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<ul><li><p>AoC London Events Calendar Summer 2013 </p><p> Event Date Venue and Room </p><p>Marketing Committee Meeting </p><p>Thursday </p><p>9-April Boardroom, Stedham Place </p><p>3.00pm-4.30pm </p><p> London Energy Efficiency Fund Meeting </p><p>Thursday </p><p>Boardroom, Stedham Place 17-April </p><p>10.00am-11.30am </p><p>Regional Committee Meeting Wednesday </p><p>18-April 3.00pm-5.00pm </p><p> Boardroom, Stedham Place </p><p>Principals Forum </p><p>Wednesday </p><p>24-April City Lit </p><p>4.00pm-6.00pm </p><p>Vice Principals C&amp;Q Network Meeting </p><p>Monday </p><p>Boardroom, Stedham Place 29-April </p><p>3.00pm-5.00pm </p><p>AoC London Regional Committee Principals meeting with Munira Mirza, </p><p>Mayoral Advisor </p><p>Thursday </p><p>City Hall 2-May </p><p>3.00pm-4.30pm </p><p>Strategic Group for Sport Meeting </p><p>Monday </p><p>Small Boardroom, Stedham Place 13-May </p><p>10.00am-11.30am </p><p> Tuesday </p><p> Marketing Managers Network Meeting 14-May Hackney Community College </p><p> 9.30am-2.00pm </p><p>Business Development Managers Network Meeting </p><p>Wednesday </p><p>Boardroom, Stedham Place 15-May </p><p>1.30pm-4.00pm </p><p> Friday </p><p> Clerks Network Meeting 17-May Westminster Kingsway College </p><p> 2:00pm-5:00pm Victoria Centre </p><p> Monday Ealing, Hammersmith and West </p><p>London College, Hammersmith Campus </p><p>Heads of Sport Network Meeting 20-May </p><p> 12:00pm-5.00pm </p><p>Heads of Student Services Network Tuesday 21-May </p><p>10.00am-1.00pm Boardroom, Stedham Place </p><p>AoC London Regional Committee Meeting </p><p>Thursday </p><p>Boardroom, Stedham Place 23-May </p><p>3.00pm-5.00pm </p><p> Thursday </p><p> Procurement Managers Network Meeting 6-June Boardroom, Stedham Place </p><p> 2.00pm-5.00pm </p><p>Heads of MIS Network meeting Friday 7-June </p><p>9:30am-1:00pm Boardroom, Stedham Place </p></li><li><p> Tuesday </p><p> HE Coordinators Network Meeting 11-June Boardroom, Stedham Place </p><p> 2.00pm-5.00pm </p><p> Wednesday </p><p>Buzzacott, 130 Wood Street, London EC2V 6DL </p><p>Finance Directors Network Meeting 12-June </p><p> 9.00am-1.00pm </p><p>London Apprenticeship Breakfast Summit </p><p>Tuesday 25-June </p><p>8.30am-11.00am City Hall </p><p> Thursday </p><p> AGM/Regional Forum and Summer </p><p>Reception </p><p>27-June 4.30pm-9.00pm </p><p>Eversheds, 1 Wood Street City of London EC2V 7WS </p><p>AoC London/LSIS Regional Governance event - Effective scrutiny of teaching, </p><p>learning and assessment </p><p>Tuesday 2-July </p><p>5.00pm-7.00pm Hackney Community College </p><p>AoC London and IoE Conference: London Colleges: Innovation and Excellence </p><p>Wednesday 10-July </p><p>10.00am-4.00pm Institute of Education </p><p>AoC London Regional Committee Principals meeting with Mayoral Advisor </p><p>Tuesday </p><p>City Hall 17-July </p><p>2.00pm-4.00pm </p></li></ul>