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Using Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools in the Classroom. Annemarie Garvey. What is Web 2.0?. Michael Wesch Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology Kansas State University. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Annemarie Garvey

  • Michael Wesch Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology Kansas State University

  • There is a persistent gap between how today's digital natives learn in schools and how they work and interact outside of school--a trend that underscores the need for districts to keep pace with technological advances and adapt to students' learning needs. - Lightspeed Systems


  • INTERNET MAKEOVERPrimarily to retrieve information

    Information flowed in a ONE WAY direction

    Websites built by techies using HTML or FTP language1990

  • People with NO programming skills adding content to the webPublishing journals, photographs, videos, wikis, podcasts, slideshows, auctions

    Web became a TWO-WAY streetEveryday people creating the content


  • AKA READ/WRITE WEBBreeding ground for creative and engaging educational endeavorsTeachers launch classrooms into the 21st CenturyStudents......Creating online contentCollaborating w/other students and showcasing their work to a global audience


  • WEB 2.0 TOOLSThe good thing about Web 2.0 tools is that they are easy to use.

    They are FREEmost of them.

    They foster communication and literacy skills that are required in the 21st Century

  • Tim O'Reilly and John BattelleThought by many to be the best computer book publisher in the world.

  • WEB 2.0 is all about harnassing collective intelligence.

  • WEB 1.0 - WEB 2.0Britannica OnlinePersonal WebsitesPublishing



  • From a national survey by Interactive Educational Systems Design Inc. (IESD), February and March 2009Online communication tools for parents and students (outside of school hours - not email) Digital multimedia resources Teacher-generated online content Student-generated online content Online social networking Online learning games and simulations Student use of virtual learning environments

  • Online Communication Tools

  • Online Communication Tools Online gradebook -password protectedNing

  • Multimedia Resources

  • Multimedia Resources

  • Podcasting To listen to podcasts, you need:A listening device MP3 player, palm, ipod, computer, cell phoneSoftware for playing podcastA podcastPodcatching software (optional) RSSTo create a podcasts, you need:A microphoneRecording and editing software Audacity, Garage BandA way to publish your podcast

  • Teacher-Generated Online Content

  • VideosTeacherTube YouTube Teachers DomainTeacher-Generated Online Content

  • Student-Generated Online ContentPost Online Poster - GLOG

  • Online Social Networking

  • Classroom to classroom ePals Online Social Networking

  • Semantic Web - tailor online searching and requests specifically to users preferences and needs Clusty

    3D Web - imagine a Web connected to everything not only your cellphone but your car, microwave and clothes / personalized avatarsWhere Web 2.0 was about information overload, Web 3.0 will be about control of information!

  • Source: Radar Networks and Nova Spivack, 2007

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