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An example of the type of PowerPoints students should be able to create after reading Ayn Rands "Anthem"


  • 1.
    • A Literary Analysis
    • Prepared by Jane Doe
    • For Ms. McQueen
    • English 1B
    • February 11, 2003

2. Table of Contents

  • The Author
  • The Plot
  • Important Passages
  • Where It All Takes Place
  • Conflicting Philosophies
  • Conclusion
  • Sources


  • Born as Alissa Rosenbaum in Russia in 1905
  • Began to invent stories at the age of 8 and first tried to write a novel when she was 10
  • Became extremely poor after her fathers chemist shop was nationalized during the Russian Revolution

The Author 4.

  • Graduated with the highest honors from the University of Petrograd at the age of 19 with a major in history and a minor in philosophy
  • Left the USSR at the age of 21, and after a brief stay with some Chicago relatives, settled in Hollywood

The Author 5. The Author

  • Worked as an extra and met her husband, actor Frank OConnor, on a set
  • Wrote in her spare time, but eventually became very successful, and several of her novels were turned into films

6. The Plot

  • In a very controlled, techno-phobic society in the future of a post nuclear war Earth, one man dares to think of himself and his desires.
  • This is strictly forbidden.People live in communal housing with a hundred bleak cots to each room.When they are 15, they are told what their jobs will be, with whom and when they will mate in the Palace of Mating, and what they may do with any spare time.


  • What they may do includes propaganda plays and meetings and does not include friendships or undirected walks on the city streets because each of these indicates an inner self with personal desires.
  • Any inner desires or uniqueness in thought or appearance is seriously frowned upon.In fact, the one crime punishable by death is utterance of the word I.


  • But the storys hero, Equality 7-2521, can not help himself.He is taller and smarter than his peers and because of this is forced to be a lowly street sweeper instead of the scholar he dreams of being.
  • Then by chance he discovers an abandoned subway tunnel from the Unmentionable Times and is able to sneak away and put in a couple of hours of study and experimentation every evening.


  • At around the same time Equality 7-2521 also discovers Liberty 5-3000, who hefalls in love with and calls the Golden One.
  • To complicate matters further, Equality 7-2521s experimentation leads to re-discovering electricity and creating a crude light bulb.
  • Thinking that the good that will come from his invention will lead the World Council of Scholars to overlook all the laws he has broken, Equality 7-2521 takes his light bulb to them.


  • However, the Council wants to destroy the invention and put Equality 7-2521 to death.
  • So Equality 7-2521 flees into the Uncharted Forest and finds freedom and happiness instead of the ferocious beasts and other horrors he had been led to believe lurked there.


  • Eventually, the Golden One follows him, and together they come across a wonderful house from the Unmentionable Times where they can live and learn and provide a safe haven for their kids and like-minded humans who want to rebuild the past instead of stifling in the future.

12. Important Passages

  • One of the most important issues in this novel is whether we (society) is more important than I (the individual).This issue is, however, not debatable toAnthem s all powerful government.If you are not needed by your brother men, there is no reason to burden the earth with your bodies.(22)


  • Nevertheless, even within the most repressive of regimes, there are human spirits that will strike out and try to be free.Equality 7-2521possesses this kind of spirit and fights to repress it, but cant.Questions give us no rest.We know not why our curse makes us seek we know not what, ever and ever.But we can not resist it. (24)


  • Finally, Equality 7-2521 gives up struggling against himself and makes a remarkable invention and feels pride and happiness for the first time in his life.He then decides he must create a haven for other men because he realizes, The word We must never be spoken, save by ones choice . . . This word must never be placed first . . .,else it becomes a monster, the root of all the evils on earth. (96)

15. Where It All Takes Place 16. Conflicting Philosophies Altruism Collectivism Egoism Individualism Must always serve group Group-oriented Must always serveself Self-oriented 17. Conclusion

  • Anthemcelebrates our having individual desires and goals and makes us realize their importance by dramatically showing us the horrors of a world where they are forbidden.Whether, in the end, we value individualism as highly as Ayn Rand does or not, this is an important novel to read and discuss.

18. Sources

  • Rand, Ayn.Anthem .New York:Penguin Putnam, Inc., 1995.