ancient greece the aegean age & the dark age. minoan civilization centered on island of crete...

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

The Aegean Age&The Dark Age1Ancient Greece is often called the birthplace of Western civilization because of the way in which Greek thought and achievements have endured to the present time and have formed the foundation of many modern-day concepts and institutions, the most important of which is probably democracy.

Minoan CivilizationCentered on Island of CreteCapital was KnossosFirst Greek CivilizationFirst European Civilization

2The earliest civilization that we know of in the area dates from about 3000 BCE.

These were the Minoans, very wealthy traders who settled on the island of Crete. The Minoans built splendid palaces adorned with artwork, mostly in the form of frescoes.

Photo is reconstructed palace at Knossos.Minoan Civilization

17 minutes3Palace of Knossos (2000-1325 BCE)

4Palace at Knossos as it would have appeared in 1700-1450 BCE

5King MinosFirst Thassalocracy (sea rule)Language was Linear A and we havent translated itMyths of the Minotaur, Labyrinth, & TheseusNot sure if King Minos really existed

6Copy of the Phaistos disk, written in Linear A 1850-1600 BCE

7Fall of Minoan CultureExplosion of Thira wiped out coastal towns and navy of MinoansAsh ruined cropsConquered by mainland Greeks

The Minoan culture may have been weakened by natural disasters. They were overrun by Myceneans from the mainland around 1450 BCE.8Mycenaean CivilizationTraded throughout the MediterraneanFamous for their large, treasure filled tombsGreeks that fought in the Trojan WarWarlike

Treasury of Atreus9It is believed that the Myceneans fought the Trojan War against Troy, in present-day Turkey. The Myceneans tended to be warlike. Their palaces were more like fortresses, but despite this their civilization declined by about 1200 BCE; historians are still unsure of the exact reasons why.

Mycenaean Civilization

8:30 in length.10Treasury of Atreus

Fall of MycenaeMycenaean lands invaded by sea raiders called Dorians

12The decline of the Myceneans paved the way for invasions by other Greek peoples such as the Dorians. Dark Age of GreeceLasted 350 yearsWriting disappearedOral History became importantCreation of Greek mythsTime of Homer and his great works the Iliad and Odyssey

Ushered in a period of stagnation when even written language seems to have disappeared. Nevertheless, the deeds of the Myceneans were preserved orally in the two great epic poems of Homer, The Iliad and The Odyssey.



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