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<p>Anger Management</p> <p>Nermeen Ragab March 2015</p> <p>Anger ManagementIntroductory VideoHow to Manage Anger: 5 Ways to Manage Anger By Andrea Cairella</p> <p></p> <p>Introductory ActivityI would like each one of you to remember and recount briefly something really mean someone did to them.Evaluate the experience and what you learnt from it both as a professional and a human being. Class DiscussionElaborate on a situation in which you were really angry / upset. What did you do about it?Why were you angry? Was it really necessary to express your emotion? What were the consequences?Relation Ships with others.Physically In terms of money. Class Discussion (Cont.)In your own opinions , how to people in Control of the situation versus powerless people respond?Who would you chose to imitate ? Why?When do you feel that matters spiraled out of control after you got angry?What did you do to remedy the situation?</p> <p>Roots of Anger</p> <p>Aspects of AngerIdentify threats, disrespect- Damage relationshipsIdentify incorrect choices- Damage Career Catalyst for change- Lost opportunities Not Settling for less than we deserve. Loss of communication( Relate to personal experience)</p> <p>PositiveNegative</p> <p>Manifestations of AngerSuggestions to improve anger managementHow can Anger be Controlled ?Thoughts ( Positive active Constructive past strengths)</p> <p>Emotions ( Find constructive outlet for your feelings- Speak your mind Positive change)</p> <p>Actions (Group therapy restraining techniques, Changing posture, drinking water Islamic rituals)</p> <p>Further TipsThink before you speakOnce you're calm, express your angerGet some exerciseTake a timeoutIdentify possible solutionsStick with 'I' statementsDon't hold a grudgeUse humor to release tensionPractice relaxation skills</p> <p>Other ways to remedy Anger</p> <p>How To Meditate</p> <p>Constructive ways for Anger Management</p> <p>VideoAnger Management (2003) Trailer</p> <p>Further ReadingsHow to Control Anger. G.K GuptaTime Lenders Strategic Management workshop.(</p>