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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 Anarchists 'Plan to Target Royal Wedding</p><p> 1/3</p><p>R oyal Wedding</p><p>Advertisement</p><p>Monday 28 March 2011</p><p>H O M E N E W S S P O R T F I N A N C E CO M M E NT CU L TU R E T R A V E L L I FE S TY L E F A S H I O N TE CH NO L OG Y J ob s D a t i n g O ff e rs</p><p>UK World Politics Obituaries Ro ya l We d d i n g Earth Sci ence Health News Educat ion Celebri ties Weird News News Blogs</p><p>Anarchists 'plan to target royal wedding'</p><p>Violent anarchists who rampaged through London during anti-cuts protests areplanning to target the royal wedding, police intelligence have suggested.</p><p>B y Stev en Swinford, and Tom Whitehead 10:36PM BST 27 Mar 2011</p><p>Scotland Yard officers are working urgently to identify the extremists who</p><p>clashed with police and attacked landmarks on Saturday before they can</p><p>strike again.</p><p>Commander Bob Broadhurst, the head of public order for the</p><p>Metropolitan Police, warned that the anarchists would be "deliberatelytargeting" the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29.</p><p>"The concern for me is that they do what they did yesterday in central</p><p>London and divert resources away from my security plan and take our</p><p>eye off the ball security wise," he said.</p><p>Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, was under fire last night for speaking at</p><p>the TUC march, during which the violence occurred. Writing in The Daily</p><p>Telegraph, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said Mr Miliband would</p><p>have been "quietly satisfied" by the chaos and claimed it was not</p><p>surprising there was violence as Labour was failing to offer any</p><p>alternative to the cuts.</p><p>The weekend's rally against the Government's austerity drive was</p><p>marred by splinter groups who attacked officers and targeted shops and</p><p>hotels. Mobs of masked anarchists pelted officers with sticks, paint</p><p>bombs and fireworks loaded with coins.</p><p>They brought chaos to Oxford Street and Piccadilly, the capital's busiest</p><p>shopping streets, where they started fires, smashed their way into banks</p><p>and shops, including Fortnum and Mason, the department store, and</p><p>Topshop, and attacked the Ritz hotel.</p><p>More than 200 people were arrested and 31 police officers were injured,</p><p>including 11 who were taken to hospital.</p><p>The anarchists ended the day in Trafalgar Square, where they set fire to</p><p>RELATED ARTICLES </p><p>Cuts protest: anarchists rampage in central London26 Mar 2011How a family day out turned to mayhem27 Mar 2011</p><p>The militants behind the violence27 Mar 2011</p><p>Trafalgar Square becomes a battleground27 Mar 2011</p><p>Disastrous policing a failure of intelligence-gat heri ng26 Mar 2011</p><p>Violence mars TUC protest march26 Mar 2011</p><p>R oyal Wedding</p><p>IN NEWS </p><p>Kate Middleton in</p><p>pictures</p><p>Quirky Royal</p><p>Wedding souvenirs</p><p>Prince William in</p><p>pictures</p><p>Royal Wedding</p><p>charities in pictures</p><p>Royal wedding</p><p>souvenirs</p><p>News The Royal</p><p>Family</p><p>UK News </p><p>Tom Whitehead </p><p>Steven Swinford </p><p>ROYAL WEDDING LATEST </p><p>FOLLOW THE TELEGRAPH ON SOCIAL MEDIA </p><p>SPONSORED FEATURES</p><p>NEWS MOST VIEWED </p><p>1 . 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They estimate that a hard</p><p>core of 500 protesters were involved in the violence. Commander</p><p>Broadhurst said a number of groups had warned that they would be</p><p>"deliberately targeting" the royal wedding.</p><p>He told The Daily Telegraph: "That has been on my radar for a long time.</p><p>I will have different powers at my disposal to ensure that the wedding</p><p>footprint as it were is kept safe from protest.</p><p>"I'm dealing with a security operation in a city under a terrorist threat. We</p><p>will be putting in sterile zones, using counter-terrorist powers, closingroads and [using] stop and search powers.</p><p>"Yesterday reinforced the fact that there does appear to be an appetite</p><p>out there to endorse violence.</p><p>Referring to Saturdays disturbances, he added: These are criminal</p><p>acts, every one of these buildings is being treated as a crime scene and</p><p>we will get a lot of CCTV back.</p><p>I would say that if you were involved in the violence then the chance is</p><p>that we will be arresting you in the near future.</p><p>But he also admitted that his officers struggled to keep up with the</p><p>violence as the Met faced criticism from some quarters over its handling</p><p>of the event.</p><p>He said: They never allowed themselves to get stopped or detained by</p><p>us. I would describe it as hit-and-run tactics, they were always just ahead</p><p>of us getting sufficient protective resources there to stop them.</p><p>They were using light bulbs filled with ammonia, petrol bombs and</p><p>smoke flares. Any one of these can kill not just a police officer but a</p><p>member of the public. These people are willing to resort to this naked</p><p>violence in front of cameras. It is almost as if they have no fear of judicial</p><p>process in this country.</p><p>Brian Paddick, a former deputy assistant commissioner with the Met, said</p><p>the police should have made more use of their powers to unmaskprotesters and stop and search them for weapons.</p><p>He said: They have got to take people out on the day, not take photos</p><p>and arrest them later. Only if these people believe they will get caught</p><p>because they will be unmasked and arrested will they desist from</p><p>carrying out these attacks.</p><p>Commander Broadhurst insisted that police had been unable to find</p><p>sufficient evidence to arrest people before the marches. He said: We</p><p>are not a police state, we are not the thought police, we cannot read</p><p>peoples minds.</p><p>Last night two of the 201 people arrested in connection with the disorder</p><p>were charged. Omar Ibrahim, 31, from Glasgow, was charged with violentdisorder and assaulting a police officer.</p><p>A 17-year-old boy was charged with possessing an offensive weapon</p><p>and being equipped for criminal damage.</p><p>orbited the Earth,</p><p>Gerard DeGrootasks whether it served</p><p>any useful purpose.</p><p>Running: Sam Can and Cameron can't</p><p>Fukushima Fifty: the first interview</p><p>Portugal: straw that breaks the euro's back?</p><p>Steve Hilton: David Cameron's sole-less guru</p><p>TELEGRAPH ANNOUNCEMENTS</p><p>MARRIAGES ENGAGEMENTS BIRTHS</p><p>Loading</p><p>TELEGRAPH JOBS</p><p>Latest jobs</p><p>Search thousands of job</p><p>vacancies:</p><p>accountancy, tax,banking, construction,</p><p>engineering, education,</p><p>healthcare, IT, local</p><p>government, sales,</p><p>telecoms and more.</p><p>Search Now</p><p>H o t T o p i cs Libya Royal Wedding Japan Football Cricket World Cup Formula One Telegraph Selected More...</p>;utm_medium=TD_JobsSearch&amp;utm_campaign=Jobs2803;utm_medium=TD_JobsSearch&amp;utm_campaign=Jobs2803;utm_medium=TD_JobsSearch&amp;utm_campaign=Jobs2803;utm_medium=TD_JobsSearch&amp;utm_campaign=Jobs2803;section=uknews/royalwedding&amp;pt=st1&amp;pg=/news/uknews/royal-wedding/8410157/Anarchists-plan-to-target-royal-wedding.html&amp;spaceid=dhtml&amp;sz=300x250&amp;sz=300x600&amp;sz=120x600&amp;sz=160x600&amp;sz=1x1&amp;ls=f&amp;transactionID=1103280820410052</li><li><p>8/7/2019 Anarchists 'Plan to Target Royal Wedding</p><p> 3/3</p><p>News</p><p>Politics</p><p>World News</p><p>Obituaries</p><p>T r a v e l</p><p>H e a l t h</p><p>Jobs</p><p>S p o r t</p><p>Football</p><p>Olympics</p><p>Cricket</p><p>C u l t u r e</p><p>Motoring</p><p>Dating</p><p>Finance</p><p>Personal Finance</p><p>Budget 2011</p><p>Markets</p><p>Fashion</p><p>Prop erty </p><p>Puzzles</p><p>C o m m e n t</p><p>Blogs</p><p>My Telegraph</p><p>Letters</p><p>Technology</p><p>G a r d e n i n g</p><p>Telegraph Journalists</p><p>Contact Us</p><p>Privacy Policy</p><p>Advertising</p><p>A to Z</p><p>Tickets</p><p>Announcements</p><p>Reader Prints</p><p>Follow Us</p><p>Mobile</p><p>Ep ap er</p><p>Expat</p><p>Subscriber</p><p>Syndication</p><p> Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2011 Terms and Conditions Today's News A rc hi ve Style Book Weather Forecast</p></li></ul>