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<ul><li> 1. Anass Hammich 2 Accountancy &amp; Tax 3Jordi Casteleyn<br />Pfizer<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Summary<br />History<br />Turnover 2009 2010 Q1<br />Turnover 2009 2010 Q2<br />Turnover 2009 2010 Q3<br />Turnover 2009 2010 Q4<br />Ratios<br />Sources<br /> 3. History<br />Pfizer is named after the German-American cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhat (born in germany)<br />They launched a chemical business in Brooklyn, 1849.<br />Since 1950 Pfizer had expended its company to Belgium<br /> 4. Turnover 2010 2009 - Q1<br /> 5. Conclusion Q1<br />The Biopharmaceutical has increased with 44% since last year<br />The salesnumbers of the diversified products have increased since last year with 210%!<br />And the total turnover has increased with 53%<br /> 6. Turnover 2010 2009 Q2<br /> 7. Conclusion Q2<br />When we compare the Bioparmaceutical of the 2nd quarter, we can see that it has an increase of 49%.<br />When we look at the Nutrition and Consumer Healthcare, the numbers arent applicable but we can notice that the numbers are troumendous!<br />The total increase of the salesnumber is 58%<br /> 8. Turnover 2010 2009 Q3<br /> 9. Conclusion Q3<br />The total of this quarter has the least salesnumbers opposite the other 3 quarters.<br />When we compare the third quarter with last years third quarter, we can adopt that there is an increase of 39%.<br /> 10. Turnover 2010 2009 Q4<br /> 11. Conclusion Q4<br />The turnover has climbed since last year<br />The recent 4th quarter is better then the 4th quarter of last year.<br />Generally it has the most salesnumbers of the year when we compare it with the other 3 quarters.<br /> 12. Ratio Pfizer Belgium Puurs<br /> 13. Sources<br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></p>