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Angling in the Vefsna Region


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  • 2Prosjekt Grensels Fisketurisme prosjektpresentasjon til fellesbrosjyren

    An inter-regional collaborative project to organise nature-based business activity in the Helgeland - Vsterbotten region

    We are finally well underway with improving some of the worlds best and most valuable resources the rich natural resources in the inner parts of Helgeland (Norway) and Vsterbotten (Sweden).

    As part of the important area of nature-based tourism, angling tourism has a huge potential in this region. We are now taking hold of this potential through the establishment of the project Fishing Cross the Border.

    The projects goals

    Fishing Cross the Border forms part of the Botnia-Atlantica programme and its overall goal is to organise business development within angling tourism.Through cross-border cooperation, we are aiming to create a completely new world-class angling destination.

    This project is an inter-municipal and inter-regional collaboration between the municipalities of Lycksele, Storuman and Sorsele in Sweden and Vefsn, Grane and Hattfjelldal in Norway.

    The projects target group is established and potential fishing tourism entre-preneurs and owners of fishing rights within the six municipalities.

    The project shall:

    increase the target groups knowledge through competence-enhancing initiatives in both a national and international perspective

    create a natural and border-free fishing destination with a focus on high quality angling where it feels national to cross the international border to maximise your fishing and nature-based experience

    enable entrepreneurs in both countries to learn from each other and take part in the knowledge that today exists on both sides of the border via cross-border education and the exchange of information

    implement pilot projects aimed at accessibility and infrastructure in con-nection with the fishing areas

  • 3Prosjekt Grensels Fisketurisme prosjektpresentasjon til fellesbrosjyren

    Tjnnerud Grd (farm) is located in the far south of Grane Municipality in Inner Helgeland near the E6 highway with Brgefjell National Park to the east and lakes including Majavatn and Mellingsvatn to the north and west. In the adjacent year, you will discover a large number of lakes and ponds containing trout and Arctic char of extremely high quality.

    Tjnnerud is a smallholding dating from 1934. The business activities of Tjnnerud Grd are based on exploiting the local natural advantages. We aim to achieve this through sustainable resource management, har-vesting and processing of sustainable natural resources in our settle-ment area.

    We currently have small-scale business activities in the following areas:

    - sheep farming

    - forestry with processing through our own sawmill

    - own bee hives producing honey

    - handcrafts based on wood, horns, leather and fur

    - dissemination of nature and culture

    - harvesting berries

    - freshwater fishing

    - nature-based tourism

    Historically, freshwater fishing in this area has had a significant impact on settlement, as fishing has played a natural and important role in the household.

    We offer great flexibility, and can customise products and packages to suit your wishes.

    Options include trips designed for men or women, family packages, fishing trips of one or more days duration, arrangements for spe-cial requirements, various fishing tackle and accommodation in basic standard cabins or huts with full pension or on a self-catering basis. We can assist if fishing licences need to be redeemed (depending on choice of fishing place).

    After your fishing trip, we can prepare your catch on the open fire or perhaps in our smokehouse and serve it accompanied with stories from the areas recent history.

    Please contact us for more information and prices.

    Tjnnerud Grd

    TJNNERUD GRDAddress: 8680Trofors


    Contact: KittyLiseVassdaland TorArneReinfjell

    Mobile: +4748056468

    Phone:: +4775182468



    FaktaProvider TjnnerudGrd

    Fish Trout,Arcticchar

    Accomodation Cabin,turfhut,lavvuorhotel,innorcampingcabin

    Season Year-round

    Peak season June-september.

    Misc. Customizedadventurepackages

    GPS 33W7221500/421600

    Getting here By car: TurnoftheE6highwayattheGatewaytoNorthernNorway,thecountyborderbetweenNorthTrndelagandNordlandBy air: 110kmfromMosjenAirportand260kmfromTrondheimAirport


  • 4FaktaProvider MajavatnCamping

    Fish Trout,Arcticchar.

    Accomodation Twolarge,wellequippedlogcabinssleeping4-6peopleandfivesmallerlogcabinssleeping4people,Samiturfhut.

    Season Year-round.

    Peak season June-september.

    Misc. AdventurepackageswithSamiele-ments,guidedtours.

    GPS 33W7227300/423300

    Getting here By car: NeartheE6highway,8kmnorthoftheGatewaytoNorthernNorwayand47kmsouthofTrofors

    By train: 200msouthofMajavatnrailwaystation

    By air:ThenearestairportisMosjen,100kmnorthofhere

    On the shores of Store Majavatn and at the foot of Brgefjell National Park

    At Majavatn Camping, we can offer fishing year-round in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. On the shores of Lake Store Majavatn and at the foot of Brge-fjell National Park, you will discover the perfect base for fantastic fishing and nature-based adventures.

    Have a pleasant stayMajavatn Camping is located 8 km from the Gateway to Northern Norway. Here at the entrance to Northern Norway you will find Majavatn, which right from the early days has been a Sami village. You can stay in a traditional Sami gamme (turf hut) from autumn 2010 and experience reindeer from close range. We also offer adventures and guided tours for our guests in an area characterised by reindeer herding and Sami culture.

    We have two large log cabins which can be booked for families or small groups. We serve breakfast and dinner on request.

    Excellent fishing options in and near MajavatnStore Majavatn, 310 m above sea level and with a total area of 16 km, offer extremely good conditions for growth and reproduction of the very popular mountain trout.The mountain trout in Lake Store Majavatn is also well renowned for its dis-tinctive colour and extremely high quality. The normal weight of fish lies be-tween 300g and 800g, but occasional catches of well over 1kg are possible.

    The more than 50 km shoreline is rich in good fishing spots for both fly fishing and angling. You can get wherever you want by boat and the options are plenty.

    Fishing from a boat is popular in Store Majavatn. You can fish with fly, lure, spinner or langdrag (unique Nordic fishing tackle). We even have the possibil-ity of offering fishing with otter trawls and net fishing. This provides a rare and exciting opportunity for many and has proven extremely popular. You may use your own boat or hire one from us. If you wish to hire a boat, it is advisable to book in advance as our boats are in high demand throughout the summer season.

    Majavatn is located in the mountains, surrounded by wide and beautiful moun-tain areas containing a large number of mountain lakes rich in both trout and Arctic char of the very best quality. When the conditions permit, these moun-tain areas offer the most fantastic nature and recreational fishing adventures imaginable. We will do our best to ensure you a unique fishing and nature-based adventure!

    Majavatn Camping

    MAJAVATN CAMPINGAddress: 8680Trofors


    Contact: MarianneandPerAndersKappfjell

    Mobile: +4747289469/+4799037736





  • 5A small slice of paradiseHaustreis Grd (farm) is located in the mountain village of Haustreisa in Inner Helge-land. Haustreisa is a real pearl for those in search of peace and quiet and genuine nature-based experiences. Just a few kilometres of the E6 highway, you are right in the midst of the wild and beautiful inland nature of Helgeland. If you want to relax from the stress of everyday life, this is the place to do it. You can sit by the deep pool in the river, light a fire and watch the trout feed near the surface its pure medicine and peace of mind.

    The realm of the mountain char

    Langtjnna and Fisklausvatn are two good fishing lakes located in the Fisklausvatnet Nature Reserve. These mountain lakes contain rich stocks of Arctic char and trout. You can catch fish here weighing between 200 g and 3 kg. You can stay overnight in a log cabin or Sami lavvu (herdsmens tent) and you can make use of our boat. Fishing licences are sold at the farm.

    Langtjnna is a unique fishing lake containing both Arctic char and trout. Both species have lived side by side here for countless years without the need for release or regula-tion of fish stocks. This is how it has always been here and this is how it will always remain. You can fish in Langtjnna wither fly, spinner or worm.

    The Arctic char bites best just after the ice has melted and the water is still cold. The char normally weigh between 200 g and 3 kg, but char weighing more than 4 kg have been caught here. As the water temperature warms up in the early summer, the trout bites most. Trout caught here normally weigh between 200 g and 2 kg.

    Fisklausvatnet is a pure trout lake. This lake is suitable for fly, worm and spinner fish-ing and it is possible to catch nice mountain trout here weighing between 200 g and 2 kg. In this extremely productive mountain lake, there is also the option of fishing with otter trawls or net.

    Haustreis Grd is located just 7 km from the Vefsna, renowned as Europes best river for sea trout. Haustreis Grd was established in 1752. The farm lies on the eastern side of th