Ancient Greece Civilization Concept Map

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All about Greece in one slide.


1. 1. Neolithics 3. Minoan 4. Mycenean 2. Early Bronze 5. Dark Ages 6. Archaic 7. Classical 8. Hellenistic Ancient Greek Civilization Mythology Geography Wars Culture And Society Corinthian Peloponnesian Trojan Persian-Greek Messenian SocratesHerodotus Alexander the Great Plato Aristotle Hestia Eros Pontus Cyclopes Hades Zeus Poseidon Satyrs Doric Ionic Corinthian Temple of Apollo Temple of Athena Nike Olympics Took place every 4 years In honor of Zeus Women werent allowed to watch Athletic events only for citizens Mountainous Surrounded by Mediterranean, Ionic, and Aegan Seas Most is a penninsulaThe rest are islands Athens=capital Took place at Olympia Polis Democracy Citizens Non-citizens Slaves Bautista 10-B History