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A.P.J. Abdul kalam was the eleventh president of India, from 2002 to 2007 . He is a recipient of countrys highest civilian awards, including the Bharat Ratna, and author of several best-selling books.

It was 24 July 2007 , the last day of presidency the whole day dwells upon Dr. Kalam's interactions with politicians, scientists, artists, writers, religious heads, legal and judicial communities, non-resident Indians, medical practitioners, farmers, policemen, panchayat presidents, teachers, various associations and institutions. WHEN CAN I SING A SONG OF INDIA ?

The chapter brings out the fact that Dr. Kalam used to read the letters and emails sent by people from all walks of life and even used to forward the letters to the official concerned for supplementary action which at times yielded fabulous results Here are a few events that lightened my horizon , brought a smile to my lips , taught me lessons and engaged me with the love of my countrymen.

It was like any other day on the ANNA UNIVERSITY campus in Chennai , Dr kalam had to delivered a lecture VISION TO MISSION and the session got extended for one or two hour .

Prof. kalanidhi fell in step with Dr kalam and told some one had been frantically trying to get in touch with him through the day .MY NINTH LECTURE AT ANNA UNIVERSITY

When he entered his room the phone was ringing as he spoke to PM , Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr Kalam's life was set for unexpected change.

which changed the course of action of the scientist and academician, Dr. Kalam, when he was elected as the President of one of the largest democracies in the world.The innocence filled with wisdom of the simple people of my land always gives me the confidence that my country will lead the world to peace and prosperity.

SEVEN TURNING POINTS OF MY LIFEThe first turning point in Kalam's life was in 1961 , He was a chief designer of a hovercraft as a senior scientific assistant at the Aeronautical development establishment (ADE). He was appointed as a rocket engineer at a newly formed ISRO in 19622. The second turning point was entry into Indias missile progremme in 1982 , he was offered me a position as the director of the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) in HYDRABAD

3. In July 1992 , He took over as the scientific adviser to the Defence minister and secretary , Department of Defence Research and Development, from Arunachalam. This was the third turning point 4. The fourth turning point was the nuclear tests in 1998. Dr kalam in the year rejected the invitation to be in the Cabinet minister list , The general opinion was that since he was fully involved in two missions of national importance he should not enter the political system

5. The fifth turning point was towards the end of 1999, When he was appointed principal scientific adviser (PSA) to the government of India in the rank of Cabinet minister.On 30 September 2001 a crash took place while landing at Bokaro Steel plant in Jharkhand when he was going to address audiences Dr kalam shared a Hymn on courage COURAGECourage to think differentCourage to invent,Courage to travel on an unexplored path,Courage to discover the impossible,Courage to combat the problems and succeed are the unique qualities of youth.As a youth of my nation,I will work and work with courage to achieve success in all the missions

6. After about two years as PSA he returned to his academic pursuit at Anna university as professor of technology for Societal Transformation for giving priority to the programmes of India 2020 mission like PURA ( providing Urban amenities in Rural Areas )7. At the end of his political tenure as a president every one was asking for the second term but he took a conscious decision to go back to a career In academics and research and continue to work with passion for transforming India into an economically developed nation by the year 2020.

THE INTERACTIVE PRESIDENTThe presidency became a platform to launch India 2020 which he believe can only be achieved by the participation of all citizens including elected representatives all the way up to parliament , administrators , artists and writers , and youth of the country for this Dr kalam has taken various steps :-

He initiate G2G e-governance operations in rashtrapati bhavan in which everyone was connected to prime ministers office over a secured messaging network with digital signature .

Second he invited members of parliament of every state and union territories to get first hand knowledge about the status of development there.

He look for the problems why the court cases was pending in the courts this was because an inadequate number of cases , inadequate number of judicial officers , the role of administrative staff etc.

WHAT CAN I GIVE TO THE NATION ?Putting smile on the faces of one billion countrymen and women giving them honour and respect among other countries are the things Dr kalam wants to give back to nation which can only be achieved through economic development and education.He gave 10 national addresses during his tenure that include translating vision to mission His mission was to make India a developed nation that is free from Poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment

In order to succeed in the mission the five key areas where India has a core competence for integrated action are: agriculture and food processing Education and health care Infrastructure Information and communication technologySelf reliance in critical technologies

LEARNING FROM OTHERS On giftsJust after independence Kalam's father was elected as a president of village council not because he belongs to a particular religion or cast but on the basis of his nobility of mind and for being a good human being After receiving a gift from an unknown person Kalam's father told him that accepting gift is not a bad thing but a gift is always accompanied by some purpose and therefore it is a dangerous thing

A nurtured value systemKalam learnt a lesson of values when his elder brother refuses to change his accommodation where he has spent his 90 years of life , here was a man who would like to lead his life on his own terms and does not want any help , well meant though it might be.A haj pilgrimage The episode teaches how his 90 year old brother was cared by others while trip to mecca the episode teaches how even small gestures transform our lives in a big way , love towards our fellow human beings flows like an uninhibited river washing away all differences

The inimitable KhushwantThe experience to meet with Khushwant singh defines what is Kalam's concept of God ? It is not Allah versus Ishwar , Khuda Versus Bhagwan . He is not to be looked for mosque or a temple . Kalam's concept of godliness is COMPASSION

TOWARDS A COMPETITIVE NATIONThe majority of India's population lives in the villages and the real challenge is to enrich the lives of 750 million people who live there .This explains the significance of nanotechnology, e-governance, bio-diesel, water,energy, the successful testing of a missile like Agni V , surface to surface missile ( Prithvi) , surface to air missile ( Akash ) , short range missile ( Trishul ) , anti tank missile ( Nag) and a fewother space activities. The demand is shifting towards development of sustainable system which are technology superior.

THE CANDLE AND THE MOTHThe chapter contains Dr Kalam's conversations pertaining to the crash of the Airborne Surveillance Platform on the 11th of January 1999 with Prof. Arun Tiwari.TheAirborne Surveillance Platform(ASP) is anIndianDefence project initiated by theDefence Research and Development Organization(DRDO) with the aim to produce anAirborne Early WarningSystem. Two prototypes were developed and flight tested for three years. The project was cancelled in 1999 after the prototype aircraft crashed, killing eight scientists and the aircrew. After four years of inactivity, the project was revived in 2004 with a new platform and radar.

MY VISIT TO GUJARAT One of the pillar of development is to create a nation where poverty has been totally eradicated and illiteracy removed.The major task immediately after becoming president was visit to Gujarat in August 2002 after the riots in Gujarat state , Dr kalam visited three relief camps and nine riot-hit locations where the losses had been high , he consider it an important duty so that he can be some use to remove the pain , and also accelerate the relief activities , and bring about the unity of minds , which is Dr Kalam's mission

At HOME ABROADThis chapter presents a few highlights from Dr Kalam's visit to Sudan, South Africa, European Union, Greece, and Switzerland. The most important important aspects of these visits was how to present the core competencies of our country and how to learn from the practices of other countries for our benefitIn sudan discussions centred on building


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