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The buzz on the Fly FIshing Biz


  • April 2013

    InsIde The sprIng 2013 IssueGetting Smart About Point of Sale/The Adventures of Oliver White/Innovative Fundraising/The Things We Should Agree Upon/Great New Books/The Royal Treatment... and more.

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    SUMMER MARKET | JULY 31 - AUGUST 3, 2013Salt Palace Convention Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

    Open Air Demo | July 30, 2013 | Jordanelle Reservoir, Utah

    April Vokey for Patagonia | Photo Jeremy Koreski

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    Departments6 editors Column Lets Agree How in the world can anyone make a living off of rivers and lakes (or oceans) if they arent actively engaged in protecting the resources that make fly-fishing possible? By Kirk Deeter, Editor

    8 Currents

    The latest people, product and issues news from the North American fly fishing industry, including the run-up to the trade show season, water forecasts for key regions, a piece by Walt Gasson.

    21 Book reviewsThe latest from ATs own Romano, Mueller, and Santella, from the best be the fish observations ever, to the hot hatch happenings that cannot be missed.

    38 Backcast Access. The issue isnt going away. Yet whats happening right now will set precedents well all live with for years. By Geoff Mueller




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    Geoff Mueller

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    Mabon Childs, Sarah Deeter

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    Tom BieBen RomansSteven B. Schweitzer


    Pinky Gonzales , Geoff Mueller, Chris Santella, Steve Schweitzer

    Photos unless noted by Tim Romano

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    Features22 Man on a Mission: Oliver White Is Oliver White the next face of fly fishing? Hes gone from guide to hedgefund guru, to owning a lodge in the Bahamas. Hes also a world traveler, and one of the team that figured out how to catch arapaimas with flies in Guyana. In other words, hes done it all, and he has sharp opinions on the future of the industry. By Geoff Mueller

    26 Against the Tide Joel La Follette and Royal Treatment Fly Fishing prove you can start a new operation in a busy marketeven when economic times arent so hot, but competition (especially online) is. How? By following several core strategies to a T. By Pinky Gonzales

    30 Beyond the Rubber Chicken Banquet Tired of auctions and stuffy sit-downs, but in need of some fresh fundraising ideas (that may also happen to protect natural resources in the process)? From golf to carp, the options have never been more interesting. Here are two success stories. By Chris Santella

    34 Knowing Your Customers One Transaction at a Time.Going beyoned POS and CRM to create a deatailed understanding of who is buying what and why, then leveraging the information you generate yourself for more sales. By Steve Schweitzer

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    SUMMER MARKET | JULY 31 - AUGUST 3, 2013Salt Palace Convention Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

    Open Air Demo | July 30, 2013 | Jordanelle Reservoir, Utah

    April Vokey for Patagonia | Photo Jeremy Koreski

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  • COnTrIBuTOrs

    Geoff Mueller is Angling Trades editor-at-large and senior editor of The Drake. His latest book, What a Trout Sees, takes readers below the surfaces of rivers to teach priceless lessons. AT managing editor Tim Romano contributed photos for the project, so we (understandably) gave it a glowing review in this issue.

    Steven B. Schweitzer is an Angling Trade contributing editor and our resident bird dog reporter, who sniffs out the latest on trends and issues that impact the retail side (he broke the hair-hackle story, remember?). Hes also the author of A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park.

    Chris Santella is a regular contributor to Angling Trade, as well as many fly-fishing magazines and the New York Times. His Fifty Places books are legendary, however he has two new titles out this springThe Hatch is On! and Why I Fly Fish which we also wrote glowingly about in this issue of the magazine.

    Pinky Gonzales is the latest addition to Angling Trades stable of writers. He is the founder of Upriver Solutions, a Portland, Oregon-based marketing firm that specializes in helping startups and small businesses navigate the waters of growth, management and marketing. When hes not working, youll usually find him on the

    Deschutes, Sandy or Clackamas Rivers.

    The Outfitter

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    edITOrs COLuMn

    Theres absolutely nothing wrong with debate and different opinions. Heck, without people in this industry wrestling with things like direct sales by manufacturers, online retailing, foreign manufacturing versus made in the U.S.A, trade shows, which products are gems and which are busts, and battling (or partnering with) the big boxes well, Angling Trade wouldnt have as much to write about.

    For the record, Im not worried that were going to run out of fodder any time soon.

    But it occurs to me that wed all be better off if we officially got on the same page with regard to a few things.

    For starters, lets decide, once and for all, on a grammatical standard for our sport. Is it fly fishing, or flyfishing, or fly-fishing? That might sound trivial, but as a wordsmith (and someone who edits magazines where writers inevitably use all three styles), I think a little across-the-board consistency is long overdue. How can we promote our sport if we cant all say what it is the same way?

    Fly fishing seems most common, so thats my fallback. But separating the two words identifies this pursuit as some sort of subspecies of fishingwhich might be fine. After all AFFTA put fly fishing with all fishing in the context of the upcoming ICAST trade show, and many think that was long overdue.

    Flyfishing as one word (the standard that Field & Stream has used for years) implies a separate, distinct craft. I have no problem with identifying this pastime as its own unique endeavor either. But then the baitwhackers (one word) will consider us snobs.

    The hyphenated version is a copout, in my mind, unless, of course, its used as an adjective, which is the rule when two words are separated in a noun context in the first place. Okay, enough of the Strunk & White lesson.

    I dont care what we do. But lets be consistent. We can have a real conclave, take a vote, count the ballots, burn them, and when the white smoke wafts out of some riverside cabin, the world will know that weve finally decided to take ourselves seriously.

    The issue of stream access is deadly serious, however, and one that we definitely must build more consensus around. I know there are plenty of guides, outfitters and landowners who make a pretty penny by taking clients to pay-to-play rivers and lakes. And Im not suggesting that were going to ever create a wade anywhere, any time paradigm that stretches from coast to coast. I dont know that we even want to do that if we could.

    But I do think we need to do a better job of protecting the public right to fish on places that are available right now. Loss of access means loss of opportunity. And loss of opportunity will lead to loss of business in a broad


    Three Things We Might All Agree upon

    context. If we retreat from the policies and laws that allow public access in places where that is indeed precedent, this sport will shrink, and many businesses will die. Its just that simple. Which is why AT keeps hitting the access issue in every edition, including this one, with an eloquent Backcast commentary by Geoff Mueller.

    Lastly, we should build more consensus around (and involvement in) conservation issues, beyond the Pebble Mine. Im now editor of TROUT magazine for Trout Unlimited, so Im on this soapbox with reason. I know people have had beefs with TU over the years, but I flat-out dont know how one can ignore being involved with the group (or another conservation organization) that protects the natural resource bank from which many businesses make their withdrawals.

    I get letters all the time Im not actually a TU member, but I want to complain about... Or, I dont pay dues to Stripers Forever, but I have an issue with

    You can