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The 2014 Show Issue


  • INSIDE thE 2014 Show ISSuEMobile Devices and In-Store Sales, Non-Fly Impulse Buy

    Options, Figuring Out Carp, Teaching Through Tenkara,

    Steelhead Waters in Danger, Whats Next? and Much More.

    the buzz on the fly-fishing biz

    June 2014

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  • | June 2014

    Departments6 Editor s Column Work Together

    We can accomplish many goals in fly fishing if we give up guarding our own territories, and decide to work together. By Kirk Deeter

    8 CurrEnts The latest people, new product, and environmental news from the fly-fishing industry, including previews of the International Fly Tackle Dealer show, and the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

    10 i Ftd show sChEdulE

    46 opinion: stEElhEad thrEatEnEd

    Big industry has figured out another way to threaten one of the best wild fisheries on the planet. Looks

    like were in for another Pebble-like battle. By Roy Tanami

    54 Book rEv iEws Simple Fly Fishing, By Yvon Chouinard, Craig Matthews, et. Al.

    62 B aCkC ast By Geoff Mueller

    Editor Kirk

    Managing Editor Tim

    Art DirectorTara

    Editor-at-LargeGeoff Mueller

    Copy EditorsMabon Childs, Sarah Deeter

    Contributing EditorsTom BieBen RomansSteven B. Schweitzer Photos unless noted by Tim Romano

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    Features30 do moBilE dEv iCEs hurt in-storE salEs ?

    Theres no doubt that people are purchasing more through handheld electronic devices. But does that keep them from walking into fly shops? What you need to know to keep the foot traffic. By Steve Schweitzer

    38 thE non-Fly impulsE Buy

    Three things you can put near the cash register that have nothing to do with fly fishing, but can generate income for your shop. By Kirk Deeter

    56 whats nExt?A look at some revamped products, and revamped companies, that will be making waves in the fly-fishing market. By Geoff Mueller

    60 sk ills : what do C arp Eat?

    We asked the countrys leading carp guru to explain this, so you can better answer that question when customers ask you. By Dan Frasier

    C o n t E n t sthe buzz on the flyfishing biz


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    a) white silver

    guide wders


    In the search for a fresh run, Orviss Jim Lampros puts his Silver Sonic waders to the test on Montana granite.

    Tougher than your last three pairs of waders, combined.

  • a) grey silver

    a) white silver

    guide wders


    In the search for a fresh run, Orviss Jim Lampros puts his Silver Sonic waders to the test on Montana granite.

    Tougher than your last three pairs of waders, combined.


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    E d i to r s C o l u m n

    In all my years of fishing, the number one lesson I have learned is this: You can sometimes impose your will on the fish, but more often than not, you are far better off to be observant, and give the fish what they want.

    In other words, the fish almost always dictate the terms. You can have a great plan and bring your A game, but if you cannot adjust and adapt, youre mediocre at best, even if sometimes you get lucky. It doesnt matter if were talking about chasing bluefins in Tuna Alley, or rainbow trout in the Texas Hole. Its all the same. Fishing is about problem solving. And angling skill is really the art of adaptation.

    So why are so many of us in this business so set in our ways?

    Im as guilty as the next sometimes, but if I hear one more person complain about what this trade show or that one lacks, Im going to cringe. In this day and age, its on you to go find out what your existing clients want, or what might interest potential customers, and figure out a way to give it to them. It doesnt matter what trade show alphabet soup you swim in (or not) its on you.

    Im sick of media people whining about ad wars. Print magazines arent dead. And online media isnt the cure-all people thought it would be. Substance and credibility still reign supreme. Transcend the BS, and you can do well, in any format. The ad revenue is going into things people actually read.

    Video? Sure. But its as much about where people can access the content, which doesnt always mean an obscure cable channel at 6 a.m. It means the Internet, as well as film tours, and all that jazz.

    If you want to sell $800 fly rods, it seems to me that the simplest recipe for success is listening to what consumers want, and then creating a fly rod thats actually worth $800. There are companies that are doing that now. Same for reels, and lines, and many other things.

    We talk about getting more women involved in fishing more people of color more younger anglers. Ask adapt deliver. It can happen. Those demographics arent giving us the stiff arm. We need to do more to openly embrace them.

    And when I say we I mean exactly that. I think this market is headed toward an era of unprecedented collaboration. It should be. We all must work together on the macro goals, and then sort out the other stuff later.

    By no means is the Pebble Mine fight over in Alaska. We still have a long way to go to protect the worlds most prolific wild salmon fishery. But it looks like we can win. And if and when we do, the victory wont belong to any one group, though some have certainly done a good

    Adapt and Collaborate deal of the heavy lifting. This will go down as one of the greatest success stories in the history of fly fishing, because of how everyone actually pulled together. Fly worked with conventional tackle. Recreational fishing worked with commercial fishing. Commercial fishing and recreational fishing worked with the native people. Republicans worked with Democrats, and on and on.

    Dont make that a one-shot deal. Follow that template to tackle many of our key issuesdiversity access and the many conservation challenges that loom ahead and this industry will grow and prosper.

    In fact, I believe that those who collaborate best in the coming yearsmanufacturers with retailers, for-profits with nonprofits, traditional media with new media, commercial with conservation, and so on, will be the greatest winners. So choose your dance partners carefully.

    I do have to say to all of you who adhere to the were going to do business the way we always have for the past 30 years because thats just how fly fishing does things philosophy, I want to extend my congratulations. Because there arent many of you left in the fly-fishing business anymore.

    In any regard, the rest of us are willing and able to work with you. We have to be. After all, if we fail to collaborate, well be having the same discussions for years and years to come.

    If were lucky.

    Kirk Deeter Editor

  • | June 2014

  • Angl




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    C u r r E n t s

    A look forward to outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014

    Not Just Fish Theyre After

    By James Edward Mills for Outdoor Retailer

    Many (people) go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish that they are after.

    Henry David Thoreau ~ (1817 1862)

    Craig Amacker releases almost every catch. Its not fish hes after, but the experience of a day on the water, tiny moments of time when hes directly connected to nature by a thin nylon filament. Its my escape, but its also my occupation, Craig said as we cast our lines over the Wisconsin River. Its all about when that fish strikes and you know theres something alive on the end of your line.

    Craig splits his days bet