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  • GO FISHING 27Angling Times Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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    Top 5 bream tips

    2lb to 2lb 8oz like this one, with the odd bigger class of 4lb fish. Its not difficult to put together a good catch when they turn up properly! he said.

    Slowly but surely Matt began catching fish, often waiting several minutes for his tip to pull round. If not, he re-cast. Then, like a light switch, his swim turned on. In 15 casts he netted 15 bream, the feeder scarcely having time to settle before his quivertip came to l i fe. He was cont inua l ly swapping hookbaits to find the

    best one, and the tiny bait band he had tied on to the hair rig of his knotless knot enabled him to use a variety of baits. Hard pellets simply fit into the band, while Matt pulls a band into a grain of corn with a fine baiting needle and leaves it in the centre, where it holds itself in place.

    After that influx of fish, the swim went quiet around midday. The bream action was reduced to fits and starts, but the angler had to stop putting fish in his keepnet at 1pm with

    over 35 samples already in there. Matt found that every time he put in several feederfuls of bait in quick succession, a small shoal of bream would return for a munch.

    A tench added a bit of variety and he returned several smaller fish under 1lb back to the water. Mat t had amassed about 90lb of bream which, when added to the carp, made for an overall bag in excess of 100lb. A catch like this could be just around the corner at your local carp water

    1 Use a Korum quick change bead in your rig so you can change your hooklength in an instant. Matt keeps a couple of hooklengths between 6ins and 12ins long on standby, and often changes depending on how quickly he is getting bites.

    2 Tie a bait band to your hair rig. This will let you switch between corn and pellet easily.

    3 Mix your groundbait thoroughly the night before so it absorbs all the water. To prepare the 2mm and 4mm Dynamite XL Carp feed pellets, put them in a bait tub and add enough water to just cover them, then leave in the fridge overnight.

    4 Cut some strips of lead so you can make a feeder heavier to make casting easier.

    5 Cage feeders are at their most effective in depths of 8ft or less. In anything over this, use a plastic feeder and tape up the holes so bait isnt released immediately.

    Contact Oasis Lakes on 01507 358488 or visit

    A super 90lb catch for Dynamite Baits Matt Pillay. Just look at all that slime on his fleece!