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<p>Analysing Record Company Logos.</p> <p>The word outside is outside of the image but the beginning of the name (right) is inside the image and so this is literal.The vinyl image is simple as well it is black with white so it looks like it is moving and has a red dot in the middle and this gives the logo a bit of colour but it is not too over powering.The font is clear and the text is big and in capitals and so stands out and is easy to read.The vinyl image would be a big part of the logo because this would be one of the things which would help the recording company be remembered as it is different to other logos.The text is in black and white (stands out against the black background-vinyl) this gives a simple look and makes the record company look serious and mature.This seems like an old fashioned record company because of the vinyl and so this could suggest that the genre is indie.</p> <p>The font size of the text at the bottom of the logo is not as big and so it suggest that is less important than the image and the word universal.UNIVERSAL is in bold and big word art font. This stands out and is appealing to the person looking at the logo and because it is just one word it would be easy to remember.Universal music group the word group suggests everyone in the company is included and theyre a team company. This text is in blue as well and so goes with the colour scheme.The colours: blue, green, gold and white are effective because blue and green is the world and also the gold shows that its expensive and dazzling.The world image behind the word universal links with the logo because it again shows that the recording company is worldwide and very well known. UNIVERSAL could suggest its a big company and is worldwide, it could also suggest there is many different genres included in this recording company.</p> <p>It is simple and so people would be able to remember it easily and also because of the image this could help people remember it because it is a simple image and will link with the text.There is white lines going throughout the text and this makes a nice pattern it kind of makes it suggest that everything comes together and is being stuck together using pieces.However I think this record company works with people like Rita Ora so it could suggest that it is more of an R&amp;B record company.It has a little symbol/image next to the text and it looks like a gem/jewel. Nation shows that it is a big company and that it goes across the nation and is well known.The text is in red and black and this could suggest the genre could be rock also to go with this part of the text which is in red is roc and this could be suggesting that too. [Grab your readers attention with a great quote from the document or use this space to emphasize a key point. To place this text box anywhere on the page, just drag it.]</p> <p>The text is all in capital letters and this could suggest that it is a big company, gives the image of exciting and stands out.</p>