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All about Greece in one slide.


  • 1. 1. Neolithics 3. Minoan 4. Mycenean 2. Early Bronze 5. Dark Ages 6. Archaic 7. Classical 8. Hellenistic Ancient Greek Civilization Mythology Geography Wars Culture And Society Corinthian Peloponnesian Trojan Persian-Greek Messenian SocratesHerodotus Alexander the Great Plato Aristotle Hestia Eros Pontus Cyclopes Hades Zeus Poseidon Satyrs Doric Ionic Corinthian Temple of Apollo Temple of Athena Nike Olympics Took place every 4 years In honor of Zeus Women werent allowed to watch Athletic events only for citizens Mountainous Surrounded by Mediterranean, Ionic, and Aegan Seas Most is a penninsulaThe rest are islands Athens=capital Took place at Olympia Polis Democracy Citizens Non-citizens Slaves Bautista 10-B History


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