MF/2012.3246 </li></ul> <p> 2. About Company April 1st ,1976 - Founded January 3rd ,1977 - Incorporated Headquarters - Cupertino, California Co-founders - Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak CEO - Steve jobs Industry - Computer software, computer hardware, consumer electronics. Revenue - US$ more than 156 Billion Share Price 254.24$ (New York Stock Exchange). 3. Apple Inc. Apples Current Information 1976 1977-1998 Present Logo Logos Of Apple 4. He worked first for HP company where he met Steve Wozniak. After Jobs saw a computer Wozniak had designed, he decided to turn it into business on 1st April 1976. After internal power struggle, he was eventually kicked off by board of directors. During this time, Jobs bought what became Pixar from Lucas film for $5 million. Steve is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Lowest Paid Chief Executive Officer for Pixar. CEO: Steve Jobs 5. PresentationPowerpoint.Com Steve ReturnsSteve Returns Apple bought NeXT in 1996, bringing Jobs back to Apple. The coming years brought many new products, including Mac OS X, the iMac, the iPod, iphones, and ipad. Steve Makes the Apple with huge profits in 2002 by discovering iPod and iPhone in 2005. 2004- Job got suffered from Pancreatic cancer. In his Presence iPad and Apple TV has been launched recently in 2010 which made Apple $50 billion company. 2011- Died from cancer 6. Products Of Apple iMac(Personal Computer) iPod iPhone 7. Apple TV iPad 8. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS One of the oldest hardware manufacturers. Control over the product. High quality product. Easy to carry products Huge consumer base loyal to apple Product diversification WEAKNESSES Focusing on internal eng. more than marketing High price Consumer faced problems with faulty batteries Had difficulties on some of its products quality control Not issued dividends 9. OPPORTUNITIES Less expensive new product lines with quality. Product line is functional and attractive. Flexibility to its users. iPods are able to communicate. New car models with iPod connectivity. THREATS Pressure from competitors. Substitution effect Technology changes at a rapid rate. Forced to develop new products. 10. Core Competence of Apple Apple's greatest core competency is knowing how to implement elegant but functional design. The consumer benefit is getting a product that works intuitively, while making everyone else envious. Other companies have been trying to imitate, but not quite successfully. And Apple has copied that design success from computers, to music players, to cell phones, and to its stores. 11. Competitors for Apple Microsoft Google Samsung 12. Recommendations More number of retail stores for easy access Continuous innovation to expand Lowering the cost of products and maintaining the same quality standard. 13. Conclusion Apple and Steve Jobs sometimes become one, but theres no clear guess about Apples future without Jobs. Apple Products are more advanced, easier to use and designed better than Windows. 14. References swot-analysis.htm swot-analysis.htm 15. THANK YOU K. R. Dulakshi MF/2012.3246 </p>