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    Annotated Bibliography Huff, Ethan A. "GMO Labeling Proposal Headed to Ballot in Washington State."NaturalNews. N.p. 10 Jan.2013. Web. 06 Feb. 2013. This source talks about the ballot that was proposed in Washington D.C about the law trying to be passedon GMO labeling. The author from the website is a staff writer that listed really good key information about GM foods and GMOlabeling and why they are important. Natural News gives the reader an inside scoop on what is happening in the world of GM foodsand GMO. Moreover, natural news gave me a handful of options and ideas to look for on the website.You can also check this websiteout at the URL above. Gillam, Carey, and Lisa Baertlein. "GMO Labeling Efforts Change Course after California Defeat." Reuters.Thomson Reuters, 07 Nov. 2012. Web. 10 Feb. 2013. This resource is another website for the topic on GMO labeling and why ourcountry should use them. It also talks about how the efforts have changed about GMO labelings. The author Carey Gillam explains howand why in the article posted on the website. Lisa Baertlein also collaborated with Carey to come up with great information about thetopic on GMO. The website's name is In other words this site is a very well put site with info about GMO and articleson GMO. EICHENWALD, KURT. "Biotechnology Food: From the Lab to a This source explains how GM food goes from a lab todebacle which in other words is biotechnology foods. The author of the website is Kurt Eichenwald, he is a staff writer for the new yorktimes and he did a great job of sharing and explaining the truth of GMO. unfortunately I did not know who the publisher was for thissource. But this source did give me wonderful information on a new type of food or era (biotech) that I never knew about. Zilberman,David. "Why Labeling of GMOs Is Actually Bad for People and the Environment." The Berkeley Blog RSS. N.p. 6 June 2012. Web. 19Feb. 2013. This source about why GMO is actually bad for people and the environment, gives me information from David Zilbermanthe author of this article about GMO and GM foods. He explains his view on what he thinks about GMO and what he thinks peopleshould do. I found this site on a college site, and it was actually a blog from this writer. This website also talked about the GMO

  • labeling as well. But all in all, This info is great for people researching this topic. "HowStuffWorks Videos "Genetically Modified FoodVideos"" HowStuffWorks. Ed. James Clive. I belive this video about GMO and GM foods is really well but together by James Clive.The video shows how in other countries that are very industrial get there food a different and more healthy and natural way. I also likedthe fact that the video was a little documentary. The website is a documentary on GMO and what other countries call GMO. To sum up,this video help me realize how GMO are made and produced around the world. CASTILLO, MICHELLE. "Study Says GeneticallyModified Corn Causes Tumors, but Other Scientists Skeptical about Research." CBSNews. CBS Interactive, 21 Sep. 2012. Web. 27Feb. 2013. I think this source about studies showing that GM corn causes tumors in rats, gives me an idea of what they could possiblydo to humans. Michelle Castillo explains in her article that she had reported on about the study shown on rats. The study specificallyshows that, mice who ate genetically modified corn sprayed with weed killer were more likely to develop tumors, organ damage anddie early is becoming a polarizing debate among researchers. The article also talks about how this experiment has led to otherresearch that can be confirmed about GMO. To conclude this sentence, I believe this source gave me information on how researchshows that there are effects on animals that are fed GM corn. Willingham, Emily. "What You Need To Know About GM Foods Is HalfThe Story."Forbes. This source gave me more information about the other side of the Story about GMO. Emily Willingham gives someinformation about GMO in her written article, and tells her story and the research shes found about GM foods and organisms. Thewebsite and article are well put together for someone to just browse and read. The website also has other links to other differentarticles about my topic. All in all this source tells you the real story behind GMO and big GM food companies that produce theproducts. Annotated Bibliography Decher, David. Organic Study Misses Point. Mercury News. 9 Sep.2012. Web. 11 Feb. 2013. This article was based on informing people that the recent studies and facts about organic foods wererecently proven wrong. They found out that 37% of Conventional Produce contained mostly unsafe levels of pesticides. I believe its apretty reliable source since it was published in the Mercury News Newspaper. Its possible that there could be some biased opinionsagainst organics however it is mainly just informative. This helped me a little bit but mainly it made me sit and think about organic andregular food. If youre looking for genetically modified food facts, then this has very little as it mainly covers organics. Dr. Mercola.Genetically Modified Organism: Myths and Truths. Youtube. 20 Sep. 2012. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. This videocovered so much information. It was definitely biased towards Genetically Modified Foods but they had so many great facts to backtheir reasons to dislike them. It was also very informative about GMs saying things like, Almost 90% of crops grown in the U.S arenow Genetically Modified. Also saying, Over 50 countries have passed laws that makes GM foods be labeled (Prop 37) however it isonly The U.S and Canada that havent passed these laws yet. I found this video extremely helpful and would definitely reccomend it toanybody curious about Genetically Modified foods. Dr. Suhalia. How Are Genetically Modified Foods Affecting Your Health? Published n/a. Web. 13 Feb. 2013. This resource explained how GM foods can affect your health and talked about atest they ran regarding GM foods. Dr. Suhalia injected GM ingredients and pesticides into a potato that they tested on a lab rat and ina weeks time the rat had developed tumors. The website it was on was a real website with doctors and I dont think it was biased butrather informative. It helped with my research since it informed me with new insights and made me more aware of GM foods. Huffman,Wallace E. Consumers Acceptance (and Resistance) to Genetically Modified Foods. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.10 Nov. 2011. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. I really liked this article. It was a definite non biased source that was published in a newspaperarticle in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. It was basically saying that there is as many supporters to GM foods asthere are antagonists to them. Hailed by some, scorned by others, as it explained. It was pretty helpful as it took a non biasedopinion to let the reader decide on their own opinion to support it or be against it. The article listed positives and negatives to GMfoods and talked about Gene Insertion which is basically how GM foods are started. I would reccomend people to this article so thatway they can get a non biased source with pros and cons with some occasional facts. Palmer, Chana. Understanding Genetics:Human Health and Genome. 28 April. 2004. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. Well this article came from the Tech Museumwhich is a great learning center that covers so many topics. However this article by Chana Palmer was a bit strange to read. Itbasically said that theres some foods companies that are flat out lying when it comes to saying that their products are, GeneticallyModified free. Now im not saying that she is a liar just that it was a little strange hearing all these things about GM foods. On thecontrary it was a very interesting article to read so I would reccomend it as it did have some facts to support her reasons for beingagainst GM foods. Unknown Scientist. The Difference Between Normal and Genetically Modified Foods. Youtube.19 Oct. 2007. Web. 2 Mar. 2013. I found this video on Youtube and I found it pretty interesting. They had some facts that I had neverheard before explaining things like how we used to get our potatoes from Peru and have them transported to us. However, now dayswe make our own potatoes that are mostly all Genetically Modified so thats why we have different kinds of potatoes and the Scientistinforms that each potato DNA is different from one another. U.S Department of Energy. Genetically Modified Foods and 17 May. 2012. Web. 25 Feb. 2013. This article explained the Benefits and Controversies to eating GM foods. It also statedfacts regarding the U.S and its obsession to grow GM foods. I believe this source is very credible. It came from a legit website calledthe Human Genome Project, and they get their info from the U.S Department of Energy. This article was very helpful and had greatinformation that helped me with my project. WebMD Feature. Are Biotech Foods Safe to Eat? Monsanto CO. report.2003. Web. 28 Feb. 2013. This was definetly one of the best articles I read. There was so much great information on this source. Theywere saying that 60-70% of processed food on U.S grocery store shelves have been Genetically Modified. These people were biasedagainst GM foods but they did interview a representative from Monsanto Co. The crew from WebMD hammered the Monsantorepresentative with great questions and some regarding the Labeling incident. I would highly reccomend this article because of themany q & as with legit answers regarding the topic of eating GM foods. WebMD is a site that offers resources to aide you with yourquestions but this was a featured