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  • Your Mythic Journey by Carolyn Dawn GoodCycles and circles are part of the natural world. This model helps you imagine the steps needed to attain a desired goal. The method is done compassionately through a simple story. This 8 chapter Story helps to focus your thoughts to a positive, powerful outcome. Like a fractal, in this story is the pattern for understanding much of the complexities that usually take us along under their influence. Live the story and let the answers, opportunities and activities come to you as you do you daily life and make your decisions with this Heros Journey in mind.

    1. The Dreamer awakens and finds herself tangled in brambles and weeds in an ancient canoe at the edge of a city. It is the middle of the night and she can barely move. A small mouse helps cut loose the overgrowth. A turtle teaches her that she carries her home with her, in her heart, and to create her own safe shell .The shell outlines the journey ahead. She learns about proportion. This week, your mindset is important. Positive self talk and deep reflection are key. Withdraw from distractions and stop looking outside for validation. Know who you are.

    My Goal:

    2. Finally free, the Dreamer heads out down the river in a canoe sinking down with the weight of the stuff onboard. An eagle flies down and encourages her to throw overboard the things that she does not need anymore. She learns about movement. She keeps the things she knows will be useful and that she treasures. Still without a paddle she is content to surrender to the process knowing her goal will be realized. She acquires the power to let go and pack up. What do you need to say no to? What do you need to say yes to?



    3. The Dreamer hears a roaring waterfall in the distance. Still without a paddle, the dreamer heads to shore with the help of playful otters. The mouse finds her family. The Bear teaches the Dreamer about rhythm and she learn the power to Tolerate/Acceptance and bravely allows the bear to portage with her as she learns to walk on the earth. This week, Love and Fear is the focus. What would you do if you know you would not fail? This week, find supportive people and face your fears to making your dream real.


  • Your Mythic Journey by Carolyn Dawn Good4. At the ocean, the bear comes into the boat with The Dreamer, they head out to sea. A playful dolphin comes to give her a paddle. Finally! Carved on this paddle is her progress so far and faintly outlined is her path ahead. She learns the power to merge and about variety. This week see how far you are to your desired goal and adjust. This is where you can see how all the rivers lead to the ocean and how things start to fit into place.


    5. And then there was a storm.!! The dreamer learns about Balance. The Dreamer dropped the bear off on his island. There she learned to discern false stories from true. She learned to tell pure gold from false and they gave her a gift that helped her use an inner compass in all situations. She found her inner confidence and headed out to the ocean alone into the stormy ocean. Remember you original intent and focus your emotions on how excited you will be when you reach the goal in week eight.


    6. Alone at sea the waves were higher but there was a light in the ocean, like a search light beaming up from deep below. The Dreamer knew that she needed to head there and plunge into the water. She learns the power of decision making and in the depths understands what needs to be emphasized in order to bring the final goal into reality. What is your focal point of your final action steps towards your goal?


    7. When the Dreamer surfaces she finds that the storm has passed, the sea has become peaceful and the dawn is sending out pink light into the atmosphere. She finds she is not far from shore and as the sun rises she sees a fire and people gathering around it. She swims to shore and the people cheer. She gains the power to confront both her weaknesses and strengths and learns about Unity. What action steps this week will unify your efforts towards next weeks final conclusion? What do you need to face about yourself? What can you celebrate? Who is applauding you?


  • Your Mythic Journey by Carolyn Dawn Good8.Finally the Dreamer follows the people to the fertile fields as the morning breaks. She sees the village and remembers her place in things, her place that is neither lofty nor insignificant. Her rightful place that through her own determination uplifted everyone else. Her decisions had affected everyone else. She thought she was so alone. She learns to harmonize and cooperate from a position of power and respect of self. She leads by following and has reached her goal. Fine tune your results this week and harmonize it with other influences and ideas.


    Hope you enjoy the quest! This is meant to be fun and light and to demonstrate the power of the subconscious mind and how we can master it in sales, business and goal setting in a mythical way. I would love to have your feedback and how it worked for you. In the end if you document your experience I may write an ebook of your experiences and story that evolves as you live your story. It is ok to rewrite your chapters, this is just a guiding outline. To see yourself as a hero on a journey helps to look at our daily lives as something wonderous and nothing seems impossible.

    Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for participating on this pilot experiment. Heres to your success!

    This story is copyrighted and based on my studies over the years of psychology, earth and world views of societies and religions throughout the world. I plan to use this story in my business art talks, workshops, consultations, develop an app and even a video game.

    Carolyn Dawn Good. 226.791.1015


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