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Annotation Guide. September 9, 2014. What You Need: An iPad or iPhone Advantages : You can download directly from Moodle You can draw directly on slides, highlight, type You can organize by class Disadvantages: $2.99 at the app store Only works with PDFs Accessories: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Annotation Guide

Annotation GuideSeptember 9, 2014What You Need:An iPad or iPhoneAdvantages:You can download directly from MoodleYou can draw directly on slides, highlight, typeYou can organize by classDisadvantages:$2.99 at the app storeOnly works with PDFsAccessories:Keyboard and stylus if wanted

What You Need:iPad or iPhoneAdvantages:Automatically converts other files into PDFsCan organize files by classGreat for if you are in lecture or like to watch podcastsCan review anywhere!LightRight-handed and lefthanded option (can tell where your palm is)Disadvantages:Free until you have to pay $5.99 at the app storeNo multifunctionalityCannot sync to other devices, but can visit the CloudAccessories:Logitech FolioJotpro Stylus

Sheilassherzoy@gmail.comPapyrusWhat You Need:Tablets with active digitizers (Recommended: Samsung Galaxy Note)Pen has a magnet inside it. Detects pen tip while pen hovers. One side is an eraser. Pressure sensitive (harder pressure = bolding). Finger highlights.Advantages:Recognizes handwriting pretty wellInfiniteFind function!Learning curve not steepDisadvantages:Stylus that came with it was a little small for his hand$5.00 for converting to PDF capabilityAccessories:

Emaadiqbalej@njms.rutgers.eduWhat You Need:iPadAdvantages:Customizable. You can choose your own pen and highlighter colorsConverts automatically to PDFYou can have multiple lectures open at onceCan link to Google Drive and DropboxCan sync to iPhone and laptopDigital textbooksHas a keyboard that comes up.Disadvantages:Not as fluid when switching between tools as Samsung Galaxy Note$9.99Accessories:Good stylus a plus

Galaxy TabletAdvantages:Comes in a variety of sizes (Mina likes 12.2, 10 also good)Smart pad knows where your pen is before you touch the tabletCan take screenshot by touching the penPlays multiple apps at once, switches smoothly between appsExpandable memoryComes with penDisadvantages:$650 for the tablet (but still cheaper than the iPad!)Apps to Use with Galaxy Tablet:PDF MaxAnki Droid (Good for flashcards)

Mina Shenouda

PreviewWhat You Need:A Mac computer (Adobe for PCs is comparable but freezes)Advantages:You dont need to download anything. It comes standard on Mac computers.Interface pretty intuitive.Highlighting, typing, arrows, underlining all neatly on your lecture slides.Disadvantages:You cannot write on it with a stylus.Hard to look at lecture slides and PDF if you have a smaller computer

Natalie SmithWhat You Need:You can use it on your laptop, tablet, or smartphoneAdvantages:Free!You can write and draw on your notesNotes taken on your laptop can be found on other devices and vice versaOCR can recognize what you have hand-writtenGood for collecting and organizingDisadvantages:Only for MacHarder to switch between tools than with PreviewAccessories:A stylus, if you like handwriting notes

Natalie SmithRecommended AccessoriesiPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Note can fit in your white coat pocket one day!StyliJotpro by Adonit ($35 stylus that is super precise!)The Friendly Swede ($10-17 for a four pack, mesh-tip, super cute designs!)Cross stylus, red and black ink, pencilTablet AccessoriesLogitech Keyboard Folio Case for iPadCleaning cloth, could use sunglasses cloth

Thank you!Please email if you have any questions or suggestions for future sessions! Happy scribing!

Link to it@njms mobile apps page:

I wish there was an app for this.