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Teen Writing Workshop anthology put out by the Western New York Writing Project.


Brain,WePartly Cloudy: Swimming, Could Be (Instead, Here Are We)

Brain, Partly Cloudy:

Swimming, We Could Be (Instead, Here Are We)

Cover photo is of Gabriel Fontanez foot. Title page illustration (above) unclaimed.

Brain, Partly CloudyAnthology of Poetry and Prose Volume XVI Western New York Writing Project Writing Workshop for Teens July 23rd to August 3rd, 2007

WNYWP Director............................................................................Dr. Suzanne Borowicz Numero Uno & Numero 1a..............................................Jenn Meka Ratka Genevieve Webster Inspector General....................................................................Joel Malley Quality Control Supervisor...............................................Franklin Aquilina Gaffer................................................................................................Frank Flis Best Boy/Grip..............................................................................Matt Pavlovich


Published by The Western New York Writing Project at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. For more information about the WNY Writing Project, enrichment opportunities for students, and professional development for teachers, call (716) 888-3134 or go to www. Or, dude...check out our blog at Copyright 2007 by Western New York Writing Project. All rights reserved. Individual authors and artists retain all ownership rights to their respective works. We are fairly confident this anthology has been printed in the United States of America.Anthology Design and Layout - Joel Malley

Writing Workshop StiffsGevenvieve Webster teaches English and film at Hamburg High School. For fun, she enjoys teaching public speaking to college students and breaking her toes. Joel Malley is an English teacher at McKinley High School. He loves the phrase faux pas, is a celebrated carnivore, claims late president James K. Polk as a close spiritual advisor, and is willing to bet that somewhere out there is a mouse named Fievel who is longing for a place to truly call home.

Frank Flis teaches junior and senior English at Lackawanna High School. He enjoys woodworking, gardening, and reading. He has come to the realization that fewer events in his life relate to Seinfeld episodes than to Twilight Zone episodes.

Matt Pavlovich is a middle school reading teacher and a graduate of St. Bonaventure. Hobbies include reading, sports, and listening to Dave Matthews. He loves spending time with his new son John and watching The Muppets and Mickey Mouse with him.

Franklin Aquilina is an English and Theaterteacher at Clarence High School. When hes not reading or playing a mean saxophone, hes plotting the demise of prime-time television, virtual reality, and internet abbreviations. With his trusty red pen, he hopes to save the world from bad politics, miscommunication, and poorly written greeting cards.

Jenn Metka-Ratka is a teaching consultant with Ruby Payne. When not being the head toe of the WNYWP Writing Workshops, she stays busy foisting flash based internet games on an unsuspecting populace.



ell, as Freddie Mercury sang in his 1980 hit, another one bites the dust. This is itself is interesting, because if you play this record backward he sings tsud eht setib eno rehtona. Anyway, as I was saying before Frank interrupted me, another year is done. I cant believe how fast the two weeks ran by. Its like someone upped and bought Father Time some roller skates. This year we added new some new twists to the equation. You folks posted some writing on the new WNYWP Teen Writing Workshop blog and were nurturing and constructive in your advice. You also showed remarkable technological versatility in self recording your pieces for the audio anthology. Why dont you stop right now and give yourself a hearty slap on the back. Ok, easy...dont hurt yourself now. The poet Liz Mariani visited with us this year to share from her work. Hopefully youll saunter down to Allen Street Hardware some Sunday night for a little open microphone. Just dont call it a slam. We were also visited by Bridget and her enraged husband, and we were deft in our collective handling of the resulting hostage situation. That is, until we got blowed up [sic]. The fun didnt stop there. Two thirds of our group made the annual trip down to Forest Lawn looking for some creative whiffs from the stiffs. Alex completed his getting lost trifecta (three times in three years!). Rumor has it Frank Flis is still driving aimlessly through the neighborhood searching for him. Hope he filled his gas tank. Derek was again moved by the unmoving, later doubling us over with the Finale Lacrimosa of his Forest Lawn Sympho-

ny. I have reprinted the first two movements in this anthology so that you can witness the evolution of his madness. Speaking of Derek, this year we instituted Offbeat Hat Day to capitalize on Senior Schultz fondness for fedoras. There were many lovely hats. Franklin and Matt chose not to wear offbeat hats, and were punished severely for it. Of course, as always, wonderful writing emerged from our little community, much of which is captured in this anthology. Merediths historical fiction piece shared during the morning reading was insightful and moving. Alex was poignant as always. Qinas audio anthology piece on gender roles is both disturbing and funny, and who will ever be able to forget Matts deep voiced accents in his evolving tale of espionage and treachery. This felt like our best year thus far. The teen veterans set a wonderful example (thanks Alex, Gabriel, Kelsey, Meredith, Grace, Amelia, Jordan, Kassie and Anna. And we can never remember having such strong first timers. Youve made this year a success, and we thank you for it. Remember, we mentors are just pylons and mile markers on your highway of storytelling. (Yes, Im aware thats a horrible metaphor.) You pound the pavement. Lastly, remember, writers write. Dont become complacent. Whether you scribble down thoughts in a journal, publish a blog, or record your own stories, it is important that you continue to weave your tales. People need stories, and there has never been a time in history when they have been easier to share. Keep writing, and we hope to see you next year. - Joel Malley


Jackie Flis is a junior at West Seneca West. During the school year, she dances and is involved in many activities and clubs after school, such as student council, science club, and key club. During her free time Jacki obsesses about box cars and watches comedy movies.

FamilyFamily, there is so much to say about them. Family will never nelegect you, they will be ther for you through anything. Family can often be very crazy, idiotic, embarassing, rambuncous, and loving at the same time. Just remember, every family is extraordinary and will forgive you, no matter what obstacles you have to cross.

LoveWhat is the true meaning of love? Is it a game young people play? Or is it when two people have deep feeling for each other? There are many definitions of love, but which one can you really relate to? The definition I follow is thaty you care deeply about someone and devote yourself to them forever. Thats love.

1Victoria Hender is a student at Lakeshore Middle School. She enjoys playing soccer and softball. She has lots of friends, and loves watching TV and sleeping until noon.

Who are you.?You are nice to me Around your friends, you act like Im no one! I thought you were my true friend? But I guess I was wrong!

Mittens and RoneeOnce there was a black cat. She was about 8 years old. Her name was Mittens.She was a very nice cat. Mittens had silky black fur. The greenest eyes you have ever seen. A couple days ago, she was strolling streets. Mittens found a dragon named Ronee. He was very nice. The next day Ronee offered Mittens to fly with him. Mittens never flew before, so she said yes. The next day they were flying, it was July Fourth 1996. It was Mittens birthday. Ronne met her at the ocean. The ocean was sparkling in the blazing sun. They flew over the ocean,they saw many beautiful things. they saw high grass swaying in the wind. they saw a crystal clear pond. Mittens and Ronee enjoyed these sites. It was almost sunset. Mittens had to get home. They went flying at least three times a week. Mittens and Ronee always had fun together. Mittens loved Ronees red eyes. they reminded her her of red roses and tulips. He also had these bulging eyes. Mittens thought they were cute! Three years later Mittens fell sick. She couldnt talk or move. Ronee was terrified. He didnt want her to die. One day, weeks later, she felt better. She went to go see Ronee,and then she never came back! Mittens and Ronee went to explore the world. They had fun before, and they wanted for fun. They did have more fun they ever had in their life time! They lived together and they were happy together!

Who are we.?Who are we to judge other people? Who are we to that isnt right? Who are we to say to people you are a dork? Why do we say those hurtful things? Is it the way we were raised? Who are we?

Create...Create a world all your own Create a memorizing memory Create something you love


Emily Schutte is homeschooled, but if she was in school shed be starting at Amherst High School. She Irish dances twice a week and reads/writes religiously.

Fateful Acceptancethrough the mountains of snow and whipping them about like waves on an ocean. Snow rained heavily down from the sky, everything lost from view in a forever shifting sea of white. There was nothing in this subzero world but cutting winds and heavy snow. In the middle of all this was a man, hunched against the cold. He was fighting his way through the storm, mak