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  • 1. I: -%= WW7 / "The World is a book,and those who do not travel read only a page. " - Sa/ ntAugustI'ne AFRICAN SAFARI DESTINATIONS1 Tanzania - Serengeti7 Kenya Masai Mara National ParkT South Africa - Kruger National ParkT Botswana - Selinda Reserve?Zambia - South Luangwa National Park ,MOSQUE OF IBN TULUN- 1 Built between 876 and 819 AD. ?Parts of the james Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me were filmed at the Mosque of Ibn Tulun.THE GREAT WALL7 Located across North Chinahnear Beijing.1 The longest wall in the world. f It's an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. P lt's listed as one among "the New Seven Wonders of the World'.VENICEf The most romantic place in the world.1 It's famous for its acqua alta feature. 1 Venice:largest piazza,Saint Mark's Square,is the city's main meeting place.T Gondola Ride - a fantastic way to explore some of / ' I I T . _ _ 1 I_.{ Venice's most famous bridges and buildings.1 " " " - I "NIAGARA FALLS7 Millions of gallons of water rocket over Niagara Falls every minute - about 750,000 gallons each second. f It's a principal site of the annual Winter Festival of Light..WALT DISNEY WORLD,FLORIDA,UNITED STATESf Magical vacation destination in the world. 1 Four Theme Parks,two Water Parks,over 20 themed Resort Hotels,two entertainment districts,and a state-of-the-art sports complex.BETH * T* VrSURFING COSTA RlCA'S TPACIFIC COAST ?Surfer's paradise in Central America. f One can enjoy great fishing with many local boats taking tourists out on the hunt for tuna,wahoo,marlin and other big game.ROME _ . .1 Smallest country in the world with the smallest population. f It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site;the only site to encompass a whole country.~. - VIENNAI 1 It's called as the City of The Arts. , 1- A romantic imperial city beautifully I contrasted by its modern infrastructure.CAPE TOWN I I1f Second largest city of South Africa. 1* Adventurous activities include cable cars to the mountain tops,mountain climbing,Surfing,Kite Surfing,deep sea fishing,deep sea diving,, I I , _ shark diving,hiking,Cape Town helicopter touring I V ,, _ _, _j I .and more. . , __J ..5, -1 (www. Onlinetravelmag. com The Tm? ! "1= gz= "Vvhc-re do you want to no ?