Antihypertensive therapy cost effective in older age groups

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<ul><li><p>10 PHARMACOECONOMICS </p><p>Antihypertensive therapy cost e1Iective in older age groups </p><p>It is generally cost effective to treat hypertension in mcn and women aged&gt; 45 years who have a pretreat-ment diastol ic BP of ~ 90mm Hg, says Magnus Johannesson. However, it is not cost effective to treat younger palicms with mi ld hypertension (diastolic BP :-; l 04mm Hg), he adds. </p><p>Mr l ohannesson. from the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis of antihypertensive therapy in differcn! patient groups in that country. He used a computer si mu lation model thai was based on risk functions for coronary heart di sease and stroke from the Framingham heart study. Resu hs of the most recent meta-analysis of antihypertensive treatment were used to determine the risk reduction associated with therapy - the values were 16% and 38% for coronary heart disease and stroke, respectively. The annual cost of treating hypertension in Sweden is estimated at around SEK3OOO1patient. </p><p>Costllife-year gained of antihypertensi-ve therapy in Sweden .... Ag.(.,...) (mmHg) </p><p>." ...... ,,. ... w~ ... w~ ... w_ ....... .. , "'" .. '" " " ...... ". "'1M ,. '''' " , 1()()-.104 636 " .. , " , co. .,,"" " " ... , .. = :;::;, Coo, ~' y SEK 1housan!;Is; 1992 valoos pralreatment dla.s1Olic </p><p>Interest ingly. the cost/life-year gained of antihyper-tensive therapy decreased with increasing age and pretreatment diastolic BP fo r both men and women [see table!. The difference in cost effectiveness between the youngest group and the other 2 age groups is large. according 10 Mr Jo hannesson. He points oul that in most analyses. interventions with cost-effectiveness ratios &lt; SEK 100 OOOllife-year gained are considered high ly cost effective. JoIwu&gt;eo.on M. Tbc =! ~ffectiv ofhypmcn.ion UUtmen! in Sweden. I'bantU</p></li></ul>