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  • 1. Masthead Dateline Headline in Caps Front cover splash Strap line Advertisement Caption Supports story Website

2. Cross-reference Strap line in bold Masthead printed in the corner Headline 3. Variety use of images Masthead Dateline Price Advertisement Headline By-line Cross-reference Most of this front cover is taken up by images 4. Context Headline Advertisement By-line Seasonal Image Support story 5. Analysis of newspaper and website The newspaper is branded as the Islington Gazette therefore it is aimed at the local people of Islington. The Masthead is in a bright colourful colour which will attract consumers attention. My first expressions of the newspaper is that it looks as if it is not a serious newspapers, there are a variety of colours used which does not give off the impression of an important paper. Seeing red over strip club plan this sentence has been selected as the main story, this would apply to mainly men who are interested in strip clubs this does not give off the impression of a paper worth reading. However underneath the image is a small heading A freeze on council tax this however sounds more important and relevant than strip clubs but is selected to be present as a small heading. 6.

  • Most of the newspaper is taken up by images and advertisement. There is a picture with a lady sitting on Santa this could be used to give off the impression it is December and to keep up the Christmas spirit.With an image of the local hospital Save the hospital this will interest the local as it is important to the community.
  • The newspaper seems more like a local news feed, there are a few strap lines in red which coordinates with the image of the Santa. The use of language is simple and not complicated which shows it doesnt target a particular audience.
  • The newspaper includes other freebies, a plug box advertising a 12-day TV guide and north London property guide. This will help the newspaper sell as it includes other guides. It will also be useful as for those who watch a lot of TV and the property guide is targeted at the local people.

7. The Masthead stays exactly the same on the newspaper and website. This is not to confuse readers On the website viewers have navigation links they could click on which will provide more information and updates regularly. They also can view the newspaper on the website whenever they want. The website have more features than the newspaper like more pictures, videos clips and adverts. On the websites the content is put in to categories which is much easier and less time consuming. However the information displayed in a newspaper is the same on the website.