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Ancient Greece and Rome. Mr. Ornstein Willow Canyon High School World History. Greece and Rome. 1. Ancient Greece 2. Alexander the Great/Hellenistic Age 3. Roman Empire 4. Dark/Middle Ages. Classical Civilization. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ancient Greece and RomeMr. OrnsteinWillow Canyon High SchoolWorld History

  • Greece and Rome1. Ancient Greece2. Alexander the Great/Hellenistic Age3. Roman Empire4. Dark/Middle Ages

  • Classical CivilizationAncient Greek and Roman Civilization is Known as Classical CivilizationWestern Civilization (US, Western Europe) is based on Classical Greek and Roman Civilization.

  • Geography and Ancient Greece and Rome Ancient Greek and Roman History and Culture was Greatly Affected by its Geography

  • Geography and Greece and RomeGeography Helped Rome Become a Strong united Empire.Geography kept the Greek City-states separate from each other.

  • Main Geographic Features of GreeceAegean, Mediterranean, and Ionian SeasMountainsIslands

  • Answer:How did mountains, seas, and many island affect ancient Greece?

  • Affects of Geography on GreeceDevelopment of Separate City-States (Polis)Greeks become traders, shipbuilders, and sailorsDifferent Forms of Government

  • Greek PolisAncient Greece was not a unified Empire but was made up of independent city-states which were like mini-countries

  • Answer:How did Geography hurt the Ancient Greeks?

  • Geography and RomeGeography Helped the Roman Empire Expand and Become one of the Most Powerful Civilizations in History.

  • Italian PeninsulaRome is Located on the Italian Peninsula

  • Advantages of Romes GeographyItalian Peninsula has few mountains.Fertile Land7 Hills Protect RomeEasy to UnifyCentral Location

  • Advantages of Roman GeographyAccess to the SeaAccess to trade routes.Very near Mediterranean Sea

  • Advantages of Roman GeographyAlps Mountains Protect Rome in the North

  • Answer:How was Rome helped by its Geography?

  • Romans Help ThemselvesThe Romans Built an extensive system of road.TradeCommunicationUnite LandsMove Troops

  • Romans Help ThemselvesRoman aqueducts were built in all parts of the Roman Empire. The aqueducts were important for supplying water to large cities across the empire.

  • Forms of GovernmentThe Ancient Greek Polis Had Many Different Forms of GovernmentAthens Developed DemocracyRome was initially a Republic where Romans Elected RepresentationRome After Julius Caesar Became an Empire with one Emperor ruling large amounts of land.

  • Achievement of Greece and RomeBoth Civilizations Had Many Achievements.The Romans Copied Many Greek AchievementsAthens Has a Golden AgePax Romana- Golden Age of Rome

  • Legacy of Greece: DemocracyFrom AthensDemocracy-Government by the People comes from the Greeks.

  • Legacy of Ancient Greece: PhilosophySocratesAristotlePlatoSocratic Method: teach through questions

  • Legacy of Greece: The ArtsAchievements in Art and LiteratureSculptureDramaComedyTragedy

  • Achievements of Ancient RomePreservation and Copying of Greek Learning

  • Achievements of Ancient RomeEngineeringAqueductsRoads

  • Achievements of Ancient RomeModern CalendarAchievements in Government- RepublicAchievements in Law

  • Answer:What are 3 achievements of Ancient Greece?What are 3 achievements of Ancient Rome?

  • The Fall of Ancient GreeceThe Ancient Greeks Fought Themselves and weakened each Polis.Philip of Macedonia, Father of Alexander the Great, Conquerors all of Greece.

  • The Fall of the Roman EmpireThe Roman Empire ultimately split into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern or Byzantine Empire.The Western Roman Empire fell from many immediate and underlying reasons.Byzantine Empire lasts 1,000 years longer than the Western Roman Empire.

  • Ticket Out the Door:How did geography hurt ancient Greece?How did geography help ancient Rome?What was the most important achievement of ancient Greece?What was the most important achievement of ancient Rome?What is the other name for the Eastern Roman Empire?