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<ol><li> 1. ANALYTICS101 For Startups </li><li> 2. Whats coming up? What to measure? Pirate metrics 101. What tools can I use? What does GoSquared track? </li><li> 3. What should a startup measure? </li><li> 4. Subscribers Activations Views Churn Cancelations Big Data Upgrade Uniques Impressions ransactions Repeats Pageviews Comments Downgrades Conversions Visits otations Follows Cohorts Growth Upsells Hits Goals Favourites Engagement </li><li> 5. Track everything.* Focus on what matters.* Everything you can think of. You never know when you might need it. </li><li> 6. ProtipVanity metrics are everywhere. </li><li> 7. We need to focus on metrics that help us track our business. </li><li> 8. Lets take a look at one of the best ways to do that </li><li> 9. Pirate metrics (none of these people are Dave McClure) </li><li> 10. A A R R R </li><li> 11. Acquisition Activation R etention R evenue R eferral </li><li> 12. Acquisition How you gain new users. </li><li> 13. Track things likeTotal signups CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) Leading indicators: Twitter Followers New unique visitors to site Facebook likes Subscribers to mailing list </li><li> 14. Activation Turning mere signups into activated users. (Get the on-boarding right) </li><li> 15. Some rather successful companies track things likeUser follows more than 15 people. Installs tracking code. Downloads and installs the native app. Finds what they searched for in under 10 seconds. </li><li> 16. RetentionUSING OUR PRODUCT </li><li> 17. Retention Keeping users happy. Reducing churn. </li><li> 18. Track things likeChurn % of users who cancel in a given timeframe DAU / WAU / MAU (Daily / Weekly / Monthly Active Users) Customer Support metrics </li><li> 19. Revenue Making money. Crazy, huh? </li><li> 20. Track things likeMRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) Average MRR / user AOV (Average Order Value) CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) </li><li> 21. Referral </li><li> 22. Referral People like your product enough to recommend it to their friends. </li><li> 23. Track things likeNPS (Net Promoter Score) No. of signups via referral </li><li> 24. Cohort analysis </li><li> 25. What is cohort analysis? Cohort analysis allows a company to see patterns clearly across the lifecycle of a customer (/user), rather than slicing across all customers blindly without accounting for the natural cycle that a customer undergoes. Source: Alistair Croll; Benjamin Yoskovitz. Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster </li><li> 26. Track by cohort Break metrics apart. Helps you understand how you are improving things. </li><li> 27. % of users who signed inCohort analysis for sign in activityTimeSignups in October Signups in DecemberSignups in November Signups in JanuarySignups in February </li><li> 28. </li><li> 29. Analytics Some basicsWordpress (Jetpack Stats) Facebook Insights Twitter Analytics </li><li> 30. Analytics Next stepsGoSquared Clicky ChartbeatKISSmetrics Gauges Mixpanel </li><li> 31. Analytics Full featured, but complexGoogle Analytics Omniture WebTrends Piwik </li><li> 32. A/B testing </li><li> 33. Visualising data </li><li> 34. ProtipLearn to love MySQL. </li><li> 35. What does an analytics company like GoSquared track? </li><li> 36. Metrics we obsess over Signups (by source) Activations by signup week DAU, WAU, MAU NPSMRR, MRR / customer CLTV </li><li> 37. Set targets. Track everything. Focus. Always be testing. Ask so what? </li><li> 38. Most importantlyAct now. Not tomorrow. </li><li> 39. Youve been viewingAnalytics 101 for Startups byThe GoSquared Team </li><li> 40. Sources Pirate Metrics by Dave McClure: Lean Analytics: Alistair Croll; Benjamin Yoskovitz. Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster!Images ! Olly Plumstead: 10152234031736354.1073741826.138182321353&amp;type=1&amp;l=bd5230316c</li></ol>