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    Berkley, Dynamite,Greys, Shimano and more

    Essential reading forbuyers in the tackle trade

    November 2011 Issue46

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  • Counterfeiting isnowahugeproblemandweneedconcertedaction.BjornElmervik

    Essential reading forbuyers in the tackle trade

    November 2011 Issue46










    COMMUNIQU continuedonpage8>

    We are very concerned because it is confusing the mar-ketplace. Anglers are using what they think are Myrans luresand when they do not perform to the level they expect of aquality lure it affects the reputation of our company. It hurtsus very muchThis is not the rst time that Sportsystem has been hit

    by the counterfeiting scandal. Elmervik said: We have lostsome of our markets in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine becauseof copies.And six years ago, together with the Finnish police and

    a lawyer, we stopped a container on the border betweenFinland and Russia that was full of counterfeit shing gear.It turned out to have been purchased in London by a

    buyer from Latvia.EFTTA General Secretary Janet Doyle said that the letter

    from Sportsystem was due to be discussed at its next boardmeeting. She added: We acknowledge there is a problemwith counterfeit products coming out of China and we arein constant discussions with China Fish through our closerelationship with its President, Li Jiang.

    Police have swooped toconscate thousands offake Myrans lures andspinners that have beensold to anglers in Sweden.The authorities have impounded

    the illegally-made Chinese productswhich claim to have been made inSweden by top Myrans lure andspinner maker, Sportsystem.Following the police action,

    Managing Director of Sportsystem,Bjorn Johansson Elmervik is calling on EFTTA to help stopthe ow of Chinese counterfeits through lobbying in Brusselsand its contacts with China Fish.Elmervik told Angling International: I was alerted by a

    friend a few months ago that two websites were selling lureswhich they claimed were made in Sweden by my company.When I looked at one of the sites there were seven pages

    of what it claimed were Myrans lures for sale.Action by Sportsystem has had the sites closed down

    and police are set to destroy over 2,300 fake lures. They willalso be taking action against the owners of the websites. Nowholesalers are involved. Therefore the new tactic is sellingdirectly to consumers.Elmervik added that the identity of the rogue manufacturer

    in China is unknown and that he is attempting to nd thesource of the fakes. I have received the postal packagingfrom China, but it does not contain an invoice or tax or dutydetails, he says.As a member of EFTTA, Elmervik has written to the organi-

    sation seeking help in hunting down the manufacturer. Healso wants it to exert pressure on the Chinese authorities toact against counterfeit companies through its close ties withChina Fish. Counterfeiting is a huge problem and we needconcerted action, added Elmervik.The packaging, labelling and patent numbering look

    similar to ours and they are also stamped Made In Swedento make anglers think they are buying the real thing.However, the products themselves are greatly inferior,

    added Elmervik.

    INSIDE:17-pageCarpSpecialLeading companies reveal their keyproducts for 2012Starts p31

    EXCLUSIVESwisher: IFTD isaliveandkicking

    EXCLUSIVERapalaputsUSfanson redalert

    Luregiant revealsfoursizzlers for2012


    The BigPitis back!Exclusiveguidedtourof theShimanoBigBaitrunnerXT-ALCp42



    Bjorn JohanssonElmervik:Appealed to EFTTA for help.

    Spot thedifference. The realMyransAkka spinner (right)alongside the fake.

  • AnglingInternational November20116



    As soon as a new product comes off theproduction line a copy wont be farbehind.The shing tackle industry is not alonein its battle against the counterfeiters. Fakegoods affect every industry and cost honest manufacturersmillions of pounds, dollars, yen, euros or whatever othercurrency you deal in a year.

    So it was depressing to hear of another company thathas been targeted by the criminals and of its attempts totrack the source (see page 3 story).

    Sportsystem Managing Director Bjorn JohanssonElmervik tells Angling International that his company haslost literally thousands of lure sales in Russia, Belarus andthe Ukraine and he can identify fakes as the reason.

    Businesses face a near impossible task to get to thesource of the problem as irresponsible manufacturers inthe Far East and China are difcult to trace and almostimmune to punishment.

    Elmervik calls for a concerted action and has asked

    EFTTA through its lobbying in Brussels and links withChina Fish to help.

    EFTTA already works closely with China Fish in aneffort to eradicate the problem and their efforts should beapplauded.

    As a staunch supporter of innovation and the sponsorof the EFTTEX Best New Products Awards AnglingInternational shares the concerns of the industry.

    And we will show our commitment by highlightingtransgressions when we hear of them as we have in thismonths issue. If your company has been affected, pleaselet us know.

    Next month sees our Reels Special where we will belooking at where the market stands, what trends aredriving the segment and new product developments.It is a fascinating insight thats not to be missed

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  • 8I N S I G H T A N A LY S I S T R A D E N E W S


    AnglingInternational November2011


    IFTD show supremo Randi Swisher has shrugged off criticismof the event and issued a defence of the y shing show-piece.Confronting concerns about the viability of the IFTDShow following a relatively poor turn-out from retailers inNew Orleans, Swisher has come out all guns blazing. Oneoutspoken critic has likened the show to a horse that should be putdown. In response, Swisher declared: The IFTD show is alive andkicking, before listing the positives from New Orleans.

    Speaking exclu