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1. Make this thehomepage, allowregistrationNot a member? Register canbe below the login, includeForgot PasswordtooLOWERPRIORITY for prototype 2. Home pageSalient display elements:(show Not registered yet? Register Now)3.This app is a school gap minder to equip, encourage, enavle, and empower every stakeholderfor universalization of holistic child welfare4.WHO benefits (stakeholders/users): Govt Central, State, Local Civil Society Orgs NGOs, Trusts, Pvt foundations, Charitable Religious entities like Ashrams/Churches, Societies,etc. Industry Pvt schools, corporate CSRs, PPP, etc International agencies Multi/Bi-lateral donors, aid agencies General any citizen with PSR interest, parents, teachers, students, etc6.WHAT benefitsAccurate and real-time info for focused efforts and evaluation at school, hospital, villages, city, state and national levels.Status on success indicators, like drop-out rate, rote vs quality learning, etcMonitoring, tracking, evaluation and correction mechanismsReal facts-based school view universal eye on five focused areas: Infrastructure, Academics, Health and Nutrition, Admin and Finance, Community participation12. HOW benefits: Stake holders can take right action at the right time and place Integration and convergence of all child welfare schemes/initiatives and stakholders for collaborative and acceptablesolutions. Enhance awareness on availability and utilization of various schemes/CSO support to bring out effective use ofbudgeted schemes. Take up issues/gaps promptly and head-on, on a case-case basis, at ALL levels. Use knowledge hub for enhancing education and delivery quality. GOAL to bridge the divides: rural/urban, rich/poor, differently-abled/normal, fast/slow learner, etc 3. Registration pageAsk for following details:2.Name3.Address4.Identity Proof5.Occupation/Role6.Purpose7.Contact Info email ID and phone# mandatory 4. Annotate and add comments ordata for me to replace in the wireframe Annotate and add comments ordata for me to replace in the wireframeAnnotate and add comments or data for me to replace in the wire frameNot a member? Register canbe below the login, includeForgot Passwordtoo Annotate and add comments ordata for me to replace in the wireframeAnnotate and add comments or data for me to replace in the wire frameAnnotate and add comments or data for me to replace in the wire frame Annotate and add comments or Annotate and add comments ordata for me to replace in the wire data for me to replace in the wireframeframe 5. Much of school profile wto the elements at theupdated:For school dash, static elements2.Key area occupationswill be:3.Primary parents prof2.# children, by divide 4.Management type a3.# children, by class and gender 5.Location profile add4.Person-power teaching,urban/rural/tribal.etcadmin staff, etc6.Lowest/highest class5.Teachers with prof7.General teacher profiqualification permanent/temp, prof6.Govt Schemes totalgraduates, etcbudget/utlized8.Teacher contact deta7.CSO budget available9.Photos of school8.School category For geo-based dashprimary/hgiher sec/ALLperf indicators can9.School type co-ed,2.% schools with sinboys/girs.etc 3.% schools single-t4.% schools pre-priFor school level, let us5.% schools girls toiuse one dash view with6.% schools with rathe following with7.% schools with kitclikc-to-drilldown: 8.% schools stu:teacInfrastructure9.% schools stu:clasAcademics 10.Teachers/schoolAdmin/Finance 11.% schools with nHealth Nutrition12.% female teacheCommunity 13.%enrolled in govParticipation 14.% girls enrolled(Dropout rate trendover 3yrs)In all four, just show Resource Hubgraphically - Surplus/Deficit/ 2.SchemesMeets (% of required)3.CSOs 4.Govt contacts 5.Scholarships Pending tasks are two-6.CompetitiveUpdate fold: Events2.Academics 2.Update on each focus7.FAQs3.Infrastructure area 4.Health and 3.Report ProjectKnowledge HubNutrition Progress10.Best Practices5.Admin and Finance 11.Standards 12.Academics HelGenerate 13.Papers-School ReportSearch types are:14.FAQs(profile, with #s2.Schemesacross all sreas)3.CSOs- Project Report4.Knowledge Hub(specific projects)5.III4EEE How-to Help 6. Let us use a popularemail service providerinterface shows allalerts, communicationwith HMs, system-generated tasks (withdue dates), ecThese two are notrequired 7. Gaps in resources:2.Funds,- avl andcommitted, Person-power, managementskills, others??3.Same for all fouraresaGaps in resources:2.Gaps to be shown inkind/numbers, notcurrency3.Approx cost shows inINR (based on IndaiSchool Stds4.System will generateredressal mechanismapplicability based ongaps (training, govtschemes, CSOs toapproach, etc)