Angular JS 2.0 to Revolutionize UI/UX Development

Download Angular JS 2.0 to Revolutionize UI/UX Development

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Angular JS 2.0 to Revolutionize UI/UX Development Angular JS 2.0 Revolutionizes UI/UX DevelopmentA Contemporary frameworkOpen Source Web Application FrameworkRenowned, Established & Stable Frontend With Node.Js RuntimeMongodb DatabaseNiche TechniquesThe Beginnings of Angular JSOriginally Visualized In 2009AngularJs 2.0 Announced At The Ng-europe Conference 22 -23 September 2014Fast, Better Suited For Mobile Web Performance Flexible With Multi Language SupportSingle Framework For Desktop & MobileDesktopMobileDesign and Development for BetterUI/UX DevelopmentOffers A Rich Component SetOverlaysSidebarsSwitchesScrollable AreasNavigational Bars Contemporary And Relevant Mobile Experiences UXUIBetterConvenient & EasyEasy To Learn, Compile And Integrates Easily Compatible Syntax For Porting Desktop Applications To Mobile DevicesFully Responsive Touch Enabled Interfaces Across DevicesSimplistic Application Development With HTML Vocabulary ExtensionContemporary Development MethodsBenefits in developmentTwo Way Data Binding Text Property To Bind To UI Enables Developers To Express UI DeclarativelyMassive Parallel Development Possible New HTML Elements And Attributes With Directive Scenario Easy Management For Developers Supports Single Page ApplicationsBenefitsDoing More with Angular JSAvailable For Typescript, JavaScript ,DartExtensible Framework That Can Merge With Other Libraries Flexible And Supports Various LanguagesSupports Both Object-style Data Structure And Functional Reactive Style Some More.Smooth Data Binding Easy Document Object Manipulation (DOM)Available ControllersEasy To Maintain, Reuse And TestSufficient Online Help, Support And Samples AvailableSimpleEasyVisit Request a FREE POC to Test Drive our Services