An elephant is like... Is this an elephant? What can an elephant tell us about God?

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An elephant is like . .Is this an elephant?What can an elephant tell us about God?God wants to gather us in Gods arms like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.Matthew 23:27God will carry us to safety just as an eagle carries her young to safety on her wings.Exodus 19:4God will defend us as fiercely as a mother bear defends her cubs.Hosea 13:8The Holy Spirit came to Jesus like a dove. God comes to us with gentleness and peace.Matthew 3:16We are as close to God as branches on a vine. God gives us life as the vine gives life to the branches.John 15:5God is a place of safety for us like a rock is to one lost in a stormy sea.Psalm 18:3 God is in us & strengthens us just like bread is taken into our bodies to strengthen us.John 6:35Psalm 3:4Like a shield protects the soldier, our God protects us.Acts 2:3The Holy Spirit came to the apostles with great power and energy, like a mighty fire.Acts 2:2The Holy Spirit comes to us like a mighty wind filling us with strength and courage.Mark 14:36Jesus called God Daddy. God is a father, a daddy to us.Isaiah 49:15Like a mother who will never forget her baby, so God will never forget us.Psalm 25:8God teaches us the way that we should live.John 15:15Jesus does not call us servants. He considers us friends.Genesis 3:21Like a seamstress making clothes for her family, God cares for our needs.John 10:14Like a Good Shepherd, Jesus knows us and lays down his life for us.Mark 4:3God is as generous to us as a farmer planting his seed. We must give as freely as weve been given.Isaiah 64:7Like the potter, we are being shaped by God into beauty. God has a vision for us. Jesus, you came to show us what God is like. You are the one perfect image of God. Help us to be like you and be images of God for others. Amen.***