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This is an example of an iron triangle in that there are three departments( an interest group a congressional committee or person and a federal agency) that share a mutually beneficial relationship. The purpose of agribusiness( the food business) is to make money. Having that been said they would naturally want some of there crops to be subsidized by the tax payers. In order to do this they have to congresses support. There are many people who would like to be in congress and so need votes. In order to get these votes they have to have the right allies to assist them. One major ally in agriculturally oriented places is Agribusiness. So in exchange for agribusinesses support in elections and campaigns they to push topics that agribusiness deems beneficial. However in order to pass these issues. In order to pass these issues they have to sway the federal agency relevant to them. In order to do that they advocate issues the Agency deems important and so receive support. The interest group also pushes for the issue during Congressional committees. Which then leads to Further favorable support for their issue.

The U.S Department of Agriculture

M. Gavin Dietrich

Issue: Agricultural subsidies


Senators who would like to be elected in agriculture oriented areas