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  • 1. AnalysingNMEFront cover, Content Page and DPSBy Khalid Ismail

2. The master headThe featuredisnt in front ofartist in thisthe artist ofarticle is starringbehind him and directly throughits the largest the camera topiece of context the reader.there. Main imageThe lower left represents thethird is one ofmain story in thisfirst thing theissue and its areader will look very dark pictureat. It has all the with a darkinformationpurple colouredabout this issuesbackground. Themagazine.image is a midContains the shot of Plan Bmost piece ofcontext in the The cover line isfront cover. one of the biggestThe barcode is text on the frontplaced here with cover. Mainthe price andcolours are darkwebsite for this purple, white andmagazine on top. yellow. 3. Only 1page isThe masterused for content.head of the content pageThe date is and it tells theplaces here so reader what thisthat the reader page is about.can tell The content page tells the reader what article is in what page. This part of theThe pictures inpage is used tothe content page advertise arepresent abusinessesdifferent section. services and theyThere is 12have to pay forsections in thethiscontent pageand they areseparated fromthe rest of thecontexts with acolumn. 4. Mid-shot ofThe background of this image is ofPlan B and The cover a very urban looking building that isin an eyeline is one probably being used by poorerlevel angle. of the first people in the public. The mainthing the image is of reader will Plan Bread when makingthey look handat this gesturesDPS. and h e is looking The main through the body of pages ofcontext is the DPS tothis DPS the readerisnt that to interact large but with also contains a large capitalThe main colours in the main cover line is The main image used up most letter onyellow and white and the cover line reflects of the space in this DPS and this the firston what the article is going to be about. The is because it is spread betweenboth page of this article. sentence.colour yellow is use for emphasise. 5. These are all theNME add their logo tobrands that arehelp the businessesalready advertisingthat are planning ontheir new products advertising theirand services on NMEscompany on NME, tomagazines and this isfamiliarise themselvessomething businesses with this magazine.want to see whendeciding onadvertising theirbusiness on thisThese are all the factsmagazine. This isabout NMEs readersbecause they will beand this is whatmore persuaded tobusinesses want toadvertise theirread about, so thatbusiness on thisthey can comparemagazine.their target audienceNME also addto NMEs readers.information about These facts abouttheir readers like theNMEs readers includeamount of money their sex, age, ABC1they spend on a and if they work orvariety of stuff like study. NME alsoaudio equipment,include otherDVDs, footwear andinformation in thatdigital cameras. This column like theinformation will be amount of peopleuseful to these that read theirbusinesses so theymagazine.can get an overallview on their readers.