Ancient Rome and Ancient greece, two treasures of Art and History across the Mediterrenean Sea

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School exchange with Chania, Crete Island, on the topics of common roots and cultural heritage


<ul><li> 1. Liceo M.T. Cicerone presents A tribute to our etwinningpartners, the headmaster, the teachers and the students ofTheodoropouls High school, Chania</li></ul> <p> 2. "Nv , " 3. Now we are carried as thesailors that, however they furrowthe sea, they dont possess thestretch that they leave behindmore than they possess thestretch that they have to sailyetXENOPHON 4. A BOOK THE INTERNETA SONGA FILMA DREAMA HOPE 5. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DISCOVERY OFNEW NEW FRIENDS!TEACHERS NEWNEW SUBJECTS THOUGHTSNEW IDEAS NEW CHARACTERS 6. THEY ARE UNITED BY A DEEP AND ANCIENT LINK 7. BUT WE HAVE ALSO THE SAME ANCIENT BLOODOUR LANGUAGES ARE SISTERSBECAUSE IN THE 12TH AND IN THE 8-7TH B.C.THEY DERIVE GREEKS CAME LINGUISTIC GROUP: ITALYFROM THE SAME TO SOUTHERNTHE INDO EUROPEAN THEY FOUNDED MAGNA GRECIA 8. BUTWHY A PARTNERSHIP WITH CRETEISLAND?BECAUSE EVERYTHING HAS BEGUNTHERE ITS A LONG AND BEAUTIFUL STORY 9. FROM THE MYTH TO HISTORYINHERITANCEOF GREEKCULTURE THE MYTH OF EUROPEROMEPARTNERSHIP WITH CRETETHE ETERNALCITY WHOSEORIGINS ARE UNITEDROOTED IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA EUROPEGREEK MYTHMARENOSTRUM PARTNERSHIP Liceo Cicerone Theodoropoulous high school 10. Pierres attention was suddenly drawn by the two Greek euros, upon which the history of Europe, in accordance with the legend, is impressed. ( From our winner novel Laltra Faccia della Moneta Italian National Price 2010 ) 11. LOVE FORBEAUTY,HARMONY,PERFECTION 12. Il sacro vate,placando quelle afflitte alme conil canto,i prenci argivi eterner perquanteabbraccia terre il grande padreOceano( Foscolo : I sepolcri) 13. Arma virumque cano, Troiae quiprimus ab oris Italiam fato profugusLaviniaque venit litora, multum ille etterris iactatus et alto vi superum,saevae memorem Iunonis ob iram,multa quoque et bello passus, dumconderet urbem inferretque deos Latio;genus unde Latinum Albanique patresatque altae moenia Romae (Virgilius) 14. Il Mediterraneo non esiste, solo un mare interiore checiascuno di noi deve navigareogni giorno. Le sue acquelimpide sono il fondo azzurrodella memoria ". (M. VINCENT)</p>