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Richard Anderson

2406 Cramer Street. Terrace, BC, Canada, V8G4H9Phone: 250-562-0912 Secondary Phone: 250-635-6779 Email: HR.anderson@outlook.comOBJECTIVE(S): To utilize the knowledge I have acquired from years of professional education to gain additional real life work experience in my designated field of study, while contributing to your organizations growth and objectives in both local and international areas


University of Northern British Columbia

September 2011 April 2015Bachelor of Business Administration- Human Resources Management/International BusinessRelevant Courses Competed: Comm 432 - Examined cross-cultural differences in management practices, industrial relations systems and human resource practices, including those pertaining to First Nations Comm 435- Acquired the knowledge and skills to design training and development programs that will enable employees to fulfill their potential and contribute to the goals of an organization

Comm 433 - Developed the knowledge and skills to recruit and select employees who will contribute to the success of an organization. Concepts and techniques of recruitment, selection, orientation, and deployment from legal, ethical, cultural, and strategic perspectiveswere explored

Comm 334 - Established leadership role that a human resources professional plays in developing the organization's vision, goals, and strategies and the human resource initiatives that support these strategic directions

Northwest Community College

September 2007 April 2008Certificate of Information and Communication Technology Gained aptitude using MS Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook


April 2011 August 2013Coast Mountain School District #82 Unionized Environment Provided technical services for over 500 computer units

Maintained trust while responsibly handling sensitive and confidential information Provided direct employee services in a professional manner

Installed new technology, such as smart boards as team leader Wired the districts workplace for data connection as part of a teamContractor

April 2009 September 2009Coast Mountain School District #82 Managed the districts inventory

Supervised the flow of units in and out of the districts account

PROFESSIONAL STRENGTHS: Excellent intelligence researcher as demonstrated managing projects for the school district Capable of writing concise and comprehensive reports Capable of working in a diverse work force Detail-oriented, flexible and adaptable Capable of providing service to people of different culture Proficient with the use of various application software programs, particularly the Microsoft Office program suite

Possesses full knowledge of business systems, common business practices, and work policies in British Columbia

Considerable level of skill in data analysis

References available upon request