An Enterprise Open Source Strategy

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Great Wide Open 2014 - Day 1 Shawn Briscoe - Black Duck Consulting 10:15 AM - Business


1. Black Duck 2014 An Enterprise Open Source Strategy Shawn Briscoe Director, Open Source Strategic Services Black Duck Consulting 2. 2 Black Duck 2014 Open source is a strategic asset 30% 80% Average* Best in class *Source: IDC 2012 3. 3 Black Duck 2014 What you already know Next generation companies such as Amazon, Google and Netflix handle development in fundamentally different ways, leveraging open source software. 4. 4 Black Duck 2014 What you may not know Increase software velocity, cost savings and innovation while enhancing employee retention and recruitment through the harnessing of collaborative energy, expertise and code from across the enterprise. 5. 5 Black Duck 2014 Why now? 2013 6. 6 Black Duck 2014 Thursday April 3rd, 2pm EST #FutureOSS 7. 7 Black Duck 2014 Designing Open Source Strategy 2013 8. 8 Black Duck 2014 Enterprise Open Source Maturity Engineering driven Business strategy driven Exposed Measured Driving Managed Participating 9. 9 Black Duck 2014 Automotive Aerospace Polarsys Healthcare Super Communities The Foundation The Apache Foundation Infrastructure Financial Services Mobile 10. 10 Black Duck 2014 Key Dimensions Culture Product Community Governance Open Source Strategy 11. 11 Black Duck 2014 Product Strategy Building with OSS Your Product or Service Open Source Building OSS Open Source Your Product or Service Building on OSS Open Source Your Business Open Source Your Product or Service Building for OSS 12. 12 Black Duck 2014 Product Strategy What is the product use case? What is your target market? How competitive is your market? What is your industry doing with open source? 13. 13 Black Duck 2014 Community Strategy Operational Efficiency Technology Influence Talent Identification Stewardship 14. 14 Black Duck 2014 Ladder of Community Engagement Leverage Code / APIs Bug Reports Bug Fixes Feature Requests New Features Maintainer Roles Foundation Governance Foundation Participation Discussions Newsgroups Create Documentation Drive Project Sponsor Activities IncrementalBenefit HardSoft Committer Roles IP Risk 15. 15 Black Duck 2014 Governance 16. 16 Black Duck 2014 Corporate Culture Collaboration Transparency Meritocracy Contribution Governance Organizational Knowledge Reuse Metrics INNER SOURCE 17. 17 Black Duck 2014 Open Source: The Difference Maker 18. 18 Black Duck 2014 You cant know where you are GOING until you know where you have BEEN. 2013 19. 19 Black Duck 2014 Annual event for 140 CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, legal experts, investors and other senior executives engaged in open source software World Class Case Studies The Industrys Premier Thought Leadership Event