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not only people get angry and need calming down, but the legs do as well if they have been run too far, walked too far or been stood on too long, or even not moved at all. The muscles get sore because the tissues are inflamed and they ache, just like angry people, before you can do anything with them, the legs need calming down as well Light Manual Muscle Relaxation is a simple calming anger management plan for the legs


  • 1. Angry Muscles-aching legs relief using Light Manual Muscle RelaxationWhat are Angry Muscles?Angry muscles are quite simply leg muscles that have been pushed too far, toofast, and too often-and not been allowed to calm down and recover themselvesSome of the symptoms of them include, fatigue, soreness, throbbing, not being able to keep the legsstill, a feeling of restlessness, swollen ankles, cramping, irritability, stiffnessBear in mind that many of the above have a medical component to them so you should be gettingthem checked out and treated by a medical professionalOnce this has been done, it is time to consider other options such as podiatrists, physiotherapists,chiropractors to see if there is a physical contribution to them that can be sorted out-it is no usetreating the symptoms unless the cause has been addressedAssuming all has been cleared, then a look at whether a leg servicing system done on a regular basismay benefit them-an anger management course for the legs may be an optionDo your legs need an anger management course?Why do your legs get aching legs and the muscles get angry?Overuse and abuse of musclesThese people have been running for 3 days-their muscles have been overused and are extremelysore to touch-the fibers have micro-tears in them which are being healed by the body-one of thefirst stages in their repair is inflammation which produces heatIf an attempt is made to use conventional methods of recovery at this stage, such as working on themuscles, it can break into the healing process and increase the time it takes to recover-rubbing theskin stimulates the pain receptors in the skin and muscle structures which are alreadyoverstimulated and angryLegs are like people when they are angry, you cant reason with them or do anything much exceptjust ride out the storm and wait for them to calm down on their own-if they are being abused on aconstant basis, they will never calm down-they will be chronically angry like the legs aboveOr you can make an attempt to calm them down-usually you can do this by addressing the problemthat caused the anger in the first place-this is what I did to the legs of the runner on page 2He was in a similar position after running too far too fast and too long and angered his muscles1Copyright Michael Gillan Long Distance Recovery Specialist

2. Angry Muscles-aching legs relief using Light Manual Muscle RelaxationHis legs were so angry half an hour before this picture was taken-his muscles hadgone on strike and stopped working completelyWhat happened-why the difference?I put his legs through an anger management course and showed them how to calmdown-then I serviced them to get them moving again Aching legs are usually part of the anger provocation cycleIf you spend much of your working life, hobbies, sports or other activities on your legs, using them,or just sitting down inactive, the ability to pump used blood and fluid from the lower legs back upto the body for refreshment and recycling is affectedThe calf muscles are the motors and power supply for a pump that moves used fluid up the legsback to the body if they are not being worked efficiently the flow of used blood and fluid from thelower legs is reduced, and when the legs are used too much, reduced flow of fresh blood to themuscle tissues reduces the ability to recover quicklySwollen anklescan be theresult ofinefficient useof calf muscles If muscles are not constantly supplied with fresh oxygen filled blood, theyfatigue within a short time2Copyright Michael Gillan Long Distance Recovery Specialist 3. Angry Muscles-aching legs relief using Light Manual Muscle RelaxationLower Leg CirculationTo keep the circulation in the lower legs going, a similar volume should bepumped out of the legs as flows into themOld blood and fluid is taken out of the lower legs through the veins back to the body, fresh blood issupplied to the muscles through the arteriesFluid always finds its own level because of gravityAll fluids (when in a confined space) exert a pressure on the walls of the vessels it is confined in-because it is in a column, the pressure is greater at the bottom than at the top-the surface has verylittle pressure on itGravity and the weight of fluid in the bodyPressure varies with the height of the liquid column-in the veins of a person standing up-at the head,the pressure is almost non-existent, but at the feet the lowest part of the body the pressure is higher.The term hydrostatic pressure refers to the force that a liquid exerts against the walls of its container(Hydro-water Static-standing still) and is measured in mm hg. Head -10 mm hgFeet +90 MM hgThe only thing preventing all the fluid running out of the feet is the ends of the toes!3Copyright Michael Gillan Long Distance Recovery Specialist 4. Angry Muscles-aching legs relief using Light Manual Muscle RelaxationFresh legs-healthy calf circulationTo keep the lower leg circulation working and the calf muscles fresh, the muscles rely on having aconstant supply of fresh blood to the tissues-blood is sent to the lower legs under pressure throughthe arteries and ever decreasing in size vessels called arterioles and even smaller capillaries-as thevessel size reduces the pressure taking it there also decreasesOn return to Bloodbody blood ispumped fromrenourishedheart throughand recycled arteries under pressureUsed blood is Reaches feetmoved up thePressure runslegs through outthe veinsCalf musclesact as pumpmotorsBy the time the blood reaches the feet, all the pressure has been used, and there is none left to returnthe blood back up the legs to the body against gravity againThe Calf Muscle PumpTo keep the circulation in balance in the legs, the same volume of blood should come out ofthe legs as goes into themThe calf muscle pump is made up of all the muscles in the legs, but the motors that provide thepower for the pump are the calf muscles-these are made up of 2 basic movers-they are Soleus whichis primarily used for standing upright, and Gastrocnemius used for running and jumpingSoleusGastrocnemiusAs the muscles move, they increase and decrease pressure on the vessel walls (the veins) whichhave one-way valves in them, open to let the blood pass through them, and close to prevent theblood flowing back towards the feet4Copyright Michael Gillan Long Distance Recovery Specialist 5. Angry Muscles-aching legs relief using Light Manual Muscle RelaxationThey need all the muscles working properly to be efficientBy not moving the legs, and staying static the pump does not work as well as it should-this disruptsthe cycle and allows used blood to remain in the lower legs-as it its not being removed, water(lymph fluid) separates from it and fills the tissue spaces, as it is not being pumped away quicklyenough, the ankles swellProblems caused by calf muscle pump inefficiency include Poor circulation Lymph system inactivity Venous return reducedTo keep the circulation in balance in the legs and reduce muscle fatigue, the same volume of bloodshould come out of the legs as goes into themCalfMuscleFatigue Fresh Tight blood calf reduced musclesPoorbloodreturnCalf muscle fatigue, tight muscles, and poor lower leg circulation can chase each other around in acycle that is difficult to break out from-each is a self destructive part that props up the other parts ofthe cycle and it will take a circuit breaker to disrupt the cycle of fatigueMost people just need something simple and effective to maintain the health of their legs as theremay not be much wrong with them except that they spend too much time on them, so they do notneed to use a sledgehammer to break an eggshell when a teaspoon will do the same jobMany people seem to find may be passive methods such as lying down with the legs elevated to letgravity drain the fluid out of the legs back to the body so that fresh blood can flow into the muscletissues to help them recoverMost people with aching legs and angry muscles do not have the time for a passiveapproach to their aching legs5Copyright Michael Gillan Long Distance Recovery Specialist 6. Angry Muscles-aching legs relief using Light Manual Muscle RelaxationAnger management and servicing fatigued leg muscles-passive and activeThe most advised way of helping the legs recover is to lie with the legs elevated higher than thebody to let the used blood and fluid in the ankles flow back; it took the legs hours to get like this-how long is it going to take for gravity to drain it all back?Elevation is too passive and obviously not too efficient and does nothing to calm the muscles asthere are so many lost days off work still through industrially caused diseases This is time consuming as well as being difficult to do if you have a busy lifestyleActive Servicing means taking a pro-active role in helping the calf muscles towork the pump at moving the fluid up the legsThe faster the legs receive help during or after a long day, the faster they recover but it is importantthey get it as soon as possible before soreness and stiffness limits what can be done with themThis is applied throughThe latest in non-technical, non-invasive cutting edge solutions to fatiguedaching legs relief-Light Manual Muscle RelaxationThe advantages of using this system Do It Yourself recovery No disrobing Works with the muscles not on them No oil used Non invasive User friendlyLight Manual Muscle Relaxation-A tested Trusted Alternative-for aching legs relief, anything else is a luxury or not necessary6Copyright Michael Gillan Long Distance Recovery Specialist 7. Angry Muscles-aching legs relief using Light Manual Mu


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