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What is weather?

What is weather?WeatherWeather it is the condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place .

What can cause the changes of weather?Weather variables:Temperature Wind 3)Moisture 4)Precipitation

Insolation It is the amount of sun energy reaching the Earth at a given time and place

What is the angle of insolation? a measure of how high the sun is in the sky measured from the horizon up to the position of the sun

5 What happens as the angle increases or decreases?As the angle of insolation increases, intensity increases. (heat concentrated in smaller area.)

As the angle of intensity decreases, heat is spread out over a larger area.

Low angle: Less absorbedHigh angle: More absorbedIntensity of insolation varies over the Earth because of the curvature of the Earth.

Earth Where is intensity the greatest and lowest?

Intensity greatest near the Equator.Suns rays are directIntensity low at the poles

At what time is the angle and intensity of insolation greatest?The noon sun has the greatest angle of insolation.

10How to measure angle of insolation ?WE can measure ion angle of insolation

Why does the angle of insolation change between midday and evening?The angle of insolation decreases because the Earths rotation ,and the air temperature usually decrease

Measuring Temperature


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