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  • 1. Anass Hammich 2 Accountancy & Tax 3Jordi Casteleyn

2. Summary
Turnover 2009 2010 Q1
Turnover 2009 2010 Q2
Turnover 2009 2010 Q3
Turnover 2009 2010 Q4
3. History
Pfizer is named after the German-American cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhat (born in germany)
They launched a chemical business in Brooklyn, 1849.
Since 1950 Pfizer had expended its company to Belgium
4. Turnover 2010 2009 - Q1
5. Conclusion Q1
The Biopharmaceutical has increased with 44% since last year
The salesnumbers of the diversified products have increased since last year with 210%!
And the total turnover has increased with 53%
6. Turnover 2010 2009 Q2
7. Conclusion Q2
When we compare the Bioparmaceutical of the 2nd quarter, we can see that it has an increase of 49%.
When we look at the Nutrition and Consumer Healthcare, the numbers arent applicable but we can notice that the numbers are troumendous!
The total increase of the salesnumber is 58%
8. Turnover 2010 2009 Q3
9. Conclusion Q3
The total of this quarter has the least salesnumbers opposite the other 3 quarters.
When we compare the third quarter with last years third quarter, we can adopt that there is an increase of 39%.
10. Turnover 2010 2009 Q4
11. Conclusion Q4
The turnover has climbed since last year
The recent 4th quarter is better then the 4th quarter of last year.
Generally it has the most salesnumbers of the year when we compare it with the other 3 quarters.
12. Ratio Pfizer Belgium Puurs
13. Sources