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An upcoming auction from the Worlds largest antique cane auctioneer Kimball M Sterling , Inc. Bidders can visit our website for live internet or telephone bidding. We conduct over five auctions a year of antique canes. This auction is September 20, 2014. Inquire


  • TERMS & CONDITIONS1. Cash or check. A 20% buyers premium willbe added to the hammer price as part of the saleprice for all bidders. Internet bidders will pay 23%. We reserved the right to hold purchases until the buyers checks clears if buyer is not known by us. Bank letter of credit is acceptable.

    2. Mail or phone bids are accepted; the firm may require a deposit.

    3. Kimball M. Sterling, Inc. has endeavored to catalog and describe the property correctly. All property is sold as is and neither the auction company nor the consignor will be responsible for descriptions, genuineness, provenance or condition of the property. No statement in the catalog made orally at the sale or otherwise shall be deemed to be a warranty, representation, or an assumption of liability.

    4. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer shall have total discretion to determine the successful bidder, in which his determination shall be final or to re-offer and resale the article in dispute. Title of the item or items purchased by the bidder will pass at the fall of the gavel and declaration of bidder. This is not an approval auction. All measurements are approximate.

    5. Principal auctioneer: Kimball M. Sterling #2467. B. Elizabeth Sterling, auctioneer # 5757. Firm Kimball M Sterling Inc. TFL-1915

    6. Bidders may bid live on the Internet by visiting You may also view the auction at this site and bid by phone.

    7. Communications: Telephone 423-928-1471. Fax 423-928-2816. Cellular 423-773-4073, 423-773-4072. Email

    8. We do not ship protected items overseasbut anything else will be shipped by the UPSStore in Johnson City. We can however holdyour item till you or a friend visits the USA andyou can take your items as a personal item or we can ship to a friend in the USA.

    9. Kimball M. Sterling, Inc. will not be held responsible for bids received on the day of the auction, unexecuted absentee bids, phone bidders not contacted or slow Internet bids.Although we do attempt to get all bids executed problems do occur.There will be no recourse from the bidder. We will not be responsible for items left on our location for over 30 days.

    10. Sale will be conducted at 125 West Market Street, Johnson City, Tennessee.37604. An-nouncements day of the sale take precedence over pre-sale advertising. Any litigation that pertains to this auction will be conducted in the county of Washington in Tennessee and is agreed upon by registering for this auction.

    11. Airport is the Tri-Cities Airport, which is approximately 20 miles from the gallery. Internet catalog and live bidding available at Best Western Hotel: 423-282-2126. A very fine hotel which offers Sterling Auction a discount rate is the Carnegie Hotel 1216 W State of Franklin Rd, (423) 979-6400.

    12. Please call for condition report on sale lots or email us. We do send out multiple photos by email of any lot in the auction .By registering for this auction you accept the terms.

    13. Parking service is free.

  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 4

    1. Ivory Fish CaneCa. 1900-A carved ivory handle which has a muskie and a bass, ornate silver collar, ebonized shaft and a horn ferrule. H. 4 x 2 , O.L. 36$800-$1,200

    2. Stag Snake CaneDated 1869-A stag handle carved in the form of a tree trunk with a snake entwined, dated silver presentation collar, hardwood shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 1 x 3, O.L. 36$200-$300

    3. Ivory Courtship/Valentine CaneCa. 1850-A high relief carving of a couple carving a heart into a tree, ornate clothing and foliage, carved ivory collar, exotic wood shaft and a horn ferrule. H. 1 x 4, O.L. 35 $1,500-$2,000

    4. Chinese Ivory Dress CaneCa. 1890-A carved ivory handle with four figures, two are reading, one is studying and one is worrying, open fret carving near the bottom, silver metal collar, ebonized shaft and metal ferrule. H. 2 x 3 , O.L. 35 $1,000-$1,500





  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 5

    5. Japanese Ivory Turtle CaneCa. 1890-A large ivory handle with a nest of turtles, silver collar, thick ebony shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 1 x 5, O.L.-35 $1,000-$1,500

    6. Cinnabar Asian CaneEarly 20th Century-A large fine condition cinnabar handle, ornate gold and silver metal collar, thick bamboo shaft and a horn ferrule. H. 7 x 3, O.L.-36 $500-$1,000

    7. Ivory Bulldog CaneCa. 1890-A carved ivory bulldog with two color glass eyes, flick mechanism red tongue, when shaft is flicked the red tongue extends, hardwood shaft and a horn ferrule. H. 2 x 1 , O.L.-35 $1,500-$2,500

    8. Art Nouveau Dress CaneCa. 1890-A silver over ivory handle, ornate silver collar, full bark twigspur shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 4 x 1 , O.L.35 $500-$700





  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 6

    9. Dachshunds Ivory CaneLate 19th Century-A large carved ivory handle which is done in great detail, both front and back carved, reeded ivory collar, malacca shaft and a brass ferrule. H. 2 x 3 , O.L.-38$2,500-$3,000

    10. Phrenology Ivory Cane19th Century-A prime original example with readable numbers and divisions of the brain, silver fluted collar and a silver spacer, pair of ivory eyelets, wood shaft and a horn ferrule. H. 1 x 3, O.L.-38 $3,000-$5,000

    11. Silver Courting CaneCa. 1870-A high relief casting of a couple meeting, marrying and cupid with his bow and arrow, exotic wood shaft, small split to the silver handle where it meets the shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 1 x 7 , O.L.-38 $600-$900

    12. Romantic Ivory CaneCa. 1865-A fully carved ivory handle with a couple embracing, sterling collar, signed sterling medallion on hardwood shaft and a horn ferrule. H. 1 x 2 , O.L.-33 $1,500-$2,000





  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 7

    13. Carved Ivory German Masterpiece CaneMid 18th Century-A massive ivory handle with full figure horses and deep carvings of what appears to be Zeus, pair of horse heads all done in the highest of relief, a true masterpiece, probably German, a closer look shows an Egyptian figure and a palm tree behind one of the horses and a dog behind the other, the ribs of the horse are very visible as are the bones in the horse heads, coin silver collar, thick malacca shaft and a horn ferrule. H. 2 x 4 , O.L.-34 $5,000-$7,000

    14. Japanese Ivory Lion CaneCa. 1890-A carved lion atop a mountain of rocks which has been treed by a group of rats, the lion has inset bone eyes as does the fierce pack of rats, silver collar, ebony shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 1 x 5 , O.L.-35$1,500-$2,500



  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 8

    15. Mongoose/Cobra CarvedDress CaneCa. 1900-A fierce carved creature which is carved in a one-piece handle, raised sterling collar, ebony shaft and an ivory ferrule. H. 4 x 5 , O.L.-36 $400-$500

    16. Japanese Ivory Baboon CaneCa. 1890-A carved baboon swinging from a tree with India inked eyes looking at a dragon fly, atop the cane is a carved bat, unusual carved bamboo shaft with nine high relief baby baboons and a metal ferrule. H. 1 x 7 , O.L.-42$1,200-$1,500

    17. Ivory Dragon CaneCa. 1880-A carved ivory dragon handle with inlaid eyes, ornate silver collar with two high relief dragons, ebony shaft with a high relief carving of various scenes and people, metal ferrule. H. 3 x 1 , O.L.-36$1,000-$1,500

    18. Whales Tooth Scrimshaw CaneCa. 1880-A whales tooth with a sperm whale in high relief and the all seeing eye symbol, vine carving near the end cap which is a piece of exotic wood with an inlaid ivory heart, ivory shaft with baleen spacers and wood ferrule. H. 4 x 3, O.L.- 33 $2,000-$3,000





  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 9

    19. Whales Tooth CaneCa. 1865-A nice original whales tooth with a pewter cartouche atop, natural grown grotesque vine shaft and a metal stopper. H. 5 x 1 , O.L.-36 $500-$700

    20. Ivory and Horn Sword CaneCa. 1870-A carved ivory head which is inlaid into a large piece of buffalo horn, silver metal collar, engraved 14 blade natural twigspur shaft and a brass ferrule. H. 2 x4 ,O.L.-36$1,500-$2,500

    21. La Terrible Defensive CaneCirca 1870- This rare French cane is in fine working condition and does not reach the cane market often, see page 302 of Catherine Dykes Cane Curiosa for details of this razor cane , these were outlawed soon after they reached the market due to the damage that they inflicted , metal shaft and a metal ferrule. Finest working example that we have ever offered. H. 1 x 2, O.L.-35$4,500-$6,000




  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 10

    22. Ivory Eagle Toledo Sword CaneCa. 1900-A carved eagle with inset eyes feasting upon a large snake, locking 23 signed Toledo blade, ornate sterling collar, thick ebony shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 1 x 4, O.L.-32 $1,500-$2,500

    23. Automated Monkey CaneCa. 1900-A painted French push-button automated monkey, pair of moving glass eyes, push-button upper and lower lip that move, a protruding tongue, fine working condition, dark bamboo shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 2 x 3, O.L. 33$2,000-$3,000

    24. Ivory Squirrel and Hands On CaneCa. 1875-A carved ivory hand with two squirrels done in the Victorian manner, full ivory cuff with buttons, sterling presentation collar, ebony shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 1 x 1 , O.L.-34 $1,500-$2,000

    25. Ivory Naughty Leg CaneCa. 1860-A nice presentation of this genre, full engraved stocking and garter, silver metal collar, malacca shaft and a metal ferrule. H. 3 x 1 , O.L.-32$500-$700





  • Kimball M. Sterling Catalog 11

    26. Owl Dr